Boom Bip - Corymb (2004)

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Corymb is a combination of two EPs released in the last two years, From Left to Right and Morning and a Day. Replicating the coffee-stained packaging concept of his debut, Mr. Bip makes it clear that this is not a new album proper. It is Seed to Sun's companion disc, offering six remixes, three B-sides, and two Peel sessions. All of Boom Bip's new tracks are appealing uptempo instrumentals sharing more in common with each other than do any three songs from his schizophrenic debut. Both "From Left to Right" and "Morning and a Day" feature spacious guitars laid over bouncy synths; "In the Tree Top" begins to explore similar territory, but ends prematurely. The included Peel session versions of Seed to Sun tracks feel a little sprawling against the tight, focused sound elsewhere on this CD, but coherence is not the goal of this collection, and the new version of "Pulse All Over" makes for an epic closer.

For the most part, Boom Bip's remixers thoughtfully walk the line of augmentation vs. obliteration regarding their source material. The chilly, muzak-laden dissonance in the Boards of Canada's "Last Walk Round Mirror Lake" remix adds a sinister touch to the lo-fi guitar that closed out Seed to Sun, and recalls the Boards' 2000 single "In a Beautiful Place out in the Country". Venetian Snares' Aaron Funk coaxes a jittery, paranoid track out of "The Unthinkable", while (surprisingly) leaving the song-- featuring the voice of Buck 65-- in recognizable form. Conversely, cLOUDDEAD's deconstruction of "Closed Shoulders" jumbles Boom Bip's beat-driven original into a drone reminiscent of the instrumental passages on their self-titled debut.

Four Tet's excellent take on "Third Stream" stutters through a slew of rhythmic typewriter keys before introducing the double bass that anchors both versions of the song. Lali Puna crafts a subdued, uplifting track from the darker and more expansive original "Awaiting an Accident". Mogwai's contribution, a sparse remix/retelling of "The Use of Unacceptable Colors in Nature" is the only piece without much immediate impact. Listening to it directly in conjunction with the original, however, you can get a sense of the band's intentions as they take one of the most catchy, emotive and dense tracks from Seed to Sun and strip it down to its bones. The process gives interesting insight into what a "remix" of a mostly-electronic artist by a mostly-live band can possibly entail.


01 From Left To Right
02 Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards Of Canada Remix)
03 The Unthinkable (Venetian Snares Remix)
04 Closed Shoulders (cLOUDDEAD Remix)
05 First Walk (Peel Session Version)
06 Morning & A Day
07 Awaiting An Accident (Lali Puna Remix)
08 Third Stream (Four Tet Remix)
09 The Use Of Unacceptable Colors In Nature (Mogwai Remix)
10 In The Tree Top
11 Pulse All Over (Peel Session Version)

VBR AVG 190 Size ~75MB Total Time: 56:24


NB: Although I know that some releases of Boom Bip are listed under Abstract Hop, I felt that this one is most definitely an electronic CD, not only because of the nature of the remixes, but also because the originals are not hip hop (or abstract hop) either. Quite frankly, I don't consider Boom Bip's music hip-abstract hop at all (as evidenced by their 2005 release Blue Eyed in the Red Room).

This is an excellent electronica album.

alb Corymb
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1. From Left to Right
2. Last Walk Around Mirror Lake (Boards of Canada Remix)
3. The Unthinkable featuring Buck 65 (Venetian Snares Remix)
4. Closed Shoulders (cLOUDDEAD Remix)
5. First Walk (Peel Session version)
6. Morning and a Day
7. Awaiting an Accident (Lal Puna Remix)
8. Third Stream (Four Tet Remix)
9. The Use of Unacceptable Colors in Nature (Mogwai Remix)
10. In the Tree Top
11. Pulse All Over (Peel Session version)
я сначала глазам своим не поверил, но, чёрт возьми, это так! ты сегодня сделал репост моего поста ... я не верю, что так бывает!!! (с)
ох ты, звездный треклист, надо качать
хорошая работа
но все равно seed to sun круче
у меня он тоже есть весь
DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material
ну заливай тогда biggrin.gif
я сначала глазам своим не поверил, но, чёрт возьми, это так! ты сегодня сделал репост моего поста ... я не верю, что так бывает!!! (с)
пропалил тут раздачу Boom Bip - Blue Eyed In The Red Room [2005/mp3/192 (VBR)] в торренте...

rPoBep? кстати в электронике про него тоже тема есть, надо бы объеденить я думаю
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заливаю boom bip:
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Seed to Sun
DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material
а мне показалось Corymb более сильная работа
хотя надо пожалуй переслушать еще раз Seed to Sun
согласен corymb одна из лучших, ну просто трэк roads must roll с пластинки seed to sun меня просто поражает своей гениальностью. да по мне так именно этот альбом лучший. просто boom bip делает такие трэки который хочется не все слушать а по частям. постоянно перематывая и переслушивая конкретный момент.
DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material
да да - этот трек весч

Залей куда-нибудь альбомчик или альбомчики этой группы - хочу послушать ни разу не слышал!!!

Только не на мегу,секси,рапиду!!!
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