Альбом - бомба. Лучший индастриалметал за хз сколько лет. Эдакий утяжеленный Мэрлин Мэнсон лучших времен. Можно смело в альтернативу переносить - там к нему больше внимания будет.
этот средный и очень комерческий
we’ve put out two niche, weird industrial records before this, so it’s like, “Do I need to do a third one of this?” “No, I don’t.” I wanted to do something where it’s, “Hey, can we attempt to put a toe in this world while we maintain the integrity of what we do?” And I love that, I like that challenge. I like saying, “Hey, can we give Sony a record that they feel they can sell?” Which that’s a fucking challenge for a band like us, where we know we are never gonna completely write the mainstream bullshit, but can we write stuff that has enough encoded messages? Yeah, it made us push ourselves harder.
'Guns Akimbo' Gets February 28 Release Date (Will feat. 2 covers and 1 original track by 3teeth)

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