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ARTIST........: Noiserv
TITLE.........: One Hundred Miles From Thoughtlessness
LABEL.........: Merzbau/noiserv
GENRE.........: Indie
QUALITY:......: 169 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo
RIP DATE......: 2008-11-19
RELEASE DATE..: 2008-11-14

01. Welcome Party 1:50
02. Consolation Prize 4:45
03. Melody Pops 2:44
04. Guarantee 3:27
05. Tokyo Girl 4:39
06. 307d (Mercedes Benz) 3:10
07. Bullets On Parade 4:40
08. Download 3:17
09. Good Son 3:56
10. For The Ones Who Left Me 3:54
11. Bontempi 9:56

Total 46:18

Release Notes:

Noiserv is a project that appeared in 2005 when David Santos decided to join all
the material that he had achieved for a long time and turned it into something
more structurized and serious ... On July, Noiserv was invited to join the
portuguese netlabel Merzbau and edit his first EP, Noiserv 56010-92. After that
a lot of concerts were booked. On October 2008 noiserv released his first
full-lenght called "One Hundred Miles From Thoughtlessness".


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ARTIST........: Noiserv
TITLE.........: A Day In The Day Of The Days E.P
LABEL.........: Optimus Discos
GENRE.........: Indie
QUALITY:......: 193 kbps avg/ 44100Hz / Joint Stereo

RIP DATE......: 2010-07-27
RELEASE DATE..: 2010-07-00


01. 06:00 am - Mr.Carousel 3:27
02. 11:15 am - The Sad Story Of A Little Town 3:39
03. 01:58 pm - B.I.F.O. 3:41
04. 07:10 pm - Time2 3:30
05. 10:20 pm - Attenagro 2:36


Release Notes

New EP from Noiserv, one the most interesting indie artists in Portugal
Enjoy it and support the artist!
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noiserv - A.V.O. (2015)
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Label: naïve
Genre: Indie-Folk, Acoustic
Quality: Mp3 320 / FLAC
Total Time: 00:39:26
Total Size: 91 Mb / 240 Mb


01. This Is Maybe the Place Where Trains Are Going to Sleep at Night
02. Today Is the Same as Yesterday. But Yesterday Is Not Today
03. It's Easy to Be a Marathoner Even If You Are a Carpenter
04. I'm Not Afraid of What 1 Can't Do
05. 47 Seconds Are Enough If You Only Have One Thing to Do
06. Life Is Like a Fried Egg. Once Perfect Everyone Wants to Destroy It
07. 1 Will Try to Stop Thinking About a Way to Stop Thinking
08. It's Useless to Think About Something Bad Without Something Good to Compare
09. 1 Was Trying to Sleep When Everyone Woke Up
10. Don't Say Hi If You Don't Have Time for a Nice Goodbye
11. Mr. Carousel
12. The Sad Story of a Little Town
13. Palco do Tempo

noiserv - A.V.O. (2015) 320.rar

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как же это круто. спасибо огромное.

из похожего - проект Psapp

Это сообщение отредактировал antnik87 - 31.10.15 в 12:28
Так вроде же 13-го года альбом?Только плюс три трека.Или переиздание?
Да, как то не ясно. Официально только за 13 год нашёл.
И мне очень понравилось. Спасибо!

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