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Xela - For Frosty Mornings And Summer Nights

Label: Neo Ouija
Country: UK
Released: 27 Jan 2003
Genre: Electronic, Electronic
Style: Leftfield, IDM

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01 Afraid Of Monsters
02 Under The Glow Of Streetlights
03 Japanese Whispers
04 Inbetween Two Rooms
05 Impulsive Behaviour
06 An Abandoned Robot
07 The Long Walk Home At Midnight
08 Bobble Hats In Summer
09 Digital Winter
10 Last Breath


Xela - Tangled Wool

Label: City Centre Offices
Country: Germany
Released: 15 Mar 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Leftfield, IDM, Experimental

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1 Softness Of Senses
2 Smiles And Bridges
3 You Are In The Stars
4 Drawing Pictures Of Girls
5 Through Crimson Clouds
6 Quiet Night
7 So No Goodbyes
8 The Eyes Sparkled And She Walked Away

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3 You Are In The Stars

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Да все альбомы что я выложил щяс все сам скачял и могу вам того же пожелать.Можно сказать что 80% супер а остальные просто хорошие !!! thumb.gif
Биг сенкс S22 за этот пабик .Думаю долго не прожевёт так что делайте выводы.
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67 mb mp3 192 /Label: Neo Ouija 2003
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Product Description
1. Afraid of Monsters~~~2. Under the Glow of Streetlights~~~3. Japanese Whispers~~~4. Inbetween Two Rooms~~~5. Impulsive Behavior~~~6. An Abandoned Robot~~~7. The Long Walk Home at Midnight~~~8. Bobble Hats in Summber~~~9. Digital Winter~~~10. Last Breath

58mb mp3 192/Label: City Centre Offices 2004
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1. Softness Of Senses
2. Smiles & Bridges
3. You Are In The Stars
4. Drawing Pictures Of Girls
5. Though Crimson Clouds
6. Quiet Night
7. So No Goodbyes
8. Her Eyes Sparkled & She Walked Away
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Halloween 7"
Type 2006

A. Halloween
B. Suspiria

It started as an idea - before the birth of Type John Xela became fascinated with the idea of getting a bunch of artists he knew to cover the music of John Carpenter. On writing to the man himself and getting his blessing he became more eager than ever to get this project rolling and began asking select members of the musical community. After an intitially excited response, John found that actual submissions were thin on the ground and so he set to work doing something himself. This ultra-limited 7", released to co-incide with Halloween 2006 features a cover version of Carpenter's Halloween theme and then as a special bonus a cover version of Goblin's Suspiria theme, taken from Dario Argento's film of the same name. A gory journey through decomposed folk and metal soundscapes, this is a record destined to keep you up at night.

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The Dead Sea
Type 2006

01. The Gate
02. Linseed
03. Drunk on Salt Water
04. Wet Bones
05. Creeping Flesh
06. Savage Ritual
07. A Floating Procession
08. Sinking Cadavers
09. Humid at Dusk
10. Watching a Light in the Distance
11. Briefly Seen
12. Never Going Home

The Dead Sea is Xela's third full-length and the first for his label, Type. Upon picking up the album, the first thing you notice is the intricately drawn album art that's both beautiful and disturbing: a depiction of two people drowning. It's quite a macabre statement and certainly symbolic of what lies ahead for the listener. The Dead Sea is an extremely dark record that takes more of an influence from Morricone and Goblin than his previous releases. Xela's last two albums had a minimalist bedroom electronic/post-rock feel akin to B. Fleischmann or Four Tet, but The Dead Sea wipes the slate clean. Filled with strings, marimbas, eerie organs, acoustic guitars, oscillating tones, field recordings and minimal percussion, the CD remains gorgeous and ugly at the same time. Even though this album is dark and chilling, there are also moments where it's uplifting. I don't know if this makes total sense, but all I can say is that it is pretty damn great and could very well be the Type label's finest moment. The Dead Sea is a record that tells you a story without any words, and one that sends shivers down your spine. Really, what more can one ask for? Truly stunning.

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320, retail
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Moving forward with each breath.
re-up For Frosty Mornings And Summer Nights & Tangled Wool, plz
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