This guy's got a short name, but a really heavy sound - one that's got a great blend of beats, keys, and samples at its core - all served up with a crispy, old school funky sound! 45's approach is a bit like that of Ino Hidefumi - in that he covers older territory with a slightly updated groove, mixing older keyboard funk with a hip hop sensibility. But the sound here is also different than Hidefumi too - given that a number of cuts are more soul/R&B in nature - and occasionally feature guest vocals to flesh out the tunes. 45's groove is also a bit more wide-ranging too - not just older styles, but a range of rhythms that include bits of contemporary soul and hip hop, and which point to his work with the group Izanami - all modes that inflect the keyboards differently from track to track. About 5 of the album's 13 tracks feature vocals, the others are all instrumentals.

45 - Hello Friends [2008]
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01 hello friends
02 struttin'
03 searchin' ft. tasita d mour
04 the night life ft. steph pockets
05 underground superstar ft. yu sakai
06 interlude italiano
07 tokyo jazz freak
08 once again
09 wa
10 can you say yes? ft. marcellus nealy
11 p.simon
12 solitude
13 hello friends (lark chillout for a.y.b.force remix)


pw^ myfuckingdogonthepiano

Waterfall Inside Me
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Замечательный диск.
а что-нибудь еще у них есть?
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Хороший Эйсид Джаз
отличная хрень! хоть я и пьян вгавно и сужу строго wink.gif
we will also kill ourselves and vomit diarrea on stage just for your veiwing pleasure because we love you
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sound quality good, but for me was not very interestin
gerk sultis
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cut it up fresh
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перезалейте плиз последние 3 трека
2 kawaineko

хз, качал с йапапки, все нормуль

алсо, вот ссылка для скачивания этих трех последних:
отличная хрень! хоть я и пьян вгавно и сужу строго

такая же фигня
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очень понравилось, подскажите похожих японцев

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