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Øystein Garnes Brun – Guitars & composition
Andreas «Vintersorg» Hedlund - Vocals
Lars «Lazare» Nedland - Keys, backing vocals
Jens F. Ryland - Guitars
ICS Vortex - Bass & vocals
Baard Kolstad - Drums

Borknagar — викинг/блэк-металическая группа из Норвегии. Единственным постоянным участником Borknagar является гитарист и автор текстов Эйстейн Брюн, в разное время в группе играли известные музыканты из таких групп, как Ulver, Gorgoroth, Enslaved и Dimmu Borgir, что позволяет называть Borknagar супергруппой. По состоянию на 2013 года Borknagar выпустили девять студийных альбомов.

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1996 - Borknagar
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1. Vintervredets Sjelesagn
2. Tanker Mot Tind (Kvelding)
3. Svartskogs Gilde
4. Ved Steingard
5. Krigsstev
6. Dauden
7. Grimskalle Trell
8. Nord Naagauk
9. Fandens Allheim
10. Tanker Mot Tind (Gryning)

1997 - The Olden Domain
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1. The Eye Of Oden
2. The Winterway
3. Om Hundredeaar Er Alting Glemt
4. A Tale Of Pagan Tongue
5. To Mountains Rove
6. Grimland Domain
7. Ascension Of Our Fathers
8. The Dawn Of The End

1998 - The Archaic Course
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1. Oceans Rise
2. Universal
3. The Witching Hour
4. The Black Token
5. Nocturnal Vision
6. Ad Noctum
7. Winter Millenium
8. Fields Of Long Gone Presence

2000 - Quintessence
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1. Rivalry Of Phantoms
2. The Presence Is Ominous
3. Ruins Of The Future
4. Colossus
5. Inner Landscape
6. Invincible
7. Icon Dreams
8. Genesis Torn
9. Embers
10. Revolt

2001 - Empiricism
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1. The Genuine Pulse
2. Gods Of My World
3. The Black Canvas
4. Matter & Motion
5. Soul Sphere
6. Inherit The Earth
7. The Stellar Dome
8. Four Element Synchronicity
9. Liberated
10. The View Of Everlast

2004 - Epic
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1. Future Reminiscence
2. Traveller
3. Origin
4. Sealed Chambers of Electricity
5. The Weight of Wind
6. Resonance
7. Relate
8. Cyclus
9. Circled
10. Inner Ocean Hypothesis
11. Quintessence
12. The Wonder

2006 - Origin
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1. Earth Imagery
2. Grains
3. Oceans Rise
4. Signs
5. White
6. Cynosure
7. Human Nature
8. Acclimation
9. The Spirit of Nature

2008 - For The Elements (1996-2006)
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1. Dauden 05:45
2. The Eye Of Oden 06:00
3. The Dawn Of The End 05:04
4. Oceans Rise 05:24
5. Universal 05:33
6. Ad Noctum 04:21
7. Presence Is Ominous 04:54
8. Colossus 04:25
9. The Genuine Pulse 04:50
10. Gods Of My World 04:24
11. Inherit The Earth 05:29
12. Future Reminiscence 05:25
13. Origin 04:57
14. White 04:42
15. The Human Nature 04:49
Part 1, Part 2

2010 - Universal
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1. Havoc
2. Reason
3. The Stir of Seasons
4. For a Thousand Years to Come
5. Abrasion Tide
6. Fleshflower
7. Worldwide
8. My Domain
9. Coalition of the Elements
10. Loci

2012 - Urd
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1. Epochalypse
2. Roots
3. The Beauty of Dead Cities
4. The Earthling
5. The Plains of Memories
6. Mount Regency
7. Frostrite
8. The Winter Eclipse
9. In a Deeper World
10. Age of Creation (06:19)
11. My Friend of Misery (Metallica cover) (06:19)

When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies
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Death Metal Forever - In blood we trust
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In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools
Borknagar - Quintessence (2000)

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01. The Rivalry Of Phantoms
02. The Presence Is Ominous
03. The Ruins Of Future
04. Colossus
05. Inner Landscape
06. Invincible
07. Icon Dreams
08. Genesis Torn
09. Embers
10. Revolt

Borknagar was formed by Norwegian guitarist Øystein Garnes Brun in 1995. Prior to that he played in a metal band called Molested who split up after recording two albums. He gathered several black metal musicians to his project, wrote all the music and lyrics himself and set off to record the self-entitled debut album which was immediately released by Malicious Records. Without having recorded one single demo/promo the band had released their first album. The album was received well by the metal press and people appreciated the fresh epical sound, making Borknagar a new and unique black metal band.

Øystein started writing new songs for their next album and signed a record deal with the major label Century Media to release the second album called "The Olden Domain". Because of some difficulties Infernus left the band and was replaced by Kai K. Lie. The band entered well-known Woodhouse Studios in Hagen, Germany to record their follow-up. This album was a huge success and the project turned into a real band. They also went on their first tour through Europe together with In Flames and Night In Gales. At this time they also found two new members in Jens F. Ryland and Simen Hestnжs. Jens was playing the second guitar and Simen became the new vocalist in replacement for Garm who left the band to seek new musical ventures.

The band started to work on their third album "The Archaic Course" which received excellent reviews in metal magazines for the release in October 1998. At this time Borknagar was even featured in Guitar World Magazine. After the release the band went on tour but once again there were some line-up problems. Grim, Kai and Ivar left the band at about the same time. Ivar was not a full time members and the other two left the band because of personal difficulties with the rest of the band. Borknagar went on tour in the winter of 1998 as support for Cradle Of Filth and Napalm Death with a session drummer and without keyboards. In the spring of 1999 Borknagar became one of the first Scandinavian metal bands to cross the ocean and play in the US on a headlining tour with Emperor. On this tour Nick Barker from Cradle Of Filth handled the drums.

Eventually the band found a drummer in Asgeir Mickelson (Spiral Architect) and a keyboard player in Lars A. Nedland (Solefald). In January 2000 they recorded their fourth full-length album called "Quintessence" in the Abyss Studio together with producer/engineer Peter Tдgtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy). A blend of folk music, epic metal and black metal tunes have made Borknagar one of the most unique bands in the world.

Members of Borknagar
Current Members:
Andreas Hedlund (Vintersorg). In Band at: 2000 - . Role: Vocals
Side projects: Blackburning Evening, Havayoth, Otyg, Vintersorg, Fission, Waterfield
Oystein Garnes Brun. In Band at: 1995 - . Role: Guitars
Side projects: Molested
Lars Nedland (Lazare). In Band at: 1999 - . Role: Keyboards
Side projects: Бsmegin, Boh, Carpathian Forest, Darling Divine, Grail, Solefald, Age of Silence
Asgeir Mickelson. In Band at: 1999 - . Role: Drums
Side projects: Anesthesia, Enslavement Of Beauty, Grail, Lunaris, Spastic Ink, Spiral Architect, Testament, Vintersorg
Passed Members:
Infernus. Period: 1995 - 1996. Role: Bass
Side projects: Desekrator, Gorgoroth, Orcustus
Kristoffer Rygg (Garm). Period: 1995 - 1997. Role: Vocals
Side projects: Arcturus, Ulver, Gehenna
Erik Brodreskift (Grim). Period: 1995 - 1998. Role: Drums
Side projects: Dirge, Gorgoroth, Immortal
Nicholas Barker (Hongo Jr.) (Guest). Period: 1999 - 1999. Role: Drums
Side projects: Brujeria, Cradle Of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Lock Up
Simen Hestnжs (ICS Vortex). Period: 1997 - 2000. Role: Bass, Vocals
Side projects: Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, Lamented Souls
Kai K. Lie. Period: 1996 - 1998. Role: Bass
Ivar Peersen (Bjornson). Period: 1995 - 1998. Role: Keyboards, Synths
Side projects: Obnoxious, Phobia, Vulcana, Bloodflowers, Enslaved, Desekrator, Mysticum, Gorgoroth, Satyricon
Jens F. Ryland. Period: 1997 - 2003. Role: Guitars
Side projects: DHG
Jan Erik Tiwaz (Tyr). Period: 2000 - 2004. Role: Bass
Side projects: Emperor, Grail, Morpheus Web, Perished, Satyricon, Vintersorg
Justin Greaves (Guest). Period: 1998 - 1999. Role: Drums
Side projects: Electric Wizard, Hard To Swallow, Iron Monkey

CD: Borknagar (1996) Studio: Grieghallen. Tracklist.
Lineup: Oystein G. Brun - Guitars, Garm - Vocals, Grim - Drums, Ivar Bjornson - Keyboards, Infernus - Bass
Comment: This is Borknagar's only pure black/viking metal material. This is also the only album with Norwegian lyrics.
CD: The Olden Domain (1997) Studio: Woodhouse. Tracklist.
Lineup: Oystein G. Brun - Guitars, Grim - Drums, Kai K. Lie - Bass, Fiery G. Maelstrom - Vocals, Ivar Bjornson - Synths, organic FX
CD: The Archaic Course (1998) Studio: Woodhouse. Tracklist.
Lineup: I.C.S. Vortex - Vocals, Oystein G. Brun - Guitars, Jens F. Ryland - Guitars, Kai K. Lie - Bass, Grim - Drums
Comment: Reissued by Evil Horde Records as Digipak.
CD: Quintessence (2000) Studio: Abyss. Tracklist.
Split: Borknagar/Novembre (2001) Tracklist.
Lineup: Borknagar, Novembre
CD: Empiricism (2001) Studio: Fagerborg. Tracklist.
Lineup: Vintersorg - Clean vocals, grim vocals, Oystein G. Brun - Electric, acoustic, high-strung guitars, Jens F. Ryland - Electric, acoustic, high-strung guitars, Asgeir Mickelson - Drums, percussion, Tyr - 6 string bass, fretless bass, Lars A. Nedland - Synthe
CD: Epic (2004) Tracklist.
Comment: Limited releases came in a slipcase/digipack form.
Asgeir Mickelson (drums) did the bass duties because Tyr left the band before
going to record.

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Borknagar - Borknagar

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1. Sintervredets
2. Tanker Mot Cind (Kvelding)
3. Svartskogs Gilde
4. Sed Steigard
5. Krigsstev
6. Dauden
7. Grimskalle Grell
8. Horrd Haagauk
9. Fandens Allheim
10. Tanker Mot Cind (Gryning)

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"Borknagar - 2000 - Quintessence"...

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01. Rivalry Of Phantoms
02. The Presence Is Ominous
03. Ruins Of The Future
04. Colossus
05. Inner Landscape
06. Invincible
07. Icon Dreams
08. Genesis Torn
09. Embers
10. Revolt




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Death Metal Forever - In blood we trust
"Borknagar - 1996 - Borknagar"...

1. Sintervredets
2. Tanker Mot Cind (Kvelding)
3. Svartskogs Gilde
4. Sed Steigard
5. Krigsstev
6. Dauden
7. Grimskalle Grell
8. Horrd Haagauk
9. Fandens Allheim
10. Tanker Mot Cind (Gryning)

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"Borknagar - 1997 - The Olden Domain"...

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Rip: Mp3, 192 kbps, 44 Khz

1. The eye of oden 6:01
2. The winterway 7:51
3. Om hundrede aar er altong glemt 4:12
4. A tale of pagan tongue 6:12
5. To mount and rode 4:55
6. Grimland domain 6:18
7. Ascension of our fathers 3:53
8. The dawn of the end 5:06



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"Borknagar - 1998 - The Archaic Course"...

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Rip: Mp3, 192 kbps, 44 Khz

1. Oceans rise 5:27
2. Universal 5:35
3. Witchborn 4:26
4. The black toren 5:18
5. Nocturnal vision 4:35
6. Ad noctum 4:23
7. Winter millenium 5:42
8. Fields of long gone presence 2:15



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Дебютный альбом CRONIAN, сайд-проекта BORKNAGAR
CRONIAN (прежнее название - ION), совместный шведского-норвежский проект, в котором приняли участие музыканты BORKNAGAR - Oystein G. Brun (гитара и клавиши) и Vintersorg (вокал и клавиши), подписал контракт на выпуск трех альбомов с лейблом Century Media Records.

Касательно истории образования проекта, планы о CRONIAN были еще в 1999 году, но реализовать идею они смогли только в 2002 году под именем ION. По обоюдному согласию, они решили что группа должна обязательно иметь свой уникальный звук. Дебютный альбом под названием 'Terra' будет выпущен в начале следующего года и в него войдет 9 треков, среди которых 'Cronian', 'The Alp', 'Iceolated', 'Nonexistence' и др. Диск обещает быть холодной, атмосферной и "цепляющей" музыкой.
In the Fire of Burning Heavens, we Devour the Drowning Fools

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