thanks, but... whats the album's title ?!!?!? when it has been released ?!?! what is the genre ?!?!?! and where is the info ??? blink.gif

Max Karling - guitar
Janne Kerminen - vocals
Ilves - guitar
Toni Grönroos - bass
Pekka Sauvolainen - drums

AM I BLOOD originated in Finland, where the
guitarist  Janne Kerminen formed the band in 1992 with
Pasi Koskinen. Their ways separated in1995 just one month before the recordings of debut album "Natural Mutation -95" (under name St.Mucus). It was a tough place `coz so far Kerminen had only played guitar in the band, but he decided to handle the situation. After a few weeks rehearsing all the
vocal lines, they went to studio without hesitation and in six days they did what was meant to do.

The first album represented more grunge and rock influences, but after Kerminen started to wrote all the songs and take care of vocals their direction developed heavier and melodical. Also their former name was replaced for AIB, because it was a time to make innovations in all aspects.

The second selftitled album "Am I Blood-97" was distributed in Europe and it was voted as "The album of the month" in german Rock Hard Magazine. They did succeed in building the band a very comfortable fan base across Europe.

"Agitation-98", delivery of the catchy rhythms which are indicative of AIB is perfect. The album (produced by Daniel Bergstrand. Stuck Mojo, Meshuggah etc.) gained a huge amount of four or five star reviews and lots of radio powerplay across the world. Since the band website was created in 1999, it´s been very stimulating to see how the visitors have increased on their pages every week.

After two years of writing and rehearsing new material AIB recorded a new CD-ep "Gone with you-00" for promotional use. It contains four tracks, which two of them were originally demo versions and they were available on, one of the most popular music sites on the net. AIB kept #1 position on their chart almost six months and received hundreds of extremely supporting e-mails from the fans.

"The truth inside the dying sun-05" was kept in hide for a several years before the release, because the band signed a recording deal with an independent label from the States in -02 and there was a major problems with their co-operation. AIB signed off the contract and later made a new one with finnish label, Scandinavian A1 Music.
During all the mix up´s with record company AIB members decided to concentrate their own projects. The front man J.Kerminen started to build up his own studio and produced other bands meanwhile the idea of getting AIB back on the road was growing all the time.
Finally everything worked out as supposed to be and the new album was released. The band went through the line up change and there was left only two original members, Janne and Toni. It was a time to find some new blood with right attitude and intense, so that´s when the new guys, Ilves, Max and Pekka got in.  

"The Truth Inside The Dying Sun" is a clever sample how
AIB has the ability to make music, not only for Metalheads, but also for wider audience. A spectrum of their songs is a wise mixture of clean vocal and instrument parts, but suddenly you can experience the massive guitar army rolling on you with J.Kerminen´s powerful voice. There´s also a lot of nice harmonies on vocals and it really gives a great deepness for catchy choruses. Many of the songs contain guitar melody parts, which are growing all the time and naturally on the top of the mountain there´s an excellent lead guitar work, fast and absolutely running on and on untill it ends and you wish to hear a few notes more.

Heard their song on fake "St. Anger" of Metallica. "Gone With You". It was awesome. Thanks for the album, downloading!
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картинка, оставленная пользователем

Am I Blood - Agitation (1998)
genre: Thrash Metal
country: Finland
format: High VBR
size: 98 Mb

1. Negative 04:04
2. Examination 04:46 [vi
3. Day Will Be Executed 04:46
4. Segregated Holocaust 04:38
5. Suicidal Solution 04:20
6. Sorrow 04:06
7. Scar In The Head 03:39
8. The Final Scream 04:44
9. Stains 03:52
10. Suffocated Love 04:31
11. Eternal You 03:30
Total playing time 46:56

thanks to Glotov from NoNaMe for this album
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картинка, оставленная пользователем

Am I Blood - Am I Blood (1997)
quality:192 kbps
size: 72 Mb

1. Battlefreak 03:27
2. Disgrace 04:01
3. Cannot Feel 02:52
4. Endless Energy 03:51
5. Emotions 03:23
6. Immaterial 04:13
7. Determined Anger 02:58
8. Frayed Chime 03:06
9. Awake 03:55
10. No Friend 03:07
11. Lust 03:12
12. Things You Hate 04:19
13. Love Yourself 03:22
14. Ceremony To Fear 04:33
Total playing time 50:19

thanks again to Glotov from NoNaMe!
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ищу альбом Natural Mutation (1995)

Am I Blood - Unreleased Songs

1. War Inside Of Misery (4:59)
2. Black Lucidity (6:46)
3. Detrimental Pledge (4:30)
4. Into The Darkest End (4:17)
5. Gift (4:48)

пароль к архиву - его полное имя (вместе с расширением) cool.gif
а есть The Truth Inside The Dying Sun (2005) у кого то?
please re-up Agitation!
Am I Blood - The Truth Inside The Dying Sun

01. War of My Misery
02. Gone with You
03. Lies Wrote Mysteries
04. The Truth Inside the Dying Sun
05. Painful Ignorance
06. The Saddest Grief
07. Struggle in Disarray
08. The One Who Forgives
09. Supremacy of Failure
10. Collapse of Ritual Belief
Хмм... интересно давно о них не чего не слышал думал распались давно..... а есть у когонибудь еще что кроме этих 3 альбомов и какова дискография?
Хмм... интересно давно о них не чего не слышал думал распались давно.....

дык а че? разве не распались? biggrin.gif

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