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  Aegaeon, a five piece metal/deathcore band from Evansville is fairly new to the music scene. Formed in late 2008, this group of five young Evansvillians has quite a following for being less than a year old. With 20,608 MySpace friends to-date, a brand new album, and a badass tour lined up for next summer, these guys have it together.
  In case you are wondering, Aegaeon is a fifty headed, one hundred armed creature from Greek mythology. The guys discovered the name while on a search to find the "most epic thing possible." I think they found it!
  Aegaeon has played shows throughout the Midwest and will begin touring to support the release of their newly recorded six track EP, "Exponential Transcendence.  They recorded their first album in June with MiAH from The Sound Lair in Knoxville, TN. Exponential Transcendence was also mixed and mastered in Knoxville.
  "It was an incredible experience to work with an established and accomplished music producer.  We had a lot of fun while we were down there, but it was without a doubt the most stressful thing we've ever done." says guitarist Jerry Grannan.
    Aegaeon logged 96 hours in the studio in just five days. Grannan says, "We were there from 11 am until 3, 4, or 5 am every day, and MiAH stayed up after we left to mix every night.  I'm not sure if he slept more than two hours any nights we were there." 
They describe their music as somewhere between death metal and deathcore.  Deathcore features many death metal elements like blast beats, double bass, palm muted riffs, but there are far more breakdowns and chug riffs in deathcore.Jim Martin, 22, is the vocalist of the band. Nick Scott, 20, plays the bass. Jerry Grannan, 18, and Sebastian Brown, 18, both play guitar. Craig Nelson, 18, plays the drums. Aegaeon's next show is August 2nd at 1 pm at The Evansville Deathfest at the No Ruz Grotto, 911 Southeast 2nd Street. Ten dollars gets you in the door to see 15 bands.
  When asked about the band, Aegaeon fan Dustin Cline replied, "Those guys always put on a great show!  They play their instruments like almost no one else in town and they're so young--they're only going to get better with time. I'd highly recommend these guys to anyone who loves to hear some honest-to-god, brutal ass metal."


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Artist: Aegaeon
Album: Exponential Transcendence
Genre: Deathcore/Death Metal
Year: 2009
Bitrate: 128 kbps

1. Inception
2. Perception
3. The Deprivation of Existence
4. The Earth Devoured
5. The Dawn of...
6. Exponential Transcendence

Total Size: 18mb
Exponential Transcendence [EP] (2009)
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VBR V2 kbps | 32 mb
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01 The Inception |02:37|
02 Perception |04:41|
03 The Deprivation of Existence |03:21|
04 The Earth, Devoured |03:17|
05 The Dawn of... |01:35|
06 Exponential Transcendence |03:59|
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весьма не дурная похожесть на океано
очень звук крутой, качает хорошо + мелодии хорошие к месту. вообщем зачёт
весьма не дурная похожесть на океано

в музяке ага не ниже,
а вот вокал подкачал, очень подкачал...
давно такого унитаза не слыхал...
вот это ваще порвало thumb.gif
R.I.P. =(
вот что написанно на майспейсе...
а вот вокал подкачал, очень подкачал...
давно такого унитаза не слыхал...

согласен полностью, вокал говно blink.gif
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На репите постоянно. Вокал специфический, но всё-равно не портит картины. Зловещая атмосфера у епихи. Очень жаль, что распались.

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годный музон, зря распались
Кстати очень хорошо, и вокал хороший, зря вы так, ну не всем же просто сочняшечки выдавать.

Это сообщение отредактировал TRIGUN - 08.01.10 в 3:44
great EP
Bury Me In Love

шикарное музло!
о бооооже!!!
и не распались кстати
весьма хороши

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