A Hip-Hop Tribute To Soul Music!
For their first album, French producers Onra & Quetzal have decided to pay homage to 70’s Black music’s greatest names and also to underground musicians who resurrected unknown Soul classics.
The two MPC1000-ers from Paris follow great hip-hop beatmakers like Madlib, RZA, J Dilla, , Kanye West, Pete Rock and many other unknown producers who have made the Soul music genre fashionable again. Inspired by classics from the Isley Brothers, Creative Source, Nina Simone or Dionne Warmick, Onra & Quetzal bring their Hip-Hop sensibility and juggle with their samplers’ pads to recreate a modern and soulful music.
On this project, the two young beatmakers dedicated themselves to only work on chopping the samples up. That’s why every track is only made out of sampling one song.
When some hip-hop instrumental albums are meaningless, "Tribute" is a vibrant, coherent and eclectic journey into the world of two guys who treat Soul with the "soul" it needs.
This specific project only shows one side of Quetzal and Onra, and there’s no doubt that both of them are promised to a bright future.

Onra And Quetzal - Tribute [2007]
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Waterfall Inside Me
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Onra is a French hip-hop producer who had a simple idea: bring back a bunch of old vinyl from his native Vietnam, slice them up and make a record out of it. Those of you who enjoy the Asian-influenced beats of the RZA or Madlib need to immediately take note, as this is some brilliantly produced instrumental hip-hop. Short tracks separate the blends of hip-hop beats, occasional scratches, and the vinyl hiss of thirty year old Vietnamese pop. While I’ll admit I wish some of the tracks were longer, the scatterbrained approach works incredibly well for the east vs. west clash of musical styles.

Onra - Chinoiseries [2007]
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the anthem
chop your hands
relax in mui ne
naughty hottie (interlude)
eat dog
last tango in saigon
apocalypse now
i wanna go back
full backpack
lesson with the master
dark sea
phuoc dat (interlude)
boundless boundaries
what up duyet?
welcome to viet nam
here comes the flutes
the vallee of love
smoking buddha
clap clap
bounce (interlude)
live from hue
where's my longan?
take a ride
the ritual
cymbal oelek
the third sword (interlude)
one day
they got breaks too


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Waterfall Inside Me

Можно вопрос насчет "Chinoiseries" - теги есть ? rolleyes.gif
А то я качал недавно 2 разных архива,а там все 32 трека без тегов.
На ластЭфЭме заскроблился
Waterfall Inside Me
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  Title  The Big Pay Back
Artist  Byron & Onra
  Genre  Hip-Hop
  Date  2007-07-31
  Songs  13
  Size  57.23 MB
Quality  153kbps avg / CD

    01  It's You (Intro)                      4:32
    02  Dance With Me                        4:59
    03  The Return                            4:19
    04  Sleeping Pills feat. Peter Hadar      4:08
    05  Word Up                              3:38
    06  Blue Berry Weed feat. Isis            3:21
    07  Mr Suave                              4:55
    08  Love feat. Neco Redd                  4:01
    09  Carribean Vibes feat. Julien Marc    3:04
    10  Blush feat. Isis                      2:52
    11  Cosmic Take Off                      4:00
    12  Words From The Wise (Outro)          1:59
    13  The World feat. Dal Gren (Bonus Track) 3:45
                                              > 49:33



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никогда к такой музыке не относился как к хип-хопу...(
думал это айсид-соул-джаз-трип в одном)))
мир тесен не интересен
group rls of the Chinoiseries:

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...artist : Onra                       
....title : Chinoiseries               
....label : Label Rouge Prod           
..cat.num : LRPBBR01                   
....genre : Hip-Hop                   
.....year : 2007                       
.playtime : 48:26 min                 
......url : http://www.labelrougeprod.fr
.rls.date : 15/01/2008                 
...source : CDDA                       
..quality : VBRkbps / Joint-Stereo     
...tracks : 32                         
.....size : 70,2 MBb                   

01    Introduction                          01:04
02    The Anthem                            01:49
03    Chop Your Hands                        02:04
04    Relax In Mui Ne                        02:14
05    Naughty Hottie (Interlude)            00:38
06    Eat Dog                                01:13
07    Last Tango In Saigon                  01:31
08    Apocalypse Now                        01:16
09    I Wanna Go Back                        03:12
10    Full Backpack                          01:10
11    War                                    00:58
12    Lesson With The Master                00:50
13    Dark Sea                              01:50
14    Phuoc Dat (Interlude)                  00:53
15    Boundless Boundaries                  02:14
16    What Up Duyet                          01:29
17    Welcome To Vietnam                    00:37
18    Here Come The Flutes                  02:11
19    The Valee Of Love                      02:07
20    Smoking Buddha                        02:03
21    Clap Clap                              02:17
22    Bounce (Interlude)                    00:40
23    Live From Hue                          01:08
24    Where's My Longan                      01:38
25    Take A Ride                            02:01
26    Raw                                    01:42
27    The Ritual                            01:22
28    Cymbal Oelek                          00:50
29    The Third Sword (Interlude)            00:37
30    One Day                                01:24
31    They Got Breaks Too                    01:51
32    Hope                                  01:33

Instrumental Hip-Hop "constructed as a
soundtrack for a trip in Asia".


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Onra - Chinoiseries [2007]
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заранее спасибо
ха) у мана такой же ник как у меня, только в другом написании, но смысл один и тот же)))
качну, кавера сочные, ретро стиль =) сенкс
если не затруднит, залейте 2 последних трека с Chinoiseries куда-нибудь, желательно на айфолдер.

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Byron And Onra - The Big Pay Back (2007)

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