From trippy old-but-gold Sensations' Fix and Sun Araw & Congos to breakthrough-and-all-new Julia Holter, Maxmillion Dunbar and Blondes releases.
From art rock and krautrock to deep house and dreampop.

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Maxmillion Dunbar — House Of Woo

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01. Slave To The Vibe
02. Woo
03. Coins For The Canopy
04. The Figurine (Nod Mix)
05. Inca Tags
06. For Mozy
07. Ice Room Graffiti
08. Peeling An Orange In One Piece
09. Loving The Drift
10. World Taste Sweet (Stuck In The Middle)
11. Kangaroo
12. The Drift (Bonus Track)
13. Shampoo (Bonus Track)

Beautiful Swimmer and Future Times boss Maximillion Dunbar drops an LP of silky house and utopian boogie on RVNG Intl. There's a strong and unapologetic new age feel to things, most obviously on 'Peeling An Orange In One Piece' with its liquid crystal arpeggios and Peter Gabriel-patented tropical woodwind corralled by a crooked 4/4 rhythm, and the straight-up synth-drift piece 'For Mozy'. 'Loving The Drift' is a highlight, coming over like a hybrid of Cousin Cockroach and David Casper; 'Slave To The Vibe' and the brilliant 'Ice Room Graffiti' exploit the grey area between Theo's wonked beat experiments and the Burrell brothers' low-slung Nu Groove sound; and 'The Figurine (Nod Mix)' is a barely disguised homage to the deep, opalescent house of Newworldaquarium. 'Inca Tags' drops the tempo and targets the low-riders, hip-hop gone hypnagogic, and 'Loving The Drift' - probably the best track on here - is the last word in New Age Outlaw melancholia. Oh, and of course the title track has been a fixture in clubs of late, its dewy string-pads and nicely off-centered rhythm hitting the L.I.E.S. and Juju & Jordash fans right where it hurts. Beautifully crafted, comprehensively funked and very, very trippy.

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Sensations' Fix — Music Is Painting In The Air (1974–1977)

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RVNG Intl.
2×CD, Compilation
25 Sep 2012
Electronic, Psychedelic Rock, Prog Rock, Experimental, Krautrock
320 Kbps

Music Is Painting In the Air is a collection of new mixes and unheard music from Sensations' Fix's prolific output between 1974 and 1977. Revered as one of the great articulations of progressive music, Music Is Painting In the Air offers guide posts to those familiar with Sensations' Fix's amorphous catalog and an approachable primer to those just journeying on the sensational trip. The story of Sensations' Fix begins - and never quite ends - with Franco Falsini. Born in Florence, Italy in 1948, Falsini became a teenage rock 'n' roll convert through a steady supply of 45s sent home by his London-based sister. Following his sister's footsteps to swinging 60s London, Falsini put his love of music into practice, fronting a space blues trio that riffed its way from the UK back to Italy in a Ford Transit... Falsini blazed a trail for home recording that has impressed upon inward resourcing and reflecting musicians and DIY enthusiasts in the decades since. A technology stalwart, Falsini employed a floor model MiniMoog and a tricked-out Teac 4-track machine to transform the Virginia basement of the house shared with his wife Vinnie Sherman into a cosmic conduit and launch pad for Sensations' Fix. For Music is Painting in the Air, Falsini and his son Jeyon set forth on a year-long voyage to restore and revisit the original Sensations' Fix analog tapes. Honoring Falsini's tradition of autonomy, this collection, as with the majority of the Sensations' Fix catalog, was mixed solely by Falsini. The sequence is chronologically defiant, encouraging the listener to free associate the recurring themes' origins and immerse in the body of music as its own universe.

All recordings made between 1973 and 1977 at the Sally Duck house in Alexandria, Virginia and the Sensations' Fix house in Florence, Italy. Produced and engineered on a Teac 3340 4 Track machine. For this collection, Franco and Jeyon Falsini worked with an archive of ¼" tapes to restore and transfer isolated tracks and original stereo mixes.

01. Barnhause Effect
02. Cold Nose (part 3 & 4th Movement)
03. Leave My Chemistry
04. Acudreaming
05. Grow On You
06. Scraping Delay
07. Warped Notions Of A Practical Joke (instrumental)
08. Dark Side Of Religion
09. Cosmic Saudade
10. Cold Nose (part 3 & Movement 2)
11. Fragments Of Light
12. Into The Memory
13. Cold Nose (part 3 & Movement 5)
14. C'e Nessuno
15. Map
16. Moving Particles
17. Cold Nose (part 3 & Movement 3)
18. Music Is Painting
19. Left Side Of Green
20. Chelsea Hotel (Room 625)
21. Fix A Water Fountain (instrumental)
22. Overflowing Ashtrays
23. Strangelands
24. Cold Nose Story
25. Slow Motion Movie
26. Fortune Teller
27. Fortune Teller Coda
28. Crossing Berlin
29. Darkside 1 & 3
30. Darkside 2

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Harald Grosskopf - Synthesist (+Re-synthesist)

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1 Harald Grosskopf – So Weit, So Gut
2 Harald Grosskopf – B. Aldrian
3 Harald Grosskopf – Emphasis
4 Harald Grosskopf – Synthesist
5 Harald Grosskopf – 1847- Earth
6 Harald Grosskopf – Trauma
7 Harald Grosskopf – Transcendental Overdrive
8 Harald Grosskopf – Tai Ki

MP3 320 CBR



1 Bronze – So Weit, So Gut
2 CFCF – B. Aldrian
3 Jar Moff – B. Aldrian
4 Arp – Emphasis
5 JD Twitch – Emphasize
6 Blondes – Synthesist
7 Snoretex – Synthesist
8 Stellar Om Source – 1847 - Earth
9 Oneohtrix Point Never – Trauma 2010
10 Keyhole Voyeur – WISHMASTER (Transcendental Overdrive Zone)
11 Pink Skull – Tai Ki

MP3 320 CBR

Stellar Om Source — Elite Excel (2013)

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RVNG Intl.
May 2013
320 Kbps
Ambient, Experimental, House, Techno

The first taster of Stella Om Source’s upcoming LP for RVNG Intl., Joy One Mile, ‘Elite Excel’ comes backed with a fantastically brooding remix from Kassem Mosse. Christine Gualdi’s vision of electronic music has expanded since we last checked in; tantric analogue drone sequences have given way to more rugged future-city constructions inspired by her investigation of the roots of New York electro and Detroit techno. ‘Elite Excel’ begins in a nocturnal cruise mode reminiscent of early Carl Craig, before Gualdi unleashes an ebullient barrage of retro synth arpeggios and criss, cross-hatching snap-claps; it’s nifty new age braindance that bucks the conventional 4/4 grid while stopping short of all-out abstraction. Kassem Mosse aces it with his version, turning out a haptic techno chugger that reminds of Sand Circles or SOS’s labelmate Maximillion Dunmar, but tougher, druggier, more complex. Be warned: objects in the rearview mirror may appear closer than they are.

1. Elite Excel (6:26)
2. Elite Excel (Kassem Mosse Remix) (6:03)

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Anyone have Stellar Om Source - Joy One Mile? Many thanks if so!
Stellar Om Source - Joy One Mile

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Цитата: (dubTek)

+1 dj.gif
Stellar Om Source - Joy One Mile

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01. Polarity
02. Par Amour
03. The Range
04. Trackers
05. Elite Excel
06. Fascination
07. Natives/Most Answers Never Unveiled
08. Elite Excel

MP3 320 CBR

Does anyone have the new Blondes album 'Swisher'? Many thanks if so!
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Blondes - Swisher

Gardland - Syndrome Syndrome 2013 320
info Album
Austrialia's Gardland duo debut a mystic, frayed sort of techno primitivism with the classy but rudimentary grooves and etheric electronics of 'Syndrome Syndrome', their first LP for RVNG Intl. Their music exists in a curious modern context between the edge-bleeding post-techno of Blondes, the more mutant end of 100% Silk, and the stripped, modulated techno minimalism of Rrose - too grotty to be called techno proper, too canny to be called "outsider", existing in a unique position somewhere between worlds. Its 13 tracks take shape as impressionistic, alien techno scapes, hovering into focus with the amorphous noise and lolling bass waves of 'Grrone' and feeling out backyard techno grooves in 'Syndrome Syndrome' before revealing a cannier, club-wise style with the gloomy, hypnotic after-hours techno of cuts like 'Katarakt' and 'Ode to Ode', whilst pieces such as 'Trepan Heke' or 'Success To Circuit' hew closer to a grubbier, psychedelic and lo-fi aesthetic akin to the Opal Tapes sound or bits by Diamond Catalog. Essentially it's the best of both worlds, the crisper, effective contours of proper soundsystem-ready techno, and the spiked psychedelia and textural, tonal qualities of the weirder stuff.

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Gardland - Syndrome Syndrome 2013 320mirror

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