Michal Menert - Dreaming Of A Bigger Life (2010)

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Michal Menert was born in Kielce, Poland, in 1982, while the country was under communist rule. As a young child, he and his parents fled to the United States by way of West Germany, becoming political refugees. During his childhood, Michal's father exposed him to a wide variety of Eastern and Western music, giving the boy fertile soil in which to plant his musical visions early on. Coming from a musical background of playing guitar, keyboards, and dabbling in a variety of other instruments gave Michal a unique approach to composing his own musical style. He co-produced the debut Pretty Lights album, "Taking Up Your Precious Time" and has collaborated with Derek Vincent Smith on a handful of tracks since then. Currently he is releasing a solo album, entitled "Dreaming of A Bigger Life" on prettylightsmusic.com. His sound combines samples from both Eastern European and Western vinyl with rich analog synthesis and organic, hard hitting beats. It is a fusion of yesterday's elements and tomorrow's dreams. Enjoy.

01. ...Into Your Dreams
02. In The Morning
03. Starfall
04. Sun Shadow
05. Lights Out
06. Waveshift
07. Foolin' Myself
08. The Ratio (co-produced by Paul Arnaud Brandt)
09. So Alone
10. Feeling Better
11. One More Year
12. Alpha Omega
13. Where Do You Go
14. The Coming Age
15. Heart Attack (with Benjamin Linder O'Neill)
16. Tomorrow May Never Come...


есть парочка цепляющих треков,остальное - фон

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зачем тогда поднимать тему
кто у них в тусе автор коврин?
хороший мужик)но уж видно давление Претти на него!_такое протеже!)
ну дык,стараются в одном ключе лабать.
Michal Menert - Even If It Isn't Right [2012]

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Label: Pretty Lights Music
Format: Album, Web
Country: US
Released: 2012
Genre: electronic
Style: hip.hop, downtempo
Quality: 320kbps
Size: 330Mb
1. Hi
2. The Same Disease
3. Cassiopeia
4. The Golden Rule
5. Take All You Want To
6. Out Of This World
7. In The Clouds 08 Solar Overdrive
9. The Keep On
10. Words Unspoken
11. Drift By
12. The Wind and the Walls
13. Please
14. Bloodletting
15. Exodus
16. The Ride
17. Heart Chase Summer
18. Sky City
19. Still Dreaming
20. A New Beginning
21. Winter's End
22. Remember
23. Circuit Whispers
24. Until I'm Found
25. Forget
26. New Heights
27. After The Rains


Since my last record, I have been adapting to a new way of life. I've made a lot of new friends, seen a lot of the world, and been blessed with the chance to bring music to life along the way. I've also lost touch with a lot of people I care about, been away from the comfort of home, and had to make quick decisions that end up affecting my future in big ways. The title of this record stems from that.. from choices, actions, statements and even music that I've made in the last two years.. I took these steps because they were what I thought was right, even if it wasn't. Part of growing is accepting that you make mistakes, and learning from them. If you don't make mistakes or fall down, you're not trying hard enough. Even the 100+ minute running time of this album may not be 'right' by traditional standards, but it's what I felt was needed to tell the story of my life since my last release. So, even if it isn't right, this is life.. If we own our choices, we can escape the pitfalls of guilt, regret, and imagining how it all could have been if only we had…

A lot of friends helped with this album. Seth Blakely (aka the BeatServer) is fellow crate digger, and contributed immensely to the pool of records I drew from to create this music. Derek VanScoten let me crash at his crib in Brooklyn, and we started collaborating on a number of tracks. He helped with "Solar Overdrive" and "Remember," and his wife, Chantel Mead, lent her vocal talent to "Solar Overdrive." Mr. VanScoten also enlisted additional instrumentation from Avi Dvorin on "Remember," rounding out the sonic palette of the tune. My good friend and label mate, Blake (aka SuperVision), helped put the finishing touches and magic sprinkles on "Out Of This World" and Paul Basic, a life-long collaborator, best friend, and Half Color teammate, brought new life to "The Keep On." Another friend from the road, Jon Belfontaine (better known as Outlet) assisted in finish "Drift By," and consistently brings the good vibes and humor when I'm in New England. A.C. Lao, who is my friend and drummer, sat with me for countless hours watching me pick apart and fine tune this album one track at a time, offering input and critique when it was most needed. Pat Milberry got me out to Japan this winter, got me on to Red Rocks for the third time in my first summer there, and has been a supporter, collaborator, and friend. While we were in Japan, I picked up a wealth of records, many of which were used to close out this album on "After The Rain." My girlfriend Becca helped in bringing me sandwiches and tasty beverages while I was in my dudgeon of beats, by listening to the same song over and over again at home and in the car, helping inspire me, and putting up with my growing insanity. Derek Vincent Smith helped by being supportive of my album's non-traditional running time, and of my vision in general, and for helping me build since my last release. And of course for being my friend. David Najarian, Scott and Laine Kelly (and the whole RadioEditAV team, really) were there to capture my travels and keep me from losing my mind on the road, as were David Johnson, Jeremiah Jones, Pat Bean, Tripp Gray, Collin Taylor, Jimmy Nasset, and a slew of others who took time out to get me to shows, get me out of shows, get me out of trouble, get me into trouble, and keep me grounded by being my friend when I thought I was losing my mind. Ki Shih helped organize my chaos into a different kind of chaos, and has been there to help clean up my messes. Hunter Williams of Progressive Global Agency has built my touring career from the ground up, and believed in my music before anyone else did. My mother, Jolanta Menert, helped by letting me stay with her and keep my studio in her basement, especially when times got rough. She has been the most supportive, proud, and loving parent I could ever ask for, and without her this album wouldn't be at all. She was always there when I hit rock bottom on the road, both with encouraging words and financial support to get me to the next show. Thanks mom

i also want to thank Alex Botwin, Eliot Lipp, Berk Visual, Kendrick and Sherwin Nicholls, Colby Buckler, Colby Carter, Ryan Hug, Dominic Lalli, Jason Huber, Jordan Resse Kelley, Jordan Simon, Tigran Mimosa, Nick Guarino, Denis Jasarevic, Ales (FAQ), Borahm Lee, Adam Deitch, Justin Basch, Sophie Reeves, Phil Savaggio, Greg Ellis, Max, Tom Ludlow, Hunter Owen, Dave Sheldon, Josh Pollack, Kyle Stych, Scoo Leary, Scott Morrill and the staff at Cervantes, Murga, my cousins Pam and Natalia, uncle Tom, aunt Barbara, all the new friends I've met and all the old friends I've kept.. sorry if I forgot to put your name in here. I want to thank my late father, Tadeusz Menert, for being a man I can look up to and aspire to follow in your loving footsteps.

Until next time, I hope you enjoy my labour of love.

320 prettylightsmusic ifolder
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330Mb ? многовато ... он тройной?
практически) альбом на самом деле слишком огромный, но хороший. в отличие от всего, что в последнее время выходит на PLM, не дабстеп

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обалденный тип!крутой альбом!притти лайтс везде там
Finger's on the trigger and mind's on the plan
всё правда!очень интересное!
+ Там обложки по 4мб вшиты в файлы.
Огроменное Спасибо, Альбом Действительно Отличный!
Michal Menert - Dreaming Of A Bigger Life (2010)
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