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2005 - Until When We Are Ghosts @ 256 kbps megaupload | rapidshare | mediafire
2006 - Goodnight @ 256 kbps megaupload | rapidshare | mediafire
2008 - The Sparrow And The Crow @ vbr v2 megaupload | rapidshare | mediafire
2009 - Live from the Downtown Studios @ 256 kbps, aac megaupload | rapidshare | mediafire
2009 - Heartless (Single) @ vbr v0 megaupload | mediafire
2009 - Covered In Snow (Single) @ 320 kbps megaupload | rapidshare | mediafire
2010 - Derivatives @ 256 kbps megaupload | mediafire

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лето мне запилил, быстро!
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что тебе нужно у меня в осени бл*ть?
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чё ты мне лето выпилил?? ©
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William Fitzsimmons - Goodnight (2006) - iFolder - pt1 pt2

в общем эта музыка мало к этому разделу (Emo / Hardcore) относится но в других она бы осталась без внимания а это бы было бы большой ошибкой тк музыка просто супер!
тема перенесена из Emo / Hardcore
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крутой музон у мужика
есть еще альбом! может кто выложит?

William Fitzsimmons- It's Not True Official Video.flv (10 mb) - http://ifolder.ru/6075139

видео просто чудесное..... качаю альбом...

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не для этого раздела эта музыка все-таки ее в рок нужно по-идеи, вполне конечно ничего, но среди подобного рода, по-моему, iron & wine звучит выгоднее, ну а мистер ломаччио так вообще неповторим
Spiegel im Spiegel
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на самом деле она имеет большее отношение к этому разделу чем например my chemical romance
про mcr я ничего говорить не буду )) <br>но ты не прав, там собственно ни emo (в какой либо его формации), ни хардкора нет тем более, нет...
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Перенесите в рок! cool.gif
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Cigarettes & Alcohol
Does anyone have the new album "The sparrow and the crow?
hey my good old friend, look what i found http://rs427.rapidshare.com/files/15416189...8/IfeelFSim.rar

greets from nz, see you in january

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Artist: William Fitzsimmons
Album: The Sparrow and the Crow
Year: 2008
Rel. Date: 2008-10-09
Genre: Acoustic
Label: Dark Sparrow Records
Source: CD
Type: Album
Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: VBR, 44.1kHz, Joint Stereo

Track List:

1. After Afterall 2:47
2. I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song Of The Sparrow) 3:30
3. We Feel Alone 3:05
4. If You Would Come Back Home 3:51
5. Please Forgive Me (Song Of The Crow) 3:11
6. Further From You 3:51
7. Just Not Each Other 2:56
8. Even Now 2:50
9. You Still Hurt Me 3:24
10. They'll Never Take The Good Years 2:46
11. Find Me To Forgive 4:33
12. Goodmorning 2:55

Release Notes:

Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, and several more who
sit a rung below on this particular musical ladder
now have to make room to welcome William
Fitzsimmons to the upper rungs, rungs which lead
into the quiet introspective sky of this musical
realm. Fitzsimmons music more closely resembles
Sam Beam's (Iron & Wine) earlier uncomplicated
work, whereas on Beam's latest effort (The
Shepherd's Dog) Beam displayed a more surefooted
confidence, on his early discs things were kept
simple and some would feel, more pure. There is an
honesty and purity to Fitzsimmons on this his
third record, perhaps a bit too much piano though,
as I think his voice sounds fantastic when set
against the warm wood and metal of an acoustic
guitar (or banjo), the piano being just too cold
for him (maybe a quiet reedy organ would be a
perfect fit for the next record).
If I could climb cat-like into a big heavy leafed
tree to curl up in a cool nook to sleep... this is
the music that would be my drowsy purring
soundtrack. Released on September 30th,
Fitzsimmons The Sparrow and The Crow offers 12
songs, of which "Goodmorning" stands out with it's
lovely circular descending melody driven by the
acoustic guitars.



скачаю, майспейс понравился песней If You Would Come Back Home
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Заказ и продажа мерча (футболок, балахонов) и CD зарубежных групп!
god, this guy makes such beautiful music, could anyone reup his old albums?
William Fitzsimmons - Goodnight (2006)

1. It's Not True
2. Hold On With My Open Hands
3. Everything Has Changed
4. Leave Me By Myself
5. Please Don't Go
6. You Broke My Heart
7. Body For My Bed
8. Never Let You Go
9. I Don't Love You Anymore
10. Mend Your Heart
11. Goodnight
12. Find My Way Home
13. Afterall

File Format: mp3

size:134,51 mb zipformat


William Fitzsimmons - Until When We Are Ghosts (2005)

1. Find It In Me
2. Passion Play
3. Candy
4. When I Come Home
5. Funeral Dress
6. My Life Changed
7. Forsake All Others
8. Kylie
9. Problem Of Pain
10. When You Were Young
11. Shattered


alternative link

File Format: m4a


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wow, big thanks man!! thumb.gif
William Fitzsimmons - Goodnight (2006)

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