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Cock Rock Disco


Cock Rock Disco is run by Jason Forrest, also known as DJ Donna Summer.


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CRD001//Duran Duran Duran - Very Pleasure (CD, Album, Dig)
CRD008//Next Life - Electric Violence (CD, Album)
CROCK 002//Jason Forrest - Death After Life (CDr)
CROCK MP3 SP1//Various - Cthulu Dildonomicon (File, MP3)
Crock002//Terminal 11 - Illegal Nervous Habits (CD, Album, Dig)
Crock003//Doormouse - Stanley Yershinowski Presents... Xylophone Jism As The Ridiculator (CD, Album, Dig)
Crock004//Vorpal - An Incomplete Guide To Vorpal Music (CD)
Crock005//Various - Wasted (CD, Comp)
Crock007//Stunt Rock - This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three (CD, Album)
Crock009//About - Bongo (CD, Album)
Crock010//Slepcy - We Are The Newest Battle Models (CD)
Crock012//Various - White Cock 1-4 Compilation (CD)
Crock013//Drumcorps - Grist (CD)
Crock014//Dev/Null - Lazer Thrash (CD, Album)
Crock016//Glowstyx - Class Of 1992 (CD, Album)
Crock018//DJ Donna Summer - Panther Tracks (CD, Album)
crock019//Otto von Schirach - Oozing Bass Spasms (CD, Album)
MADDESTCOCK1 Various - Cock Rock Disco Presents: Maddest Chik'ndom 1 (12")
none//Various - White Cock 01 (12", W/Lbl)
none//Various - White Cock 02 (12", W/Lbl)
none//Various - The Cock Rock Disco 2006 Free Compilation (File, MP3)
none//Various - White Cock 03 (12", W/Lbl)
none//Various - MP3 For June 2006 (File, MP3)
none//Various - Mp3 For July 2006 (File, MP3)
none//Various - Mp3 For October 2006 (File, MP3)
CROCKP3-001//Don Augusto - Fun, Love And Computers (File, MP3)
CROCKP3-002//Vorpal - The End (File, MP3, Album, 192)
CROCKP3-003//Ladyscraper - The Death Of Mary Poppins (File, MP3, Album)
CROCKP3-006//The Teknoist - The Teknoist Presents: Cock Rott Columbo (File, MP3, 320)
CROCKP3-008//Vexkiddy - Knocking Out Numbers (File, MP3, 320)
CROCKP3-005//DJ Donna Summer - Bootybreaktranceclub-Core Mix (File, MP3, Mix)
CROCKP3-009//Dev/Null - Necrobestial Sadobreaks (File, MP3)
CROCKP3-007//DJ Donna Summer - Rock Rock Rock Remixes (File, MP3, 320)
CROCKP3-011//CDR - CDR On CRD (File, MP3)
CROCKP3-012//Various - The Beast Within (File, MP3)
Vrock001//Duran Duran Duran - Very Pleasure (LP)
Vrock003//Doormouse - Stanley Yershinowski Presents... Xylophone Jism As The Ridiculator (LP)
Vrock005//Slepcy - We Are The Newest Battle Models (LP)
Vrock006//The Assdroids - Daddy's Gone (LP)
Vrock007//Stunt Rock - This Is Stunt Rock Volume Three (LP)
Vrock008//Drumcorps - Live And Regret (12")
Vrock009//DJ Rainbow Ejaculation - LP (12", W/Lbl, Ltd)
Vrock010//Drumcorps - Grist (LP)
Vrock010//DJ Donna Summer - Panther Tracks Vol. 1 (12")
Vrock012//Pisstank - Ravecore Anthems (12")
Vrock016//DJ Donna Summer - Panther Tracks Vol. 2 (12")
Vrock017//Otto Von Schirach - Oozing Bass Spasms (2xLP, Album)
Опередил с темой, рожа бусурманская... biggrin.gif
Как раз собирался сделать... через полгодика.
Ладно, тогда по порядку:
Crock009//About - Bongo
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Label: Cock Rock Disco
Catalog#: Crock009
Format: CD, Album
Country: UK
Released: Apr 2006
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Leftfield, Experimental
Credits: Mastered By - Simon Davey
Producer, Written-By - Rutger Hoedemaekers
Vocals [Additional] - Marg Van Eenbergen (tracks: 4, 8, 9)
Notes: Nogato was inspired by Doboro by David Wang
1 Think Niles Drink (3:33)
2 Strike You As The Enemy (2:29)
3 Nogato (2:49)
4 Band Dynamics (2:55)
5 Give It A Rest (0:56)
6 Persona (2:50)
7 Furry Dice (Dangling From The Guitar) (2:09)
8 She Knows Everything About All Who Ever Drank Coffee With Her (0:49)
9 Friends Applaud, The Comedy Is Over (2:59)
10 You Got It And A Bit (2:43)
11 Tell Me (1:54)
12 Boo (Hoo) (2:47)
13 Stack Of Marshalls (3:16)


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CROCKP3-008//Vexkiddy - Knocking Out Numbers (File, MP3, 320)

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About, вообще самые крутые. А никто не знает где на них табы и тексты взять?
Dj Rainbow Ejaculation - Cock Sucker Mix

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DJ Rainbow Ejaculation
Cock Sucker Mix
57.17 minutes of gayness


12" available now on Death$ucker / Cock Rock Disco:

Just when you thought it was safe to enter the Discotechque, Dj Rainbow Ejaculation storms into the Dark Rooms of the nation under one groove with a fist full of lube and an unquenchable taste for man-juice. Easily the gayest record in history, DJ Rainbow Ejaculation’s debut 12” is a shocking display of bad taste smeared with candy-colored vomit. Disco, happy hardcore, gabber, breakcore, and house music all get more chopped into a fancy collage of teenage innocence and knowing innuendo to a throbbing beat of hormones gone wild.

The Dj Rainbow Ejaculation continues in a series of collaborations between England’s Death$ucker records and Cock Rock Disco from Berlin, Germany. Comes dressed up in an incredible mega-color sleeve designed by Belgium’s Sish-Tick.

Ars Dada - Agri Somnia

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Date: January 26, 2009

Ars Dada
Agri Somnia
Crockp3 15


He's bringing a dark new style down from the frozen north! Part of the Oslo Break Fest crew, Ars Dada AKA Erlend Bilsbak has been tearing up the nu-breakcore scene lately. Ægri Somnia however is surprisingly musical, definitely dark, and with a sort of "unsolved mysteries" serial murderer themed operatic scope to he entire thing. It's a surprising listen with a fair bit of brutality thrown in for good measure.

As always, if you enjoy it, please tell your friends. We release free music almost every month and we want it to be spread as far and wide as possible! Thanks for your support!

Monsters Of Cock Rock Disco

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It's been 3 years since our last label compilation, lots of things have changed and we decided to do things a little differently this time.  Assembled here are all your CRD favorites as well as a few new faces.
Once again, this compilation is FREE if you want it in 256Mhz, but if you want it in 320 and/or want to donate to the cause, then head on over to iTunes to get it in 320 DRM free!

01. Captain Ahab - Feel Anymore 5:56
02. Assdroids - Do These Diapers Make Me Look Fat? 2:10
03. Vorpal - Downtime 2:58
04. Duran Duran Duran - Year Of The Cock 5:03
05. Nero's Day At Disneyland - Stately, Wrong 2:44
06. Next Life - The Meat Office 1:30
07. Desper - Basics Sessions - TorG 3:26
08. Dev/Null - Rage Template 4:22
09. Food For Animals - Summer Jam (Ricky Rabbit Remix) 4:02
10. Terminal 11 - In Love With You 4:43
11. Stunt Rock - An Itemized List Found on My Website, Detailing
Reasons Why 95% of Musicians on This Compilation have No Artistic
Integrity, Pander to Their Audience, Incessantly Glad-Hand
Their Peers, Act Self-Important, and have Issues with Their
Race and Sexuality. 2:13
12. Otto von Shirach - Satanic Unicorn Orgy 3:13
13. DJ Donna Summer - Chicken Dance 2:28




Monsters Of Cock Rock Disco

Download Mirror:

Monsters Of Cock Rock Disco

Download Mirror:


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Artist.....: Neros Day At Disneyland
Title......: From Rotting Fantasylands
Style......: Electronic
Label......: Cock Rock Disco
Cat.No.....: crock022
Rip Date...: Apr-12-2009
Type.......: Album
Source.....: CDDA
Quality....: VBRkbps
Size.......: 50,2 MB

r e l e a s e . n o t e s

NEROS DAY AT DISNEYLAND is a triumphant and bombastic art techno
project orchestrated by Brock Bousfield from Oakland, California.
Blending haunted 15th century sacred music, tangled messes of
burnt out electronics and a crushingly huge sense of scope, Neros
Day At Disneyland seems to cram together the music of the last
2000 years. Expect sturm und drang from one of the Bay Areas
brightest. He has released EPs on weirdo punk mainstay Deathbomb
Arc and the now defunct EMR label. 2009 will see his first proper
full length titled From Rotting Fantasylands on Cock Rock Disco.

p l a y l i s t

01 In Aisles 02:21
02 Civilizing People 02:21
03 No Money Down, Low Monthly Payments 02:22
04 Child Protective Services Theme Song 01:46
05 Charging Swarm Of Mousketeers 01:50
06 Everything Must Go 01:07
07 Death Parade Feat. Kevin Shields 02:31
08 Action Winter Journey 02:10
09 Stretched Linen Over Contorted Bodies 03:18
10 Eulogy For Nick Galvas 03:06
11 In Keyed Fantasy 02:07
12 Probably End Up Dead In Ditch Somewhere 02:42
13 Plumes Of ATM Sinew 02:12
14 Vengeance In Cloudland 02:46
15 Sprawling Idiot Effigy 02:17



перезалейте плиз Crock009//About - Bongo
About - Bongo [Crock009]
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спасибо добрый человек biggrin.gif
DURAN DURAN DURAN - Powerforce Mix
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Artist: Duran Duran Duran
Title: Powerforce Mix
Catalogue: Crockp3-021
Label: Cock Rock Disco

44 tracks crushed into 40 minutes on this lazer-booty mix which will shock your parents are inspire awe in your lady-friends.
Destined to be a party classic.


Tracklisting (for DURAN DURAN DURAN - Powerforce Mix) :

1. bitch ass darius - bang that butt (accapella)
2. jamie principle - your love
3. dj deeon - x-ta-c
4. fatboy slim - star 69 (godfather remix)
5. bitch-ass darius - dolphin massacre
6. goon sqwad - booty bounce
7. buckfunk 3000 - too much booty
8. robert armani - blow that shit out (joey beltram remix)
9. quad - dik (accapella)
10. dj funk - fuk-u-later (69 mix)
11. andy page - mr. rush
12. 2 live crew - pop that pussy
13. dj deeon - gimme head
14. james holden - lumpette
15. dj milton - ride that m.f.
16. dj funk - funk me right
17. dj phats - i wanna slut
18. paris mitchell project - bitches and money
19. autechre - montreal
20. dj slugo - wouldn't you like to be a hoe
21. dmx krew - party beats
22. dj jackmaster - hey stuck up hoe
23. wavemother - the pretenders
24. thunderheist - jerk it (remix)
25. rob g - 12 inch therapy (bass kleph remix)
26. si begg - revelation revulsion
27. dj lil jay - i just wanna fuck
28. udachi - jelly roll
29. chester louis iii - ho' break
30. dj rob 3 - your love
31. dj technics - doo doo oochie wally
32. dj funk - ass and titties
33. go hiyama - mathematical accuracy
34. wahoo - make 'em shake it (stanton warriors remix)
35. dj anonymous - u fine
36. pump that pussy
37. the roof is on fire (house mix)
38. dubfire - roadkill - maurizio and danyelino remix
39. rod lee - tear da club up
40. luke's anger - love hack
41. michael forshaw - black pool rock extra bits 2
42. dj rush - get on up (thomas p. heckmann remix)
43. fast eddie and dj sneak - booty call
44. drexciya - bubble metropolis
(Crockp3-022) - Sickboy - Tweencore - 2010

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"This might aswell be Radio Disney around midnight, when the good kids
are gone to sleep but the naughty ones have secretly tuned into the
ultimate twilightzone tweencore show"

"I started watching all these tweenflicks on DVD and got so intrigeud
by potential sample material. Just too bad to resist so I turned that
cross upside down."

"Ever heard a 'chopped and screwed' version of the JoBros?"

"This is my throwback to the internet, the media and the oppersive
entertainment machine"

"Everything is borrowed and I'm giving it back"

1. Tweencore 1
2. Tweencore 2
3. Tweencore 3
4. Tweencore 4
5. Tweencore 5
6. Tweencore 6


If you enjoy this release then PLEASE PASS THE LINK ALONG TO YOUR FRIENDS! It's free for a reason people - spread it around!!

Original Link

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