Terrys Cafe; 8, compiled and mixed by Terry Lee Brown Junior
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Va - Plastic city. MAYBE aka Timewriter
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Va - Plastic city MAYBE. Mixid by Babak Shayan
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The Timewriter - Paintbox
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Terry Lee Brown Junior - Brother For Real (10 years jubilee edition)
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Jeff Bennett - Endwise
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Soda Inc. - Full Moon
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Bioground - Love Addiction
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Год: 2005
Лейбл: Plastic City
Тип релиза: album
Жанр: House
Стиль: Deep House


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Deep Dish
Deep Dish
I think that links to 'Jeff Bennett - Endwise' are Demiguise's upload (Jeff Bennett topic).
If only may you give a proper credits?
Да из Jeff Bennett topic - для коллекции решил взять а чё???
Deep Dish
Deep Dish
I'm sorry I don't understand russian well...
I meant that it's not your share, so if you was truthful you give a proper credits.
And if you not... It's showing disrespect to one of the best uploaders of this community.
Я рад что тебе нравится Deep Hause - is a very good music
Deep Dish
Soda inc - Inner Vision

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Тип продукта: винил
Стиль: Deep House
Дата выпуска: 2006.02.22

01- Inner Vision.mp3

02- Sweat Sour.mp3

03- Barcode.mp3

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Deep Dish
Deep Dish
Не за что yes.gif
Deep Dish
Too bad you couldn't find a bigger cover art to screw the tables even more though...
Чё тебе не так??? nunch.gif Была бы мапленькая тоже плохо rtfm.gif

Deep Train 4 Round Trip, mixed by The Timewriter
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1. The Timewriter – Yes Mum (Intro)
2. Sean Dimitrie & T. Fuller - Slip By
3. John Dahlbäck feat. Erika Gellermark – Nothing is for real (Askesian Society Mix)
4. Ananda Project - Suite Dreams (Timewriter´s Suite 16 Mix)
5. BarBQ – Myself
6. The Timewriter - Reverence
7. Budai & Vic - I Love Deep (The Timewriter Remix)
8. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Terry´s House (Reconstructed)
9. Kevin Sunray - Truly Remarkable
10. Discouraged Ones - Say it Together
11. Gabo - Kamasutra (Bue Mix)
12. Muzzaik - S.O.S. (S-Man´s Revision)
13. Chris Udoh - Angels
14. Dousk - Page up
15. Justin Martin - Cicada (Pedro De La Faydro Mix)
16. Trentem&ller - The Forest
“Deep Train Vol. 4 – Round Trip” is the follow up to a truly exceptional and successful compilation series. Jean F. Cochois aka The Timewriter is one of the most respected DJs as well as producers in his genre for more than 10 years. And he is an artist with high demands. One could already hear this on his remixes for acts like Mike Oldfield, Faithless, Yello, Boy George, Frankie Knuckles or Rammstein, but above all on his recently released album fourth artist album “Paintbox”. “Round Trip” is the subtitle of this CD and as well its motto. Jean F. Cochois sees the point in arranging the 16 compiled tracks with a subtile dramaturgy. He succeeds in realising the daring feat of combining progressive, danceable tracks with relaxed, warm-hearted, atmospheric grooves. With his unmistakeable intention he is uniting tracks with different colours to an expressive ensemble – diversified with a proper portion of dynamic and homogenous in a perfect way at the same time. So you can find outstanding artists such as Wamdue Project, Sean Dimitri & Tim Fuller, Johne Dahlback, Terry Lee Brown Jr., Kevin Sunray, Bar BQ, Budai & Vic, Discouraged Ones, Gabo, Muzzaik, Chris Udoh, Dousk, Justin Martin, The Timewriter himself with an up to now unreleased track and Trentemoeller offering a great finish with his minimal-atmospheric “The Forest”. Mary Joe whose vocals could already be heared on “Booty Song” is accompanying the listener with her spoken words through selected sites in this mix and gives this compilation an absolute distinctive blend. “Round Trip” is more than a simple compilation of unique tracks – this selection is splashing pure passion and love to music.

Где бы скачать???
Deep Dish
The Timewriter - Deep Train 4: Round Trip

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Year : 2006
Genre : House
Subgenre : Tech House
Label : Plastic City
Quality : VBRkbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo


01.The Timewriter - Yes Mum (Intro) 00:12
02.Sean Dimitrie & T. Fuller - Slip By 05:58
03.John Dahlbäck feat. Erika Gellermark - Nothing Is For Real 05:34(Askesian Society Remix)
04.Ananda Project - Suite Dreams (Timewriter’s Suite 16 Remix) 05:28
05.BarBQ - Myself 05:39
06.The Timewriter - Reverence 05:49
07.Budai & Vic - I Love Deep (The Timewriter Remix) 05:21
08.Terry Lee Brown Junior - Terry’s House (Reconstructed) 04:49
09.Kevin Sunray - Truly Remarkable 05:11
10.Discouraged Ones - Say It Together 04:35
11.Gabo - Kamasutra (Blue Mix) 04:03
12.Muzzaik - S.O.S. (S-Man’s Revision) 06:09
13.Chris Udoh - Angels 03:18
14.Dousk - Page Up 04:26
15.Justin Martin - Cicada (Pedro De La Faydro Mix) 04:14
16.Trentemoller - The Forest 05:26

Deep Dish
Оч давно люблю музыку Соды и миксы Бабака Шаяна. Магический саунд...спасибо огромное! thumb.gif
А еще существует такая компиляшка под названием Bar 1. Вот второй диск из этой серии просто отличный...до дыр его затер))) могу выложить если надо.

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Конечно давай. thumb.gif biggrin.gif
Deep Dish
2Deep Dish
Bioground - Love Addiction [2005] [PLAC 037-2]
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Label: Plastic City
Catalog#: PLACCD037-2
Format: CD
Country: Germany
Released: 21 Jul 2005
Style: House, Deep House
Quality: VBRkbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo


01 Lovelogue (Intro) (3:43)
Vocals - Jon Silva
02 Simplicity (7:30)
Vocals - Jon Silva
03 Smooth Summer Nights (6:53)
04 Outstanding Emptiness (8:18)
Vocals - Joeee
05 Love Addiction (6:13)
Vocals - Alexandra Hamnede
06 Soulful People (6:44)
Vocals - Joeee
07 Taxing My Soul (Bioground's Exquisite Dub) (8:45)
Vocals - Karlyn
08 Hazel Eyes (Bioground's Bossahouse Remake) (6:20)
Vocals - Joeee
09 Complexity (7:45)
Vocals - Chelonis R. Jones
10 Lip Service (5:20)
Vocals - Karlyn
11 In Your Arms (7:14)
Vocals - Joeee
12 Lustful Love (Outro) (2:35)'

Забираем 103 мб с сендспейса
I am the Stig
Deep Dish
Блин искал весь вечер этот диск!..так и не нашел...может в сети где найду...mad.gif

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