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Kaytranada - Kaytra Todo (2013) V0
This particular release from Kaytranada has a slightly different punch compared to our recent releases. Kaytranada is known for his hip-hop infused experimental beats, which makes his tracks a little rougher and a little harder. This Montreal, Canada based producer grinds out beats with generous amounts of hip-hop and trap influence. However, that does not mean that he can’t lay a couple beats to bed in a suave, mystique way. In Kaytranada’s latest EP smackdown Kaytra Todo, you’ll coast through eight songs that boast some aspects of trap and hip-hop. But with a creative license that has minimal boundaries, nit-picky details become irrelevant as you become absorbed in midst of Kaytranada’s latest invention.

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1.Killa Cats (03:11)
2. Don't Get It Confused (02:48)
3. Hot Jazzybelle (03:36)
4. Club Bang (03:36)
5. Demonlitions (02:09)
6. An Excuse (03:16)
7. All We Do ft. JMSN (04:12)
8. Holy Hole Inna Donut (04:10)

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Artist : Kaytranada
Title : Kaytra Todo
Year : 2013
Label : Jakarta
Genre : Electronic / Hip-Hop
Type : Album
Ripped on: 03.06.2013
Ripper : DGN Crew
Quality : 320kbps
Size : 62,6 MB
Playtime : 26:58 min
Grabber : EAC
Encoder : Lame 3.98r

01. Killacats 03:11
02. Don't Get It Confused 02:48
03. Hot Jazzybelle 03:36
04. Club Bang 03:36
05. Demolitions 02:09
06. An Excuse 03:16
07. All We Do (Feat. JMSN) 04:12
08. Holy Hole Inna Donut 04:10

Release Note


ifolder / turbobit
Thanks for Kaytranada! Great!
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Artist : Kaytranada / Suicideyear
Album : Bromance #10
Genre : Breaks
Label : Bromance
Catnum : 44051
Source : WEB
URL : http://www.beatport.com
Tracks : 2
Time : 00:07:33
Size : 18.13 MB
Quality : 320kbps 44100Hz Full Stereo


1. Kaytranada - Free Things In Life 3:37
2. Suicideyear - Finale 3:56
07:33 (min)

ifolder / turbobit
Anybody cop the freebie he gave out on his FB page?

"ok guys here's a rmx that i did a while ago, available for the next 24hours.
I aint got to say who it is and all that... just enjoy."

File titled: shieeeeeeeeeeeeet.zip.

First comment: This is that Boiler Room track. Finally <3.

Keen to at least know what it is...
^ It was this.

Flume - Holdin On (Kaytranada Edit)

Snakehips - On & On (Kaytranada Remix)


Flume - Holdin' On (Kaytranada Remix)


Kaytranada X Louie P.
Rap Music.

Free album from his project The Celestics with young brother Louie P. He produced all the beats except:
''Mucus'' prod by Lakim
''Blam'' produced by Mr. Mockwell
''Game Over'' produced by Mr Mockwell, Co-prod by Kaytradamus
''Power'' Produced by Kaytradamus. Co-prod by High Klassified & Dr. Mad.

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free today only

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