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Genre : Pop
Label : none
Type : Normal
Rip Date: 2008-08-14
Str.Date: 2007-00-00
Songs : 7
Playtime: 24:18 min
Size : 28.41 MB
Quality : 155 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Joint Stereo
Encoder : LAME v3.97 --vbr-new -V2


1. The Scientist ( 3:16)
2. Balconies ( 3:19)
3. Amsterdam ( 4:29)
4. Thieves And Bandages ( 3:36)
5. The Robbery ( 2:53)
6. Aileron ( 3:25)
7. Sixty-Eight ( 3:20)


my name is jordan
i am 18 years old/young
and this is my solo project!

i love music, so i make it in my basement
i like to keep it happy
i hope it makes you smile!


if someone interested it's my band list of year'13
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pop-punk, powerpop, emotronic, electronic, posthc, punk-rock

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Artist : The Ready Set
Album : Tantrum Castle
Bitrate : 159 kbps avg
Source : CD
Label : Unsigned
Year : 2008
Genre : Pop
Rip date : 2008-09-11
Store date : 2008-08-19
Encoder : LAME
Size : 46.86 megs

Track List

1. Approach-Approach 2:08
2. Giants 3:56
3. The Bandit 3:52
4. Tending To Turn Out Pretty Great 3:35
5. World Owes Nothing 1:56
6. Spacific Oceans 3:49
7. Atmosfears 2:40
8. Logistics 3:27
9. Soular Flares 3:12
10. Paratrooper 3:08
11. T.F.E.R.A. 2:48
12. Augustus And The Holiday 4:22


Release Notes


оооо прикольно))) на майспесе новые песни
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а что группа с такими тегами в разделе панк делает? blink.gif
послушал майспэйс - по-моему её надо было создавать в разделе поп)
сплошная электроника
Shut Up & Smile!
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Клевая и очень приятная группа. Слушать одно удовольствие. И вокал не напрягает.
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The Ready Set - Stays Four The Same (EP) [2009]

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01. Stays Four The Same
02. Unender
03. Giants

The Ready Set-Stays Four The Same-(EP)-2009-CRN

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Artist: The Ready Set
Title: Stays Four The Same
Label: Independent
Genre: Pop 2009-08-25 2009-08-26
Source: EP
Encoder: EAC
Quality: avg. 200kbps/4410kHz/Joint Stereo
Size: 5 Tracks/26.99MB/17:54

01. Stays Four The Same 3:17
02. Giants 3:55
03. Unender 3:27
04. Some Space (Acoustic) 3:17
05. Soular Flares (Acoustic) 3:58


Release Notes:

The Ready Set, the brainchild of Fort Wayne, Indianas Jordan
Witzigreuter, is a one-man alternative pop band influenced by
life, love and music. While all recordings are made by
Witzigreuter, friends do join him on tour to help create a unique
and memorable live show - complete with explosive lighting
effects, infectious melodies and mind- blowing beats.

Citing everyone from Daft Punk and Kenna to Kanye West as
influences, Witzigreuter stresses that there is no specific
comparison that can be made for his music - and that is just the
way he likes it. To be unique and genuine in todays scene is
something rarely seen by contemporaries today, but it seems to be
easily mastered by this young musician. Be sure to check out The
Ready Set on tour now and let the infectious melodies carry you
away. The music - its all for you. So turn it up and dance your
heart out.

For fans of: A Rocket to the Moon, NeverShoutNever, The Rocket
Я не говорю по-русски!
The Ready Set - Melody`s Song (Single) 320


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The Ready Set - Cascades (Acoustic EP 2008)

Track List:

01. T.F.E.R.A (Acoustic)
02. Sixty-Eight (Acoustic)
03. You Talk and I'll Listen (Acoustic)
04. The Sweetest Girl (Wyclef Jean Cover)

The Ready Set - Drain Notes 256kbps

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The Ready Set - Love Like Woe
Genre: Powerpop / Pop / Electronic
Release Date: 2010.03.30
Quality: 256Kbps


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The Ready Set have announced they will release their debut album, I’m Alive, I’m Dreaming, on June 15th, via Decaydance Records and Sire.

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