Frenchman Chris Joss, a completely self-taught multi-instrumentalist and autonomous studio producer, is not exactly a newcomer to the global music scene. Having lived in both Paris and London in the early nineties, Joss digested the vibrant music scenes of each city while working as a sound engineer and playing with several bands.

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Chris Joss - Dr Rhythm @224VBR


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time will tell
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Chris Joss - You ve Been Spiked

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Retro-styled funk from the mad Chris Joss -- a producer and DJ who's been bubbling under on the French scene for years, but will no doubt burst big globally with this tasty set! Chris' music is a perfect match for the ESL label -- as he's got a keen ear for a classic-styled groove, and often uses plenty of trippy bits from late 60s and early 70s inspirations in his work! The tracks on the set are mostly really funky -- and work in a playful style that recalls some of our favorite European soundtrack and sound library grooves from years past. Titles include "Riviera 69", "Wrong Alley Street", "Drink Me Hot", "You've Been Spiked", "A Part In That Show", "Waking Up In The Park", and "Early Morning Wanderings". US CD also features 2 bonus tracks -- "The Man With The Suitcase" and "The Wait". www.dustygroove.com
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Chris Joss - Dr Rhythm

01. Table Of Contents (2.0M)
02. Dr. Rhythm (6.1M)
03. The Gnomes (6.1M)
04. Back On Stage (4.0M)
05. The Sequel (8.8M)
06. The Break (1.0M)
07. The Fuse (4.3M)
08. No Sampling Allowed (5.2M)
09. Woolly Waltz (5.7M)
10. Blizzard White Out (3.0M)
11. I'm So Electric (3.6M)
12. Constant Vibration (4.8M)
13. Lesson One (7.2M)
14. Bakara (3.4M)
15. Bombay Revisited (5.9M)



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