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audiomachine is a boutique, motion picture advertising music production house, specializing in original music and sound design for the high end trailer market. Launched in the fall of 2005, audiomachine has quickly become the "go to" choice for many producers, editors and music supervisors in search of the perfect cue for their next blockbuster movie campaign.

Audiomachine - La Belle Époque (2018)
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01. The Big Smoke
02. The Gallows
03. Bittersweet
04. Deceit and Betrayal
05. Strictly Taboo
06. False Pedigree
07. Secrets of the Sanctuary
08. Dolores (The Power of Suffering)
09. Nevertheless, She Persisted
10. Faded Snapshots and Forgotten Dreams
11. Stratagem
12. Let's Pretend
13. A Trick of the Mind
14. Allegory
15. Most Ardently
16. A Remarkable Man
17. Russian Spring
18. The Last Bloom
19. Restlessness
20. The Second Hand Ticks
21. Pulled Apart
22. Barren History
23. Stronger
24. Wildfire
25. The Shores of Forgiveness
26. Open Your Eyes
27. Concealed Passion
28. I Will Find You
29. Noble Companion
30. Empathy

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Release Date: May 11, 2018

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