that sucks any one god Balzac-Dark-Ism cd ep
Во, реальная вещица!!! thumb.gif

J HC fury & chainsaw & voetsek.rar fury - chaotic noise.rar gordon - flash till death.rar gordon - troma_city_pollution_attack.rar and loud.rar on the beach - endless summer.rar rockheads - wake up, music - complete discography.rar edge - thrash 'em all.rar edge - razors rising.rar reggae - time lag memorys.rar - tomorrow will be worse.rar - tomorrow will be worse vol. 3.rar

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does anyone have some Stalin?
does anyone have some Stalin?

but is it Japan group? unsure.gif or Finnish?
some stalin biggrin.gif
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but is it Japan group? unsure.gif or Finnish?

there is a japanese punk band called stalin
if i am corect they dont exist anymore

geting Melt Banana-13 Hedgehogs (Mx Bx Singles 1994-1999)

Category Punk, Rock / Pop, Experimental Rock, Rock
Label A-Zap Records
Orig Year 2005

1. Stick Out
2. So Unfilial Rule
3. Mind Thief
4. Screw Loose
5. Scrubber
6. Pierced Eye
7. Ketchup Mess
8. First Defy
9. Iguana In Trouble
10. It's In The Pillcase
11. Rush & Warp
12. Picnic In Panic
13. Buddhism Core
14. Hangnail (Let It Go)
15. No One Wants Next One
16. Sicklist On Fire
17. One Dimensional
18. Not D But M Also S
19. Mind Thief (Live)
20. P-Pop-Slop (Live)
21. Making Fuss Fuss Fuss
22. Turtle Vs. Bunny (Who Won?)
23. Pig To Dog
24. Bird Like Monkey In Cave Singing In Drops
25. Bad Gut Missed Fist
26. It's Not My Fault
27. Neck On Me
28. Stop The Cook-Cu Test
29. No Doubt
30. Scooped Brain In A Cup
31. Capital 1060
32. How To Parlare
33. I Say Shoot
34. Minus Minus To One
35. Call Me Please-6824
36. Popsy Teeth In Red
37. Blackout Screen
38. To Be Continued
39. $10 A Pile
40. Disposable Weathercock
41. Y Axis
42. Aquatic Bee
43. Wedge
44. Seesaw Semiology
45. Cough, Coughed, Coughing
46. Q For Quinine
47. Bird Like Monkey Pt. 2
48. Least Clipper
49. Baby Buggy Spitted
50. Drill The Dentist
51. Last Finger Split
52. Wrest The Fist (Just For Reflection)
53. Dead Spex
54. Sonic Brain Burst
55. Ether Twisted
56. Shoot The Moon

will upload it when it arives in 3-6 days
please can you re-upload melt-banana's albums on yousendit smile.gif
i'm a big fan of melt-banana biggrin.gif
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of course

uploading Cell Scape

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2.Sheild your eyes, a Beast in the well on your hand
3.A Dreamer who is too weak to face up to
4.Last part stinging me so Cold
5.Chain-Shot we have some fun
6.Like a white bat in a box, dead matters go on
7.Key is a fact that a cat brings
8.A hunter in the rain to cut the neck up in the present stage
9.If it is the deep sea, I can see you there
10.Outro for cell-scape
i have more,but i cant upload those now
ok, i'll wait my friend smile.gif
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soon i will upload some Laughing Nose
I hate i cant use it, have no rusinan IP
[CODE], or links would be appreciated.
can't wait for you to upload the other melt banana albums you have:) will keep watch:) kudos MacabreObscure!

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