880 South

Reggae / Rock / USA / Sublime traditions
880 South
In 2004, former members of the popular funk-driven quartet, The Floppy Rods, rejoined and exploded on the Bay Area alternative dub rock scene in the form of 880 South. Their combined love of reggae, soul and good ‘ol classic rock ‘n roll was inspired in part by bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Steely Dan and Bob Marley. Since 880 South began touring in 2005, they have been showcased with some of today’s most inspiring performers: Slightly Stoopid, Fishbone, and the Expendables, just to name a few. With the release of 2008’s sophomore effort, "Youth Bus Sessions”, in the wake, the band is poised to bring their distinctive flavor to hungry crowds worldwide.
The name 880 South originates from the California Interstate Highway that inspired frontman Luigi "Weege" Casaretto to write about his hometown follies and youthful adventures. Weege, guitarist Steve Shyshka and bassist Greg “G” Medeiros have been writing music together for over a decade. Their reputation was solidified by keg parties, wild women and energized funk rock. The early years they combined the elements of soul, jazz and rock. Thus allowing 880 South to rapidly develop a stellar rhythm section that has provided the backdrop for Steve’s scorching guitar work and Weege’s hip grinding-inspiring vocals.
The 3 musicians collaborated in 2004 with Kasey Cox (drums) to record a 4-song demo. The 4 tracks were featured on MySpace.com and – along with their popularity on Sublimearchive.com – led to establishing 880 South as a band to be reckoned with. The following year, the band worked tirelessly to crank out their debut LP, “Beware”.  The album, engineered by former Rods drummer Aaron Liebelt, contains 13 blistering tracks of classic dub and rock ‘n roll. Recorded at Street Noise Studios in Northern California, the album was a significant stepping-stone for the band. The solid pocket grooves of the rhythm section, layered with Steve’s jazz and rock-fused guitar tones, provide the perfect canvas for Weege’s playful and soulful lyrics. The new music was warmly embraced at the band’s sold-out CD release party shortly after and their fan base has continued to rise with each live show.
With the arrival of "Youth Bus Sessions" in the spring of 2008, 880 South have not only altered the preconceived notions of dub rock music for themselves, but for their loyal fans as well. The new record, containing 14 original tracks, will feature a remake of their classic live track "City Ditty," now titled "City Gone Mad," which features special guest MCs. The more reggae rock-orientated songs, such as "Apartment 28," "You Can Feel It Huh?" and "Baby Has Gotta Eat,” are sure to keep everyone smitten and swaying at the shows, especially the ladies. With the addition of Nick Fishman on drums, professional management and guidance (Clev Stiles at Left Coast Boardwear), and a growing fan base, 880 South is gearing up for a national and international tour throughout the year and beyond.
Throughout the last 10 years, 880 South has matured into a songwriting mechanism that is focused heavily on lyrical content, compassion and inspiration. A positive message is layered vulnerably underneath the emotion and sarcasm that pours forth on their records and during live shows. Priding themselves on their sense of humor, clever wit and the occasional love song, 880 South is dedicated to cranking their amps up to eleven and rocking crowds everywhere. To get a taste of what the band is cooking up, check out their music at http://www.880south.com

Luigi Casaretto - Vocals/Guitar
Greg Medeiros - Bass/Vocals
Steve Shyshka - Lead Guitar
Nick Fishman - Drums


880 South - Naughty things
880 South - Appreciation
880 South - Fast lane

880 South - 2006 - Beware
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1 Effect of Sunshine
2 Drinks Are On Me
3 C20H25N3o
4 Extra Mile
5 Move It
6 Tomorrow
7 Naughty Things
8 Girl Looks Good
9 Thief
10 Baja '06
11 Appreciation
12 Fast Lane '06
13 Down in the Rubble


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люблю такую музыку!!!полный пазитив!!!! спасибо thumb.gif у меня есть 2 еще альбома.(live 2005 и2006)

у меня есть 2 еще альбома.(live 2005 и2006)

ну так заливай)) wink.gif

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Не знаю, конечно, что эта группа делает в разделе панк, но мне понравилось. У них в августе новый альбом вышел, нигде найти не могу, может у кого есть?
да.. было бы интересно альбомчик увидеть)
а можно обновить линк на дебют плз? unsure.gif
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мда... они явно не панки))))
Ребята прикольные, а других альбомов ни у кого нет?
880 South - 2008 - Youth Bus Sessions
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1 Apartment 28
2 You Can Feel It
3 Somethin' Bout Truckee
4 Goin' South
5 Trust in Me
6 Baby Has Gotta Eat
7 Stuntman
8 Amigos Borrachos
9 Move It Like That
10 Sex On the Beach
11 Bummer
12 It's Too Easy
13 City Gone Mad
14 So Far


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880 South - 2006 - Beware
880 South - 2008 - Youth Bus Sessions


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Народ, все ссылки мертвые. перезалейте пожалуйста. Буду очень благодарен. Заранее спасибо.
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