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Neville Watson - Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts

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01 Dark Star
02 Songs to Elevate Pure Hearts
03 The Girl from Kowloon Tong
04 Against the Tide
05 Rough Side
06 Everything I Know About House (I Learned From Facebook)
07 Axiomatic
08 Son of House
09 A Better Life
10 The Only Path
11 Never Alone

MP3 320 CBR


DJ Overdose - Bizarro World

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1. Aan de Overkant 1:20
2. Bizarro World 5:18
3. Bloed Aan de Muur 1:19
4. Ssa Gib a Htiw Lrig a Deen I 1:25
5. 's Nachts 3:14
6. Suck Chain 5:11
7. Fabriek 2:05
8. Don't Stop 4:16
9. Leegstand 0:42
10.Leipzig 3:52
11.Watch the City Burn 4:18
12.Kruipend Naar de Gootsteen 1:14
13.Stay On My Feet 5:08
14.Ruimtepuinruimer 2:35
15.Film Freak 5:38

MP3 320 CBR

Overdose in FLAC perhaps?
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Tracks.: 04
Label..: Creme Organization
Genre... Electronic
Encoder: LAME CBR
Quality: mp3 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint-Stereo
RipDate: Jul-02-2013

01 Downer 04:54
02 Thought Buzz 01:02
03 The Place To Be 06:54
04 The Rise And Fall 03:52

Total 16:42 min

Four trax of shark-eyed electro subterfuge dispatched by
the Creme Organization. Ranges from Carpenter style
missions 'Downer' to the E.R.P-like electro stimulus of
'The Place To Be' and the deserted, drizzly sub-sector 17
atmospheres of 'The Rise and Fall'. "By the freaks, for
the freaks"

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artist : Neville Watson
title . Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts Remixes
type : EP
year . 2013
genre : House
subgenre . Deep House
label : Creme Organization Holland
cat . CREME 12-66
encoder . Lame 3.98
quality : 320kbps / 44,1Khz / Joint-Stereo
source . WEB

01.Against The Tide (Marquis Hawkes Remix) 07:00
02.Son Of House (Moon B's Houz Mutha Mix) 05:34
03.Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts (Kink & Rachel Remix) 05:17

17:51 min / 40,9 MB


Hot on the heels of the release of Neville Watson's Songs to Elevate
Pure Hearts album, Creme Organization releases a three track EP of
remixes from the longplayer. Drawing on diverse names, each of the
remixers transforms their given track into something quite different
from the original.

The first is by Watson's frequent collaborator, Bulgarian producer
and live specialist KiNK. He tackles 'Songs To Elevate Pure Hearts'
and laces it up with some lazy old rave breakbeats and plenty of
lucid synth and melody pattern before fast rising Dixon Avenue
Basement Jams associate Marquis Hawkes takes on 'Against The Tide'.
He imbues it with what is fast become a trademark sonic weirdness,
with wrought iron synth bars interlocking with molten synth lines and
a slow, purposeful and predatory mood. Finally, American Moon B turns
in a trippy outsider house version of 'Son Of House' with off kilter
claps, see-sawing synths and organic drums.


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Rude 66 - Sadistic Tendencies (Crème LP-08, vinyl release)

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File Dropper

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Tracks.: 04
Label..: Creme Organization
Genre... Electronic
Encoder: LAME CBR
Quality: mp3 320kbps 44.1kHz Joint-Stereo
RipDate: Nov-07-2013

01 Nina at the Boiler Room 04:18
02 No Stoppin 04:34
03 The Future 05:09
04 ZevenNulZeven (Bonus) 04:48

Total 18:49 min

"For their next release Creme Organisation turn to an
emerging producer in the form of young Belgian
Innershades. With but one previous release on Ukraine’s
Wicked Bass label, little is known of the man other than
the fact that he produces heavyweight techno with a
purposeful and dubbed out menace. The first cut here,
'Nina At The Boiler Room' is a mid tempo stomper with
grainy textures and musky ambiance run through with a
wild acid line and classic pinging cowbells. It's potent
and feverish and forever builds to a peak, at which point
a searching horn sound surveys the desolate landscapes.
'No Stoppin' is more like dub house, shrouded as it is in
plenty of echo, delay and rueful and romantic pads. Last
cut 'The Future' is the most up beat and peak time of the
lot. It's a bouncy, nimble bit of analogue house with
sombre pads, busy melodies and a healthy scattering of
percussion that brings plenty of kineticism to the mix.
Three fine tracks that will surely have the world keeping
an eye on Innershades from here on in.'

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anyone have 2 AM/FM - The Final Approach
7 Free Tracks

To celebrate breaking the 10K barrier on soundcloud we have a special tasty treat for you. Here is an EP with fresh and exlusive tracks from a bunch of artists we know and love. Only available on Soundcloud for now. Thank you all for being here and see you at the next μύριοι!
Seaside Houz Boyz aka Legowelt-Deephouz Yall-(CREME1254)-2011
retro Chicago House
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Artist : Legowelt
Title : Crystal Cult 2080 Album Sampler
Genre : Electronic
Year : 2013
Date : 02/2014
Bitrate : VBR kbps
Tracks : 04
Catalog : CREME 12-73
Label : Creme Organization
Source : Vinyl
Encoder : Lame 3.98.4
Length : 26:16 min
Size : 47,10 MB

01.Crystal Code 2080 (Extended 12" Dub) 05:29
02.Majestic Alchemy 06:54
03.Mistral VHS 06:52
04.Do What U Gotta Do 07:01
26:16 min

"Majestic Alchemy", "Mistral VHS" and
"Do What U Gotta Do" are not on the
upcoming album, "Crystal Cult 2080" will
appear in another version.

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DJ TLR - Stray Poulets
320 TAPE

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Nami Shimada & Soichi Terada - Sunshower EP (with Legowelt remix) [CREME 12-17 / Creme Classics 02]

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