Son Lux--At War with Walls and Mazes-2008-WUS

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Artist : Son Lux
Album : At War With Walls and Mazes
Genre : Indie
Label : Anticon Records
Catalog : 82
Language : English
Source : CDDA
Size : 58,5 MB
Rel. date : Mar-02-2008


01. Prologue 00:31
02. Break 03:13
03. Weapons 05:03
04. Betray 05:07
05. Stay 03:49
06. Raise 05:43
07. Tell 03:54
08. Wither 04:04
09. Stand 05:35
10. War 04:37
11. Epilogue 03:06
44:42 min

Release Notes:

Ryan Lott is just shy of the three-decade mark in years, but in that
time, he has lived in a handful of locations (Denver, Cleveland,
Atlanta, California, Connecticut, NYC), trained in composition and
piano, and organized several multimedia art shows. So, naturally, he
joined the Anticon roster to release his full-length debut under the
name Son Lux.

At War With Walls and Mazes is an Anticonesque beat-and-hook-filled
mish-mash of genres. Son Lux will follow the albums release with
spring dates supporting Why?

In the meantime, Lott is keeping himself busy by starting work on the
next Son Lux album and a slew of other projects. Hes remixing Beirut
and Castanets, collaborating with My Brightest Diamond, and working on
a large-scale piece with the Gina Gibney Dance company for a third



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Son Lux | At War With Walls And Mazes
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At War with Walls and Mazes восхитителен! Волшебное открытие. И вообще, антикон мне начинает очень нравиться rolleyes.gif
шикарный альбом.Break и Stay бесподобны wub.gif
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Son Lux - Weapons EP [2010 / EP / 320 / 51 Mb]

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In 2008, New York’s Son Lux (a.k.a. Ryan Lott) released his debut LP to a chorus of praise... Much of what gave At War With Walls & Mazes its unique appeal was Lott’s central objective: to create a body of songs that inhabited the pop spectrum whilst ditching binary form (verse-chorus) for something more akin to chant. On record, rhythms and words moved uninhibited around anchoring melodies; live, this freed Lott to reinvent each track during performances, either reorganizing bits solo via piano or arranging the parts for new ensembles and instruments.

In the time since Mazes, Lott has stayed busy composing – among other things – hours of music for dance companies from New York to Paris. But for him, the chant-based concept of the Son Lux debut required further investigation. The Weapons EP is Lott’s self-issued challenge to do just that – to use Mazes standout “Weapons,” whose primary melody haunts various points of that record, as a launch pad for a complete EP of material derived from a single source.

To this end, Lott built three new compositions around the original’s essential kernel and enlisted three trusted collaborators – Anticon artists Alias and Polyphonic, plus Muhly himself – to do the rest. The result is not only six unique reincarnations of “Weapons,” but a fractal work where melody becomes song becomes cycle, with one essence woven throughout.


01. Weapons II
02. Weapons III (Polyphonic Remix)
03. Weapons IV (Nico Muhly Remix)
04. Weapons V
05. Weapons VI (Alias Remix)
06. Weapons VII



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Review: Son Lux - Weapons

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Brand New Son Lux
"We Are Rising"

April, 26

greatest news in 2011
а вот и заглавный трек


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