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artist : Pinch
title : Underwater Dancehall-TECCD003
date : 2007
label : Tectonic
genre : Dubstep
release date: 11.06.2007
street date : 00.00.0000
tracks : 20
bitrate : avg. 172kbps
size : 112,1 MB
source : CDDA
type : Album

r e l e a s e_n o t e s

*Comes with a second CD featuring the entire album in
instrumental versions* Long anticipated by a dubstep community starved of
full-length packages to sink their teeth into, "Underwater Dancehall" is the
hugely ambitious debut album from Pinch, serendipitously unleashed onto the
world on the same week as Burial's towering second album "Untrue". Short of
the generous use of vocals and innovative determination there's little to
connect these two albums - except perhaps for a skewed populist trajectory
followed by both producers. The cd version of "Underwater Dancehall" comes as
a double-disc package, delivering the entire tracklisting in vocal (Disc 1)
and Instrumental (Disc 2) forms - and each disc is an entirely different
beast. Pinch's astonishing "Qawaali" is re-branded here as "Brighter Day" and
features vocal narration by New York MC Jukali, offsetting the emotive
resonance of the original with a rugged vocal antithesis that takes a few
listens to digest but which ultimately imbues the track with a context far
removed from the spacious melancholy of the original (re-produced as the
opening track on Disc 2). "Get Up" is next and is the first of two tracks
featuring Yolanda on Vocal duties, shifting the agenda into a more giddy
orbit that has more in common with the slick machinations of 2-step/R&B than
with anything you could describe as dubstep, though the instrumental version
reveals a much darker edge that seems to possess a filthier hub at its core.
"One Blood, One Source" has already been aired on the limited 12" album
sampler and is the emotive heart of the album, engulfing Rudey Lee's vocal
with light-footed Sino melodies and a musically colloquial arrangement that
does that clever thing of appealing to a broad spectrum of listener without
letting go of its deviant soul. Martin Clark has already made much of the
link between Pinch and Bristol's Wild Bunch/Mive Attack Continuum and as
he rightly points out this is the track that most clearly joins those dots.
"Gangstaz" sees the return of Jukali and is just immense - making a piercing
emotional impact with the barest ingredients - something which for our money
is Pinch's greatest trait as a producer. The album ends on the hugely
impressive "Lazarus", a complex arrangement of layered percussion and broad
soundscaping, finishing proceedings off with an almost entirely instrumental
sweep that makes use of stylistic self-restraint, a device that so many of
Pinch's rs could do with adopting. Across these 20 tracks Pinch has
managed to balance out his broad musical ambition with a stylistic focus that
imbues "Underwater Dancehall" with a narrative that makes it more than just
a collection of 12" tracks - and although there are moments when you feel the
instrumental versions offer greater rewards, its nice to have the choice.
Excellent stuff - Highly Recommended.

Spaced out dubstep/reggae/dance hall excursions, 2nd CD includes all

In a relatively new genre dominated by vinyl, many artists would not take the
plunge into more ambitious territories and be lucky enough to have an outlet
to support their endeavours. Enter Pinch and his Tectonic label. Having
already garnered a huge amount of success with CD releases in the past
(namely the Tectonic Plates compilation and Cyrus artist album), the time was
right for Rob Ellis aka Pinch to turn the spotlight on himself for a full-
length. But rather than simply string together a compilation of sold-out
twelves and re-edits, Pinch headed back into the studio, gathering vocalists
around him, and immersed himself in the idea of the album as a format, a
concept, a complete vision. The results speak for themselves, setting the bar
high and in the process we suspect taking dubstep to a whole new level –
leaving budding producers simply tagging along behind him.
This is double disc CD. The First CD has vocals and the second CD with
instrumentals only, done specifically in Pinchs words: "so the listener can
choose their environment - I appreciate that some people will prefer to take
their own messages from the instrumentals".
Highly Recommended.

p l a y l i s t_d e t a i l s


01-Brighter Day ft Juakali (05:22)
02-Get Up ft Yolanda (04:21)
03-Airlock (03:43)
04-One Blood, One Source ft Rudey Lee (04:27)
05-Widescreen (04:48)
06-Gangstaz ft Juakali (03:43)
07-Angels In The Rain ft Indi Kaur (03:26)
08-Battered ft Yolanda (04:10)
09-Trauma ft Juakali (04:35)
10-Lazarus (05:15)


01-Brighter Day (Instrumental Version) (05:19)
02-Get Up (Full Instrumental Version) (04:43)
03-Airlock (03:43)
04-One Blood, One Source (Full Instrumental Version) (04:43)
05-Widescreen (04:48)
06-Gangstaz (Instrumental Version) (03:44)
07-Angels In The Rain (Instrumental Version) (03:21)
08-Battered (Instrumental Version) (04:11)
09-Trauma (Instrumental Version) (04:34)
10-Lazarus (05:15)
88:11 min




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агу... послушал... пару треков зачетных есть...

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Так обычная шарага

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Artist..... Pinch
Title...... Pepper Spray
Label...... Planet Mu
Catnr...... ZIQ196
Date....... 12 11 2007
Genre...... Electronic
Subgenre... Dubstep
Source..... WEB
Quality.... 320kbps / 44,1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Size....... 21,8 MB

[ Track List ]
01. Pepper Spray 04:48
02. Cave Dream 04:43
09:31 min


А что за прикол с 1 треком? Это же Qawwali

Artist = Tectonic
Album Title = Pinch-TEC017
Records Label = Tectonic
Genre = Bass
Encoder With = LAME 3.97
Total Tracks = 02
Source = Vinyl
Grabber = XTC
Bitrate = VBR.Kbps.44,1kHz
Mode = Stereo

# Track Title Time
01 Pinch feat Rudey Lee - One Blood One Source 04:41
02 Pinch feat Juakali - Trauma 04:32


Can someone re-up Pinch - Qawwali (Ziq133) ?

It'll be greatly appreciated... I'm looking for the VIP Version, the original is on Underwater Dancehall too.

Thx !
Simian Mobile Disco - I Believe (Remixes)

A1  I Believe (Switch Remix)
    Remix - Switch (2) 
A2  I Believe (Pinch's "I Believe In Bass Therapy" Remix)
    Remix - Pinch (2) 
B1  I Believe (Prins Thomas Diskotek Remix)
    Remix - Prins Thomas 
B2  I Believe (Joker Remix)
    Remix - Joker (8)

Could somebody please upload sad.gif
Could you re-up Underwater DAncehall please? All those links are dead
есть у кого во FLAC ?

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artist: Pinch
title: Chamber Dub EP
label: Soul Jazz
cat#: SJR18712
genre: Bass
street date: 2008-00-00
tracks: 3
bitrate: 319 kbps avg. 44.1/Joint Stereo
size: 32.66 mb
source: WEB (MP3)
type: Retail

"Pinch comes with three of his most evil and starkly darkside riddims to
date with a killer new EP for Soul Jazz's dubstep series. From the
teutonic font to the track titles this whole platter is something to be
feared, from 'Chamber dub's opening statement of netherworld dub and
irresistable steppers riddim modifications you'll realise this is some
pitch black gear. 'Bootz' on the flip can only be described as f*cking
disturbed, featuring a malevolent bassline squirming underneath
malfunctioning hardcore patterns and demented rave signals cutting through
the muggy and opressive atmospheres, it honestly doesn't come darker than
this stuff. Over on the flip 'fighting talk' features skulking bassline
business and classic pinch shuffle-stepping hi hat/snare combos that will
guarantee you'll be changing the sheets in the morning. Honestly this is a
proper evil EP, if you don't like dark music you really should steer clear
of this, but if you like jet-black bass music and dancing do yourself a
favour. Killer

01 Chamber Dub 5:00
02 Bootz 4:35
03 Fighting Talk 4:40

Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
Чёт не могу найти 10 Tons Heavy...Может у кого есть?

оу, это сборник оказывается..пардон)

Продаю квоты под флуд в игровом подфоруме. Недорого.

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