The Criminal Law Handbook

Know Your Rights, Survive the System
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The Criminal Law Handbook: Know Your Rights, Survive the System by Paul Bergman, Sara J. Berman-Barrett

ISBN - 141330057X

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No one's above the law, but nearly everyone breaks it at some point or another. Whether it's flashing lights pulling you over to the side or an auditor looking grimly through your tax receipts, there may come a time when you'll want to know more, in a personal sort of way, about arraignments and voir dire, habeas corpus, and just how bail works. Lawyers Bergman and Berman-Barrett cover it all in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner. Addressing police questioning and the law of search and seizure, criminal defense options and common defense strategies, acceptable courtroom behavior, basic criminal trial rules, and a walk through the trial process to parole, this is a strikingly accessible tome of information one hopes to never need. But in the event that you do, it's here and available in the kind of language you can understand and the wealth of detail and example you can use.

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An excellent and balanced guide to the state court criminal justice process, this book does not detail the differences of being charged in federal court, such as federal sentencing guidelines. Authors Bergman (Reel Justice, LJ 6/1/96) and Berman-Barrett, also a criminal attorney, use a question-and-answer format to cover cases from police investigations through appeals. The book is not intended to replace legal advice, and the authors stress the importance of obtaining representation, unlike Michael Saeger in Defend Yourself Against Criminal Charges (LJ 10/1/97), a recent, inferior guide. A worthy addition to all libraries that will instruct those interested in the criminal justice system.

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