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2WEI or 2WEI Music is a composer team founded by Christian Vorländer and Simon Heeger in early 2016. The group is based in Hamburg, Germany. Their music has been featured in numerous movie trailers including Wonder Woman and Darkest Hour.

2WEI - Escape Velocity (2017)
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1. Catapult
2. Neptune
3. Gangsta's Paradise
4.Hell of a Ride
5. Crimson Blaze
6. Leaving Chromosphere
7. Mission Zero
8. Battlefields
9. Expectations
10. War Lord
11. Redrage
12. Chainsaw Symphony
13. Orion

MP3 320 kbps

Awesome band! Good sound system/ hi fi headphones highly recommended! smile.gif

Looking for FLAC. Does anybody have it? (I know redacted has one tongue.gif )

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