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Pat Travers

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Posted: 10-06-2006

Pat Travers

While most bluesy hard rock acts of the '70s and '80s hailed from the United States (the south, to be exact), there were several exceptions to the rule, such as Canadian singer/guitarist Pat Travers. Born in Toronto on April 12, 1954, Travers first picked up the guitar just prior to entering his teens, after witnessing a local performance by the great Jimi Hendrix. It wasn't long before Travers was studying the other top rock guitarists of the day (Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, etc.), and paying his dues by playing in bar bands in the Quebec area. His first true touring gig came his way when he hooked up with '50s rock n' roll vet Ronnie Hawkins (best known for performing with a backing cast that would eventually transform into The Band). But Travers' main love was hard rock, so after a year, he packed up his belongings and headed to London. Shortly after touchdown in the U.K., Travers recorded a demo that would land him a recording deal with Polydor and result in the release of his debut, Pat Travers, during the spring of 1976. A performance at England's annual Reading Festival the same year only peaked interest, which resulted in two more releases in 1977, Makin' Magic and Putting It Straight (both of which followed a pre-Iron Maiden Nicko McBrain on drums), before Travers returned to North America and set his sights on the U.S. rock market. Hooking up with a fine backing band comprised of drummer Tommy Aldridge, guitarist Pat Thrall, and bassist Mars Cowling, the new Travers band lineup premiered on 1979's Heat in the Street. This led to Travers' most commercially successful period, resulting in a pair of Top 30 releases, 1979's Live! Go For What You Know (considered by many Travers fans to be his finest hour) and 1980's Crash and Burn. But soon after the dawn of the '80s, bluesy hard rock seemed to quickly fall out of favor amongst the U.S. record buying public, in favor of slickly produced arena rock, and later, MTV-approved bands. As a result, each subsequent Travers release sold less, as his last albums to appear on the U.S. album charts included 1981's Radio Active, 1982's Black Pearl, and 1984's Hot Shot. Unhappy with Polydor, Travers opted to take a break from releasing albums for the remainder of the decade, but continued to tour. Travers' 1990 comeback album, School of Hard Knocks, failed to re-spark interest on the charts, although he continued to issue new studio albums (Blues Tracks, Just a Touch, Blues Magnet, etc.) and archival live sets (King Biscuit Flower Hour, BBC Radio One Live in Concert) throughout the decade. Travers continues to tour and record regularly (playing alongside the likes of Night Ranger's Jeff Watson, Cinderella's Tom Keifer, and Rick Derringer), and in 2001, performed as part of the 'Voices of Classic Rock' tour. Travers emerged from the recording studio once more in 2003, with P.T. Power Trio, a recording that featured covers by the likes of Cream ("White Room"), Robin Trower ("Day of the Eagle"), and ZZ Top ("Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings"), among others. ~ Greg Prato, All Music Guide

1996 - Lookin Up

PS Maybe anyone has Pat Travers "P.T. Power Trio - 2" 2006 - then upload it
Posted: 11-06-2006

Pat Travers - Debut

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Track Listing
1. Stop & Smile
2. Magnolia
3. Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
4. Hot Rod Lincoln
5. Medley Parts 1 & 2
6. Feelin' Right
7. Makes No Difference
8. Mabellene
9. As My Life Flies

Pat Travers's self-titled debut still stands up as an example of fine 1970s hard rock. It contains the tracks "Stop and Smile," "Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights)," and "Feelin' Right," among others.

The Canadian guitarist's debut album originally appeared on Polydor Records. When Pat Travers exploded on to the scene in 1976, people sat up and took notice. He played guitar with a passion and an intenstity that took everybody by surprise. This album is one of the great debut albums of the period. Tracks like "Makes No Difference" and "Medley Parts 1 & 2" are classic slices of 70's hard rock, but "Boom Boom" remains one of Travers' trademark crowd pleasers.

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Pat Travers - Hot Shot

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Track Listing
1. I Gotta Fight
2. Killer
3. Just Try Talking (To Those Dudes)
4. Hot Shot
5. Women on the Edge of Love
6. In the Heat of the Night
7. Louise
8. Night into Day

A very underrated and hard to find Travers album. One of my favorites.

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Pat Travers - Halfway To Somewhere

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Track Listing
1. Just Enough Money
2. Time Out
3. Walk In My Shoes
4. Steppin' Out
5. Look Me Up
6. Party Tonight
7. Just Like A Dream
8. Hard Times
9. No Escape
10. Freight Train

Pat Travers (vocals, guitar, slide guitar)
Kevin Rian (bass guitar)
Ernie Peghiny (drums)
Additional personnel: Mike Varney (guitar)
Jim Zaleski (banjo)
Brian Chatton (piano)
Mike Franklin (Hammond b-3 organ)
Monica Travers (background vocals)

Halfway To Somewhere features legendary guitarist Pat Travers showcasing his hard-driving blues/rock style. Smoldering riffs and incendiary solos set the tone for this classic LP. Halfway to Somewhere also features lyrics many listeners can relate too, driven by a backbeat heavy groove and blitering lead guitar. Travers is in top form throughout the CD, whose hightlights include the classic sounding "Look Me Up", "Party Tonight" and "Steppin' Out" (which features a guitar solo by Shrapnel head honcho Mike Varney).

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Posted: 11-06-2006

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Pat Travers - P.T. Power Trio 2 (2006)

Track listing:

1. You Are The Music (Galley, Galley) (5:19)
2. I'm Yours, She's Mine (Winter) (3:38)
3. Stone Cold Fever (Frampton, Marriott, Ridley ...) (3:45)
4. Rock Me Baby (Josea, King) (6:04)
5. Green Eyed Lady (Corbetta, Phillips) (6:45)
6. Black Night (Blackmore, Gillan, Glover ...) (4:08)
7. Aimless Lady (Farner) (3:25)
8. Swlabr (Brown, Bruce) (2:39)
9. Red Skies (Bolin) (4:00)
10. Ready For Love (Ralphs) (5:24)
11. Rock The Nation (Montrose) (3:40)
12. How Many More Times (Baldwin, Bonham, Page, Plant) (8:19)
13. Keep Yourself Alive (May) (5:05)


Pat Travers - guitar and vocals
Steve Evans - bass
Jeff Martin - drums, percussion, additional background vocals, lead vocals on song #9 and shared lead vocal on song #13

Mike Rose - additional rhytm guitar on song #3 and #11

Produced by Mike Varney
Co-Produced by Pat Travers


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No pass, mp3@320 CBR, thanks first uploader! Amazing album, agree...
Posted: 11-06-2006

Pat Travers - Just a Touch

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Track Listing
1. The Riff
2. Too Cool Woman Blues
3. You Don't Love Me
4. The Pain
5. Wasted Years
6. I've Fallen
7. Daydream (Your Blues Away)
8. Amanda
9. The More Things Change
10. Miss Glory

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Posted: 08-08-2006

Pat Travers - Live! Go For What You Know

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Track Listing
1. Hooked On Music
2. Gettin' Betta
3. Go All Night
4. Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)
5. Stevie
6. Makin' Magic
7. Heat In The Street
8. Makes No Difference

Pat Travers Band:
Pat Travers, Pat Thrall (guitar, vocals)
Mars Cowling (bass)
Tommy Aldridge (drums)

Recorded live at the Opry House, Austin, Texas; Great Southern Music Hall, Orlando, Florida; Great Southern Music Hall, Gainesville, Florida; Gusman Hall, Miami, Florida in January and February 1979.

All songs written or co-written by Pat Travers except "Boom Boom (Out Go The Lights)" (Stan Lewis).

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Posted: 15-05-2007

Pat Travers - PT=MC2

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Track Listing
1. Elijah
2. Won't Play That Game
3. Something's Gotta Give
4. Take Me to the Pilot
5. Can We Forget
6. Can't Escape the Fire
7. In the End
8. I Don't Care
9. Wiser Man
10. Pt Nuts/Linos & Lucy
11. Lafe's a Funny Old Dog
12. My Peach Pie

2005's PT=MC2 is Pat Travers' first album of all-new original studio material since 1996's Lookin' Up. Not that he's been inactive in the near-decade between the two records: he's been playing music and has released a couple of live albums in between. But this not only is his first full-fledged studio record in a while, it's a reinvigorating return to form, a pile-driving collection of hard rock. Sonically, it sounds of a piece with the arena-ready hard rock he was recording in the early '80s -- it's possible to hear this fitting into the album-oriented rock radio of the '80s -- but that doesn't mean that this is living in the past. Travers looks life as a rock survivor dead-on, writing songs that reflect his status as a middle-aged rocker while not forgetting to cut loose and have fun. But what makes PT=MC2 work is that Travers and his supporting rhythm section of bassist Rick Navarro and drummer Eric Frates don't sound middle-aged: they rock with the strength of men half their age. They do sound like seasoned musicians, which gives this album both weight and a fluid musicality, and Travers' voice has some appealing grit to it, which also helps give this music a nice, lived-in feel. All told, this is an impressive comeback: not only is Travers playing some fiery guitar here, but he has a strong set of songs and the band hits hard. It's hard to imagine anybody who has loved Travers' music at some point during his career not finding something to like on this first-rate effort.

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Re-upped Pat Travers links:

Pat Travers - Halfway To Somewhere

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Pat Travers - Hot Shot

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Pat Travers - Debut

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Pat Travers - Just a Touch

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Pat Travers - Live! Go For What You Know

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Posted: 09-07-2007

Pat Travers
Жанры: блюз-рок
Альбомы: Дискография:

1976 Makes No Difference (Single - Promo)
1976 Pat Travers
1977 Makin' Magic
1977 Puttin' It Straight
1978 Heat in the Street
1978 The Pat Travers You Missed Mini Album
1979 Go for What You Know
1979 Live! Boom Boom(Out Go The Lights) UK Import Single
1980 Crash & Burn
1980 Is This Love(Japanese Single)
1980 Is This Love Snortin' Whiskey(US Single)
1980 Snortin' Whiskey Stateboro Blues(Single)
1980 Evie(Single)
1981 Radioactive
1982 Black Pearl
1983 Valley Girl
1983 Boom Boom: The Best of Pat Travers
1984 Hot Shot
1990 School of Hard Knocks
1990 Anthology Vol 1
1990 Anthology Vol 2
1991 Boom Boom
1991 Best of Pat Travers
1992 BBC Radio 1 Live Concert
1992 Blues Tracks
1993 Just a Touch
1993 Hats Off To Stevie Ray Vaughn
1993 Fit For A King
1993 Songs From The Better Blues Bureau
1993 Masters Of Metal
1994 Blues Magnet
1994 Cream Of The Crop
1995 Halfway to Somewhere
1995 Animal Magnetism
1996 Lookin' Up
1997 King Biscuit Flower Hour
1997 BBC Radio 1 Live in Concert
1997 Summerdaze
1997 Whiskey Blues
1997 Best Of Blues + Live!
1998 King Biscuit
1998 Blues Tracks, Vol. 2
2000 Don't Feed the Alligators
2000 Boom Boom
2000 BBC Radio 1 Live!
2001 Voices Of Classic Rock - Voices For America
2003 P.T. Power Trio
2003 Etched In Stone Live - Tempe, AZ NYE 2002
2003 Putting It Striaight - Heat In The Street Double CD
2003 20th Century Masters - Best Of Pat Travers
2004 Travers & Appice It Takes A Lot Of Balls
2005 Sideways Snortin' Whiskey
2005 PT=MC2

Гитарист «тяжелого блюза» или «the hard blues driven rock», как он сам называет собственную музыку.
ПТ родился в 1954 в Торонто. Начал осваивать гитару в 12 лет под впечатлением от выступления Джимми Хендрикса и музыкантов бритрока.
Первую профессиональную работу лид-гитариста получил в группе «звезды» рокабилли Ронни Хокинса.
Когда ему было 20 Пэт уехал в Англию. В Лондоне он быстро встал на ноги, создал группу и даже подписал контракт на выпуск пластинок с фирмой Polydor.
Дебютный диск вышел в 1976.
Однако крупной звездой Трэверсу стать не удалось. Он записал альбомы «Makin' Magic» и «Putting It Straight» и вернулся в Америку: его блюз-рок шёл вразрез с тогдашней модой на панк.
В конце десятилетия Треверс записывает несколько отдалившиеся от формулы «чистого блюз-рока» альбомы, считающиеся едва ли не лучшими в его карьере, особенно концертный «Go For What You Know» (1979). Журнал «Guitar Player» помещает Пэта на обложку январского номера 1980, называя «новым гитарным героем», «одним из самых скоростных гитаристов».
В пластинке «Radio Active» (1981) с группой нового состава Треверс рискнул вернуться в блюз-року. Последовали совместные гастроли с группой Rainbow.
С середины 80-х гитарист из-за неурегулированности юридических вопросов с фирмой Полидор Трэверс потерял возможность выпускать пластинки, хотя концертная активность его осталась на прежнем уровне.
В 1990 году он, после долгого перерыва, вернулся в студию и в сопровождении своих прежних коллег по группе образца первой половины 80-х записал «School of Hard Knocks». В этот же год появляется его второй концертный диск «Boom Boom, Live at the Diamond Club».
Начало 90-х стало своеобразным ренессансом музыканта, переиздаются его старые записи, выходят нереализованные 10 и более лет назад архивы.
Расцвет карьеры Треверса связан в этот период с подписанием контракта с международной фирмой звукозаписи, специализирующейся на гитарной музыке — Blues Bureau International.
Начиная с диска «Blues Tracks» (1993) она выпускает до 2000 высоко популярные в России блюз-роковые «Just a Touch», «Blues Magnet», «Halfway To Somewhere», «Lookin' Up», «Best Of Blues + Live», «Blues Tracks 2», «Don't Feed The Alligators». Ряд номеров ПT написал в соавторстве с женой Моникой.
В 2001 Треверс ограниченным тиражом выпустил на собственные деньги диск «Pat Travers Solo»с акустическими сольными номерами, наигранными в Nils Lofgren's Guitar Bar в Неваде.
Альбом 2003 года «P.T. Power Trio» не имеет титульного названия. Он обозначает стилистику выдающихся рок-трио, тяжелых ансамблей минимального состава 60-70-х. Таких, как ZZ Top, Grand Funk, Mountain, Cream. Кавер-версии упомянутых ансамблей и собраны на компакт-диске.

Источники: http://music.greenwater.ru/band_3195 и http://www.pattravers.com/

Pat Travers Booking Information

July 2007

07/13/07 London Ontario - Bluesfest
07/14/07 Windsor Ontario - Bluesfest
07/21/07 Modesto CA - Xclamation Fest
07/28/07 Melvern KS - Dogstock Festival

August 2007

08/04/07 Minnedosa Manitoba - The Festival
08/11/07 Sonora CA - Fire On The Mountain

September 2007

09/13/07 - Santa Clara CA - The Avalon
09/14/07 - Orangevale CA - The Boardwalk
09/15/07 Centralia WA - Concert at the Castle (ABATE Benifit)

Pat Travers - Makin' Magic(1977)

Pat Travers - Putting It Straight (1977) (@320) (VINYL)
Password -> sakallimusic.blogspot.com

Pat Travers-Heat_in_the_street
[japan version]

Pat Travers-Just a Touch

Pat Travers-Lookin' Up [IMPORT]

Pat Travers-Pat Travers

Pat Travers-Radio Active

Pat Travers-School Of Hard Knocks


Pat Travers-Hot Shot

Pat Travers-Don't Feed The Alligators!


Pat Travers-BBC Radio 1

Pat Travers -HAMMERHEAD 79


Pat Travers-Best Of The Blues Plus Live!

Pat Travers-Black Pearl

Pat Travers-Blues Tracks

Pat Travers-Blues Tracks 2

Pat Travers

P.T. Power Trio

It Takes a Lot Of Balls

Pat Travers - PT Power Trio 2. (2006)
Password: levente

Pat Travers - Halfway To Somewhere - 1995 – Provogue
Posted: 08-05-2008

Pat Travers - Anthology, Vol. 1

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Track Listing
01. Your Love Can't Be Right
02. Snortin' Whiskey
03. Rock 'N' Roll Susie
04. You Don't Love Me
05. Statesboro Blues
06. Amgwanna Kick Booty
07. Rockin'
08. Evie
09. I Gotta Fight
10. Killer
11. My Life Is on the Line (I Just Wanna Live It That Way)
12. Hooked on Music [Live]
13. Gettin' Betta [Live]
14. Go All Night [Live]
15. Boom Boom (Out Go the Lights) [Live]

Album An Anthology Vol.1
Year 1990
Combined Length 1 hour 5 minutes
Channels 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate 44,1 KHz;
Sample Size 16 bit
Average Bit Rate 320 kbps


No Pass

Pat Travers - Anthology, Vol. 2

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01. Life In London
02. It Ain't What It Seems
03. Louise
04. Women On The Edge Of LOve
05. Makes No Difference (Live)
06. Makin' Magic (Live)
07. Heat In The Street (Live)
08. Stevie (live)
09. Play It Like You See It
10. Prelude
11. What You Mean To Me
12. Is This LOve
13. In The Heat Of The Night
14. Stand Up
15. Maybellene

Album An Anthology Vol.2
Year 1990
Combined Length 1 hour 7 minutes
Channels 2 (stereo)
Sample Rate 44,1 KHz;
Sample Size 16 bit
Average Bit Rate 320 kbps


No Pass
Posted: 23-01-2009

reup Pat Travers - PT Power Trio 2. (2006) pls
Posted: 17-03-2015

Pat Travers – Retro Rocket (2015)

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Artist: Pat Travers
Title: Retro Rocket
Year: 2015
Genre: Blues-Rock / Hard Rock
Origin: Canada
Size/Quality: 120 mb | 320 kbps


01. I Always Run
02. Searching for a Clue
03. Who Can You Turn To
04. Up Is Down
05. Mystery at the Wrecking Yard
06. You Can’t Get Their From Hare
07. I Am Alive
08. I Wanna Be Free
09. Hellbound Train
10. Looking Up (Live)
11. Lead Me Home (Theme From The Walking Dead)

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Posted: 18-03-2015

очередной мускулистый альбом от старика Пэта thumb.gif
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