Pepper - Kona Town
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1. Good Thing
2. Stone Love
3. Dry Spell
4. Face Plant
5. Tradewinds
6. Stormtrooper - Josh Fischel
7. Ho's
8. B.O.O.T.
9. Give It Up
10. Sitting on the Curb
11. Too Much
12. Tongues
13. Office


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in with the old
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ARTIST: Pepper
TITLE: No Shame
LABEL: Atlantic/East West
GENRE: Reggae
BITRATE: 199kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 51m total
RELEASE DATE: 2006-10-03
RIP DATE: 2006-09-19

Track List
1. Bring Me Along 3:33
2. Rent 3:38
3. No Control 3:12
4. Green Hell 3:30
5. Lost in America 2:02
6. Oofa Point Skit 1:25
7. Your Face 3:23
8. Nice Time 2:50
9. Crazy Love 2:56
10. Like Your Style 3:43
11. Point and Shoot 4:10
12. Old Time Problem 3:36
13. Beers Skit 0:33
14. Outta My Face 2:28
15. Wanted 3:14
16. Good Enough 2:17
17. Zicky's Song 3:45
18. Intro Skit 1:14

Release Notes:

Pepper's relocation was inspired by Volcom Entertainment's excitement and
interest in producing and distributing the band's music. oGive'N Ito is the
band's first official release combining dancehall, reggae, punk, hip-hop, and
pop. It sparked some initial interest in Warped Tour promoter Kevin Lyman. With
Kevin's interest and Volcom's involvement Pepper graced the premiere side stage
at Warped Tour 2001.

Immediately following a whirlwind of shows, Pepper took to the studio with Steve
Kravac (Less Than Jake, MXPX) to create ground swell album oKona Town o.
Released in March of 2002, this album, with its "signature sound" sold over
45,000 copies. This sophomore release by Pepper not only charted for several
weeks on the DMA chart in their hometown of Hawaii, but also yielded #1 hit
oGive It Upo (aka Dirty Hot Sex) on Clear Channel affiliate Star 101.9 KUCD in
June of 2003. KEDJ in Phoenix added the track in September of 2003 which
instantly jumped into the TOP 10 ocall-outo (or most requested), and still
receives recurrent airplay.

Known by fans to be very sincere and engage in conversation with every fan they
meet after shows, Pepper continued to tour throughout 2003 and into 2004 which
included dates with 311 and Snoop Dogg (with Pepper as main support) appearances
at the annual Bob Marley Birthday celebration, San Diego's premiere Festival
oStreet Sceneo, some scattered headline club dates and a complete US tour with
Slightly Stoopid. This Dub/rock power trio's fan base is not limited, as one
would assume, to Southern California surf towns. They have sold out shows in
Phoenix, Orlando, Jacksonville, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, Seattle, Eugene,
Santa Cruz, Sacramento, and San Francisco.

In March of 2004, Pepper released oIn With The Oldo, and it debuts at #35 on the
Billboard Heat Seekers and #18 on the independent albums chart. The band
relinquish their nostalgic sentiment in saying they named their album "In With
The Old" as an ode to a time when music used to be collectively better, when
bands such as Metallica, Cream, the Beatles, and Black Sabbath were still
relevant. Recorded at 311's completely-analog Hive studios by legendary board
master Ron St. Germain, the album showcases a broader range of influences shared
by the trio. The new album contains everything from the countrified "Border
Town", which features steel laptop playing from ex Doobie Brothers and Steely
Dan alum, "Skunk" Baxter, the Heavy Metal leaning (and Andrew Blake porno
inspired)"Keep Your Head Bangin", the 80's influenced first single "Asheso
evoking the likes of The Police and English Beat, and the solid reggae tinged
rock of "Love Affair" and "Use Me" bringing back the spirit of both Bad Brains
and Sublime. Some would say that they sound nearly identical to the latter,
while others feel that the band blends the sound of classic bands with the
lyrics of their own, which makes them unique.

Over the past few years Pepper has been able to hone their skills as songwriters
and recording artists. As harder influences such as Nirvana, Black Sabbath, and
Pantera are incorporated into their already well developed reggae-rock roots,
Pepper is beginning to explore new ground stylistically. And as their fan base
spreads, sales of oIn With The Oldo, as well as the two previous albums,
continue to increase. Pepper also began a record label of their own, LAW Records
as a vehicle to promote music they believe in and love. The first official
release was a re-release of their first album entitled oGive'N Ito, a
collaboration with CornerstoneRAS. Arena Productions, consisting of MCs from
Pepper's home town of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, released an album called "Afta Party"
on LAW Records and featured Kaleo and Bret of Pepper.

September 24 and 25, 2004 Pepper performed back to back sold out nights at the
famed Hollywood Troubadour. A live DVD of these performances is slated for
release February 15, 2005. In December of 2004 Pepper will support the


Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
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Pepper - Kona Town

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01. Good Thing
02. Stone Love
03. Dry Spell
04. Face Plant
05. Tradewinds
06. Stormtrooper - Josh Fischel
07. Ho's
08. B.O.O.T.
09. Give It Up
10. Sitting on the Curb
11. Too Much
12. Tongues
13. Office


Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
album, in with the old,
blink.gif blink.gif blink.gif хмммммм Pepper это что разве панк
хороший музон. По стилю похоже на 311, Sublime и немного на RHCP. Do the ska ))

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0. Bring Me Along
1. Rent
2. No Control
3. Green Hell
4. Lost In America
5. Your Face
6. Nice Time
7. Crazy Love
8. Like Your Style
9. Point And Shoot
10. Old Time Problem
11. Outta My Face
12. Wanted
13. Good Enough
14. Whistle Song
15. Zicky's Song

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Офигеть!.. Такая позитивная музычка!!! Я прямо заслушиваюсь! rolleyes.gif Спасибо чуваки! thumb.gif "Перцы" рулят!!! =)
Pepper - In With The Old

Pepper - Kona Town

Pepper - Live In Ft. Lauderdale 7-21-2004

Pepper - No Shame

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