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1. Again & Again
2. Birds and the Bees
3. F*cking Boyfriend
4. I'm a Broken Heart
5. La La La
6. My Fair Lady
7. I Hate Camera
8. Because
9. Preparedness
10. Spark

Thanks! nice band

the new album comes out in 25th September! has it leaked already?
new album already blink.gif
where is it? huh.gif
they have released the new album TODAY!
anyone???????? unsure.gif
bumpin. would like the new album as well please biggrin.gif
the new EP is out. has anyone got it?
The Bird and The Bee - Please Clap Your Hands EP (2007)

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01. How Deep Is Your Love
02. Man
03. Polite Dance Song
04. So You Say
05. The Races

Bitrate: 192kbit


Mirror Link:

Found on net

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you're really marvelous, 10x a lot mate. a very nice band.
haaaaaaaaaah. i've been searching this for ages! i've never ever wasted so many times for searching EP's than for this one! bunch of thankyouss to you!

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ARTIST: The Bird and The Bee
TITLE: The Bird and The Bee
LABEL: Metro Blue/Blue Note Records
BITRATE: 183kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 35m total
RELEASE DATE: 2007-01-23
RIP DATE: 2007-01-11

Track List
01. Again & Again 2:45
02. Birds And The Bees 3:51
03. Fucking Boyfriend 3:15
04. I'm A Broken Heart 4:32
05. La La La 3:19
06. My Fair Lady 3:36
07. I Hate Camera 3:04
08. Because 3:38
09. Preparedness 3:36
10. Spark 4:08


Release Notes:

As intoxicating as a Brazilian breeze and ironic as a David Lynch night in L.A.,
the Los Angeles duo the Bird and the Bee make a soothingly hip, deliriously cool
blend of pop. Inara George is a breathy singer who channels Astrud Gilberto via
Julee Cruise. Although still little known, she's the daughter of the late Lowell
George of Little Feat, and she already has recordings out with a couple of other
bands. Keyboardist and producer Greg Kurstin has worked with Beck and the
Flaming Lips, among many others, and the duo share a passion for that brand of
art pop along with the more whimsical indie strains of Le Tigre. The album is
overflowing with references from '60s pop harpsichords to girl-group choruses.
You half expect Lesley Gore to come out singing harmony on "I'm a Broken Heart,"
an homage to "It's My Party." A jazz aficionado, Kurstin has put all kinds of
jazzbo touches in here, including some unlikely chord changes and tropicalia
moods. Only "F*cking Boyfriend," with that phrase chanted in the chorus, seems
artlessly out of place on an album that revels in sly innuendo and emotional
ambiguity. -John Diliberto

Made up of vocalist Inara George, who has been aptly referred to as "a modern
day Audrey Hepburn with the voice of an angel," and keyboardist/producer Greg
Kurstin, who has lent his talents to records by Beck, The Flaming Lips, Lily
Allen, Peaches, and many more. The Bird and the Bee take elements of everything
from the Beach Boys to 60's Brazil electronica, spinning them into this
irrepressible collection of ten sunshine-drenched, semi-psychedelic ditties.

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