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Ofiicial Site: http://www.sixdegreesrecords.com/home.php
Discogs Info: http://www.discogs.com/label/Six+Degrees+Records

Six Degrees Records is an independent record label noted for its catalog of recordings from international musicians and vocalists. The near bankrupt label was founded in San Francisco in 1996.Artists under the label include Azam Ali, Banco de Gaia, Bebel Gilberto, Ben Neill, Bossacucanova, Ceu, Darol Anger, DJ Cam, DJ Spooky, Ekova, Jorane, Karsh Kale, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Niyaz, Rob Swift, The Real Tuesday Weld, Suba, Tweaker, and Willy Porter.

Pacifika - Asuncion (2008)

Vancouver may not bring to mind Latin pop, but the city is home to Pacifika, a trio whose debut album, "Asuncion" (Six Degrees), is for the most part a charming collection of gently swaying yet insistent music with its roots in the southern part of the hemisphere.
Adam Popowitz, Silvana Kane and Toby Peters, three veteran musicians who make up Pacifika.

As most of Pacifika's songs unfold, a seductive vocal settles above plucked chords of a nylon-string guitar, pulsing percussion and lush synthesized sounds, and thus the band bridges that clear, unhurried form of Joao Gilberto-influenced pop and the mellow side of electronica. But there are a few surprises that give "Asuncion" its unexpected tang.

Pacifika is vocalist Silvana Kane, who was born in Peru; guitarist Adam Popowitz, a native of British Columbia; and bassist Toby Peters, who, though born in Canada, was raised in Barbados. Before forming Pacifika, Ms. Kane was a member of the early '90s vocal trio West End Girls, which had top 40 hits in Canada; also an actress, she appeared on Showtime's "The L Word" and other programs. Mr. Popowitz played in hard-rock bands, while Mr. Peters, who studied violin as a child, explored jazz, grunge and electronica.

"All of us had been in the industry for a long time," Mr. Peters said when I spoke to the trio by phone. "We started thinking about doing something for fun."

"We enjoy each other's playing," Ms. Kane added. "We wanted to create a body of work we could relate to. We didn't give it any more thought than that."

The trio would gather to jam and tape the music on a big portable radio that had a cassette recorder; Ms. Kane would sing, often in Spanish, to shape melodies. Mr. Peters said, "We'd each bring our influences, and the overall vibe we'd get was an amalgamation of those influences."

"We've been in a lot of projects that had different sounds," Mr. Popowitz said. "When we get into the environment of creating sounds, we know the road to stay away from. If we make a sound and our eyes go wide and we nod our heads, we know we're on the right track."

Since they had mentioned their influences, I asked each musician to name two. Mercedes Sosa and Astrud Gilberto, answered Ms. Kane, acknowledging two singers with distinctly different voices and styles. Mr. Peters cited Oregon with guitarist Ralph Towner and dub poetry, that blend of spoken word and reggae beats. Mr. Popowitz added Daniel Lanois and Ry Cooder, especially during his Buena Vista Social Club period.

Not surprisingly, Pacifika's music reveals elements of those artists: the way Ms. Sosa and Ms. Gilberto toy with the percolating percussion; a bit of Mr. Towner's tone on the nylon-stringed guitar; dub poetry's polyrhythms; Mr. Lanois's ethereal soundscapes; and the subtle side of Mr. Cooder's guitar playing, which he adapted to Cuban music for the Buena Vista projects. Pacifika's song "Chiquita" seems the archetype of the marriage of those influences, as Ms. Kane enters over mellow guitar, her voice coy and sweet as lightly simmering percussion slides beneath her without intruding, and chiming electric guitars blend with keyboard sounds as the tune begins its fade. "Paloma" is built on bold guitar, handclaps, a flute-like synthesizer line and Ms. Kane's layered voice to create a song both patient and urgent.

But Pacifika goes beyond the Latin-electronica template to create its own sound. "Oyeme" rises from a crisp rock drum pattern that dodges the backbeat while all sorts of percussion whirl around it, and Mr. Popowitz adds some deft flourishes on electric guitar. The lovely "Sweet," one of two songs in English on the disc, kicks off with both a familiar hip-hop-style beat and delicate fingerpicking on guitar.

"Mas y Mas" is the most surprising track on "Asuncion." Mr. Popowitz strums harsh, ominous chords on an electric guitar while Ms. Kane sings with controlled fire; in between verses, he picks single notes that squeal and create feedback. It's completely unexpected and has little to do with the rest of the album, but it says much about what kind of band Pacifika intends to be.

Mr. Popowitz told me he reverted to his '90s hard-rock training for the song's "fuzzy electric guitar." "I was definitely thinking about Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth when we recorded it," he said. Ms. Kane added: "The song is about a butterfly crossing a vast body of water and a storm comes in. It's an uncomfortable song and it deserves that sound."

When we spoke, Pacifika had just returned from a tour of Toronto and Montreal. They're scheduled to do two shows in New York early next month and perform on July 20 at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, where they'll appear with Feist and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, formidable talents who emerged last year. On its Web site, the Hollywood Bowl is calling the show "a salute to women who rock," which overlooks most of Leslie Feist's band, the Dap-King and two-thirds of Pacifika. Let's say the promoters' hearts are in the right place and agree Ms. Feist, Ms. Jones and Ms. Kane are worthy of celebration.

Pacifika has already captured an audience it was seeking -- its fellow Canadian musicians. "Asuncion" was funded in part through a grant by the Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Records (FACTOR), a nonprofit group that helps the country's musicians and songwriters record and distribute their work in the hope of finding an international audience.

"It's a jury process," said Mr. Popowitz, who applied for the grant. The jury comprises Canadian musicians and people associated with the recording industry. "They sent us a nice check," he added. "We knew then we had the approval of our peers."

Label:Six Degrees Records
Released:08 April 2008
Quality:224 kbps mp3
Size:81,3 mb

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01. Sol 4:35
02. Me Cai 3:46
03. Chiquita 4:32
04. Sweet 3:54
05. Paloma 3:18
06. Mas y Mas 4:59
07. Estrellas de Miel 3:18
08. Libertad 4:35
09. Cuatro Hijas 2:45
10. Oyeme 3:30
11. Las Olas 3:50

Download Links:


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Jef Stott - Saracen [2008]

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Artist.......: Jef Stott
Album........: Saracen
Label........: Six Degrees Records
Genre........: Electronic
Catnr........: n/a
source.......: CDDA
rip.date.....: May-03-2008
str.date.....: 000-00-0000
quality......: VBR/44.1Hz/Joint-Stereo
Url..........: www.jefstott.com

01. Lamast (Miami Mix) 06:17
02. Sono (Album Version) 05:32
03. Ashk 05:46
04. Saracen (Eye of Horus Vocal Mix) 05:16
05. Medina Stepper 04:33
06. Faqir 04:49
07. Axis (Evolve) 07:35
08. Overland 07:00
09. Blissm'lah (Darkuba Re-Mix) 06:48
10. Aegean Dub 05:11

Saracen is the first full-length solo recording from Jef Stott, and it's about time.  Stott has been on the global music scene for over a decade, helping to found the bands Stellamara and Lumin and producing records by the Tunisian-born MC RAI and the Persian fusion group Somma, among others.  He released last year's SoukSonik, an EP, on Six Degrees' digital-only Emerging Artists series, but with his convincing blend of Middle Eastern and North African instruments and rhythms with modern dance music, Stott "emerged" fairly quickly.  The EP charted heavily on CMJ and Jazziz, and a busy live touring schedule in Japan, Canada, Los Angeles, and Miami helped set the stage, finally, for his solo debut.

Stott began as an experimental guitarist in Los Angeles, but his work with Stellamara, a group that blended Balkan and Middle Eastern music with Dead Can Dance-style rock, inspired him to take up a serious study of the Arab lute, or oud.  Moving to San Francisco in the mid-90s, Stott sold his guitar and spent several years studying with internationally known masters like the late Hamza El Din, and the Turkish virtuoso Omar Faruk
Tekbilek among others.  "Eventually," he recalls, "the electronics started creeping back in, and I became a bit more of who I was before.  But I was still listening to a lot of Arab and Middle Eastern music all the time."  The result was Stott's now-signature mix of electronica and Middle Eastern music; he became a sought after producer and remixer, and eventually founded his own label, Embarka Records.

All of which had him more than ready to do something solo.  "I'd been producing bands for over 10 years," Stott explains, "and I just really wanted to do something on my own.  I'm really enjoying the freedom and the mobility of a solo project."  Of course, "solo" doesn't mean "unaided" – one of the most striking features of Saracen is the appearance of some swirling vocals, in Arabic and Persian, by MC RAI, Reda Darwish, and Hooman Fazly.  But Stott himself plays most of the instruments: the oud, of course, but also the Turkish lutes known as saz and cumbus, the Persian santur (a hammered dulcimer), the electric bass, and lots of hand percussion.

Stott's approach to world music actually comes from an academic background.  Stott received a degree in Anthropology, and wrote ethnographies about the cultures of Turkey and Morocco.  "It really affected the way I think about music," he says. "Not just the usual questions of the West 'borrowing' from the East, but influences going the other way too.  I got to thinking about what a truly global music would sound like."  That would explain the sound of the track "Sono," where Stott immediately announces his musical intentions:  the
funky groove is comprised of a whomping synth bass, near Eastern dumbek (a clay drum), and drum programming.  But there are some telling moments of Latin timbale effects, and the melody spins out on both the oud and Turkish clarinet.  Samples of the piercing, nasal reed instruments of North Africa and the Near East add a distinctive touch, both
here and elsewhere on the record.

Four of the songs on Saracen originally appeared on Stott's Emerging Artist digital-only EP.  But Jef re- recorded and reworked them, adding new performances and programming to each.  On the title track, the Persian vocals and the ney flute soar over dubbed out electronic programming.  The percussion programming is heavy on the dumbek at first, giving it a timeless quality despite the obvious Western production; then it becomes increasingly electronic until the oud enters, playing the melody, and once again throwing into question what tradition this music comes from.

Indian percussion, especially the hand drums known as tabla, has become a familiar sound in modern dance music; but Stott suggests that other parts of the world have as much to offer.  "I definitely think Middle Eastern percussion is right up there with the Indian, West African and Brazilian traditions," he says. "It can be really virtuosic and fantastically musical."  "Faqir," for example, is based on an ancient Egyptian rhythm called zaar, which is meant to ward off evil.  "The zaar is there at the very end,"Stott reveals; "it's a trancy Sufi rhythm that's the basis of the whole song, but after I built the piece on top of it, I removed most of the original rhythm."  What's left is a wash of electronic sounds and a mix of implacable drums and skirling reeds that brings to mind Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir," or one of Peter Gabriel's albums from the 1980s.



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Artist ....: Pacifika
Album .....: Asuncion
Genre .....: Pop
Label .....: Six Degrees
Catalog # .: 1143
Bitrate ...: 320Kbps
Size: 99 MB
Rel. date .: Apr-25-2008
.rar info: http://www.funkysouls.com


01. Sol 04:37
02. Me Cai 03:48
03. Chiquita 04:34
04. Sweet 03:55
05. Paloma 03:20
06. Mas Y Mas 05:00
07. Estrellas De Miel 03:17
08. Libertad 04:37
09. Cuatro Hijas 02:46
10. Oyeme 03:26
11. Las Olas 03:50

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By any measure, Niyaz has come very far, very fast.  The trio's 2005 debut featured a convincing blend of Sufi mysticism and trance electronica, and quickly established them as a standout ensemble in a very crowded world music field.  A worldwide tour followed. Now, Niyaz returns with Nine Heavens, which doesn't just cross cultural and stylistic boundaries, but the centuries as well.  Drawing on medieval Persian poetry and 300-year old Persian folk songs, Niyaz has created a 21st century global trance tradition. (Six Degrees Records)

Niyaz: Official site / MySpace

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Nine Heavens (2008) (downloaded from iTunes, burned to CD and ripped @ 320kb/s)

Disc 1 (Part 1 + Part 2)
1. Beni Beni
2. Tamana
3. Feraghi - Song of Exile
4. Ishq - Love and the Veil
5. Allah Mazare
6. Iman
7. Molk-E-Divan
8. Hejran
9. Sadrang

Disc 2
1. Allah Mazare (Acoustic)
2. Beni Beni (Acoustic)
3. Sadrang (Acoustic)
4. Tamana (Acoustic)
5. Feraghi - Song of Exile (Acoustic)
6. Hejran (Acoustic)
7. Ishq - Love and the Veil (Acoustic)
8. Molk-E-Divan (Acoustic) (Acoustic)

VA : Traveler '06 (2006)

Label:Six Degrees Records
Catalog#:657036 1123-2
Format:CD VA
Quality:vbr kbps mp3
Size:~130 mb

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01.Niyaz - Dilruba (Junkie XL Remix) (9:06)
02.Cheb I Sabbah - Esh 'Dani, Alash Mshit (Temple Of Sound vs Cheb I Sabbah Summer In Algiers Remix)(6:18)
03.MIDIval PunditZ - Ali (Banco De Gaia Remix) (5:45)
04.Dierdre - Firefly (Waxxhopper's New Skool Remix) (7:08)
05.Issa Bagayogo - Touba (Kabanjak Remix) (4:13)
06.Karsh Kale - Manifest (Yossi Fine's Excentric Remix) (4:35)
07.Shrift - As Far As I Can See (Da Lata Remix) (4:37)
08.Bossacucanova - Eu Quiero Um Samba (3:59)
09.The Real Tuesday Weld - I Love The Rain (Stephen Coates Acid Rain Mix) (3:54)
10.Bombay Dub Orchestra - Mumtaz (The Ornament Of The Palace Mix) (7:36)

Shrift - Lost In A Moment (2006)

Label:Six Degrees Records
Catalog#:657036 1112-2-6
Released:Feb. 2006
Quality:320 kbps mp3
Size:119 mb

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01. Lost in a Moment
02. Sereia
03. As Far as I Can See
04. Snow Samba
05. Floating City
06. Yes I Love You
07. To the Floor
08. Hum
09. Once Upon a Dream
10. Blue
11. Lost in Portuguese


VA: Cinematic -Classic Film Music Remixed (2007)

Label:Six Degrees Records
Catalog#:657036 1140-2
Format:CD VA
Style:Modern Classical
Quality:320 kbps mp3
Size:167 mb

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01.Quincy Jones - They Call Me Mr. Tibbs Main Title (King Britt's Reinterpretation-Instrumental) (2:30)
02.David Shire - The Taking Of Pelham 1, 2, 3 (Phillip Charles' Signs In Mallorca Rewerk) (4:31)
03.Nino Rota Fellini's Roma (Bent Remix) (4:42)
04.Ennio Morricone Goodbye Colonel (From For A Few Dollars More) (Shrift Mix) (4:14)
05.Miklos Rozsa - Love Theme From Ben Hur (Bombay Dub Orchestra Remix Featuring Sophie Solomon) (6:25)
06.Henry Mancini - The Tango I Saved For You (From The Film Gaily, Gaily) (Zeb's The Tango I Stole From You Remix) (5:13)
07.Duke Ellington - Paris Blues (The Real Tuesday Weld Remix) (4:11)
08.Elmer Bernstein - Birdman Of Alcatraz (Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark Mix) (2:46)
09.errald Goldsmith - Hour Of The Gun Main Title (Mark De Clive-Lowe Remix Featuring Replife) (3:59)
10.Quincy Jones - They Call Me Mr. Tibbs Main Title (King Britt Vocal Reinterpretation Featuring Mr. Lif (2:30)
11.Adolph Deutsch - Some Like It Hot (MNO's Some Like It Hotter Remix) (6:48)
12.Giuseppe Donaggio - Theme From Carrie (Gaudi Remix) (7:35)
13.Miklos Rozsa - Love Theme From Ben Hur (Bombay Dub Orchestra's Orchestral Remix) (6:24)
14.Ernest Gold - Inherit The Wind Main Title (Tom Middleton's AMBA Remix) (9:42)


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DJ Cheb I Sabbah - La Kahena,Les Voix Du Maghreb (2005)

Label:Six Degrees Records
Catalog#:657036 11112-7
Released:May 2005
Quality:vbr kbps mp3
Size:89,3 mb

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01.Esh 'Dani, Alash Mshit (Why Did I Follow Him?) (8:07)
02.Sadats: Saints Of Marrakesh (6:02)
03.Toura Toura (7:29)
04.I - Alla Al 'Hbab (Blessed Be My Friends)
....II - Hajti Fi Gurini (Longing For My Lover) (9:57)
05.Madh Assalhin (Praising Of The Saints) (8:11)
06.I - Alkher Illa Doffor (Peace Is Found Behind Wounds)
....II- Ad Izayanugass (What Will Happen Will Happen) (8:39)
07.Im Ninalou (If The Doors Are Locked) (6:19)
08.Jarat Fil Hub (Love's Chalice) (12:58)

More Info here:


Suba - Sao Paulo Confessions (2001)

Label:Six Degrees Records
Catalog#:657036 1019-2
Style:Downtempo/Acid Jazz
Quality:vbr kbps mp3
Size:86 mb

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01.Tantos Desejos (So Many Desires)
02.Voce Gosta (I Know What You Like)
03.Na Neblina (In The Fog)
04.Segredo (Secret)
05.Antropofagos (Cannibals)
06.Felicidade (Happiness)
07.Um Dia Comum (Em SP) (A Normal Day [In Sao Paulo])
08.Sereia (Mermaid)
09.Samba Do Gringo Paulista (Paulista Gringo's Samba)
10.Abraco (Embrace)
11.Pecados Da Madrugada (Sins Before Dawn)
12.A Noite Sem Fim (The Endless Night)



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TITLE : Eden 2
LABEL : Six Degrees Records
GENRE : World
YEAR : 2008
RLS DATE : 2008-07-23
STORE DATE : 2008-05-15
BITRATE : VBRkbps avg
SIZE : 104.95 megs

1. MIDIval PunditZ - Night 5:57
2. Karsh Kale - Drive 4:15
3. Cheb i Sabbah - Kinna Sohna 6:47
4. Jef Stott - Ashk 5:47
5. Another Fine Day - Scarborough Fair 5:45
6. Shrift - Hum 4:06
7. Aquivit - Vigor (Duende Mix) 4:41
8. Zeb - The Tango I Saved For You (from the film Gaily, Gaily) (Zeb's Remix) 5:14
9. Patato - San Francisco Tiene Su Proprio Son 6:45
10. Hawke - Mass 7:21
11. Rara Avis - Yesterday 7:34
12. MNO - Cats 8:13

Release notes:
Six Degrees Records once again takes a dive into the "deep" end of
global electronica with this new journey into global chill. Eden 2
mixes atmospheric gems from such established sonic explorers as
Midival Punditz, Karsh Kale, Cheb i Sabbah and Patato with newcomers
Jef Stott, Aquavit, Rara Avis, MNO and Shrift to create a chilled musical
excursion around the planet.



Niyaz - Niyaz (2005)

Label:Six Degrees Records
Catalog#:657036 1110-2
Released:Apr. 2005
Quality:FLAC+Cue+Log / 320 kbps mp3
Size:363 mb / 119,6 mb

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03.Allahi Allah
04.The Hunt
06.In The Shadow Of Life

FLAC Links:


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MP3 Link:


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Ceu - Ceu @ 192 cbr
Label: Six Degrees Records
Catalog#: 657036 1129-2
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2006
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Jazz, Latin
Style: Freestyle, Soul-Jazz, Future Jazz, Afrobeat
Credits: Co-producer - CeU
Producer - Beto Villares
картинка, оставленная пользователем
1 Vinheta Quebrante (0:53)
2 Lenda (4:20)
3 Malemolencia (2:55)
4 Roda (5:22)
5 Rainha (3:39)
6 10 Contados (3:30)
7 Vinheta Dorival (0:31)
8 Mais Um Lamento (4:49)
9 Concrete Jungle (3:32)
10 Veu Da Noite (6:18)
11 Valsa Pra Biu Roque (2:51)
12 Ave Cruz (3:29)
13 O Ronco Da Cuica (3:25)
14 Bobagem (2:19)
15 Samba Na Sola (3:09)

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Artist.....: Bombay Dub Orchestra
Album......: 3 Cities
Genre......: Ambient
Label......: Six Degrees
Catalogue..: 1153
Url........: http://sixdegreesrecords.com/
Source.....: CDDA
Encoder....: Lame 3.97
Bitrate....: VBRkbps/44.1Khz
Mode.......: Joint-Stereo
Store.Date.: 000-00-2008
Rls.Date...: Dec-12-2008
Tracks.....: 11
Playtime...: 70:29 min
Size.......: 88,2 MB

Track List

01. Egypt By Air [05:23]
02. Journey [05:40]
03. Strange Constellation [05:40]
04. Junoon [05:34]
05. Spiral [07:48]
06. Map Of Dusk [04:57]
07. Fallen [05:54]
08. Greenish Blue [06:45]
09. Monsoon Malabar [06:18]
10. Feasting With Panthers [09:07]
11. Amina [07:23]

Release Notes

The second installment in Bombay Dub
Orchestra's ongoing East-West fusion project,
titled 3 Cities, takes the listener on a
rollicking ride down the Ganges from the
Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal with sounds
both new and old. The duo says that they
didn't set out to do anything that different
on this album. We just continued doing
exactly what we wanted to do without any
borders, boundaries or restraints. We of
course wanted to increase our palette of
sounds further than the first one but we
had to let it grow organically so nothing was
forced or contrived. We did however use a lot
more acoustic instruments.



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