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The General Rules of Forum.FunkySouls.com

Administration reserves the right to change rules without users permission.

1. Registration and profile settings

1.1. Please enter correct e-mail address. We guarantee privacy of entered information. Administration reserve the right to use member's e-mail address for sending general announcements.

1.2. It's forbidden to register meaningless nicknames (like "8dj6dJ2d"). You may use your real name as a nickname – this is your right. Be careful: You won't be able to change your registered nickname later.

1.3. It's forbidden to register two or more accounts or twin of already existing nickname (visually similar). Violators will be banned.

1.4. It's forbidden to use in nickname, avatar and signature the following: provocative messages and images (including religion and politics); any materials containing pornography, site promotion, service programs, strong language, insults and any statements violating current legislation.

2. Posts

2.1. It's forbidden to post messages containing advertising, misleading information, strong language, insults and any statements violating current legislation. Flooding (i.e. posting of identical messages in one or few topics) is also forbidden.

2.2. It's forbidden to quote the messages of users who disturb paragraph 2.1.: You will be punished by a warning. It's forbidden to leave messages in advertising topics – use „Report this post” button.

2.3. It's forbidden to write messages using upper case only (using "Shift" or "Caps Lock" buttons). Using any languages except English or Russian for dialogues is forbidden.

2.4. It's not recommended to write meaningless and containing emoticons only messages. If you want to thank user for his message – use „Thank you!!” button under his avatar.

2.5. Before starting a new thread make sure that topic wasn't discussed before. Use search and forum filter for that. Also make sure you're starting a thread in proper forum section.

2.6. We have a special section for flame only. Flame in other sections (in the absence of special topic) is forbidden and will be punished by a warning.

2.7. It's forbidden to start the same topics in different forum sections. It will be considered as a flood. If you have started topic in wrong forum section DO NOT duplicate it in a different section! Contact moderator and tell him about a problem – your topic will be moved to the proper section.

2.8. Name you topics properly and understandable. The thread has to reflect the main point of your answer or message. Topics named like „Help!!”, „Doesn't work”, „What I have to do?” ect. will be closed without any permission.

2.9. Be patient awaiting for the answers on your question. It's allowed to "bump" the topic once a week only. Otherwise your topic or message may be deleted and you will be punished by a warning.

2.10. Private discussions in topcs are forbidden, use Private Messages for it. Also use Private Messages to contact Administration.

2.11. Publish links in unclickable form only (for example: «_http://», «hxxp://» or use tag CODE). Exception - links to own sites or public services for file hosting.

2.12. Leeching is forbidden in any form.

2.13. It's forbidden to start topic with minimum content. Try to give as much information as possible (detailed description, images, links, you personal opinion ect.) otherwise your topic will be closed.

2.14. Attention: some forum sections may have additional rules.

FunkySouls.com Administration

Tech support - admin[at]FunkySouls[dot]com