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Johann Johannson
IBM 1401, A User's Manual
4AD 2006

01. Part 1 - IBM 1401 Processing Unit
02. Part 2 - IBM 1403 Printer
03. Part 3 - IBM 1402 Card Read-Punch
04. Part 4 - IBM 729 II Magnetic Tape Unit
05. Part 5 - The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black

So here it is, Johann Johannsson's eagerly awaited debut album for the 4AD label, and we're very happy indeed to say that it's the finest record he's put his name to yet. I suppose the move from Touch worried some fans at first, but on hearing IBM 1401… in its entirety it makes perfect sense as part of the 4AD catalogue. Johannsson found inspiration for the record after discovering his father's IBM1401, a cumbersome 1960s computer system for which his father was a technician. Apparently these machines used to cost $2500 per day to lease and probably did a lot less than you'd think given the price, but Johannsson saw something intriguing to sample and in the same way that he utilised morse code receivers and ham radios on his Kitchen Motors disc, he uses IBM1401 training tapes as the thematic link on these tracks. An English voice can be heard describing the computer parts and how they work and how to engineer repairs on the machine and its peripherals, of course this is something that can ruin an otherwise good piece of music, but Johannsson in his restraint has managed to use the samples so cleverly that they actually become part of the music itself. The assertive voice becomes a symbol of nostalgia and that dusty sentiment, a picture of technology passed, or an electronic postcard from 1960, and never becomes there merely for the sake of it. Coupled with the simply stunning string arrangements they add a strange ethereal narrative, and while not telling a story as such, they bring vivid pictures to mind with great ease. Johannsson's skill in merging sounds doesn't end here either, as we heard on the stunning Englaborn he can subtly blend his electronic production methods with the orchestral arrangements without it ever falling out of place. Synthesized chimes trip and fall in-between the orchestral swells and radiophonic bleeps to create soundscapes so breathtaking they can leave you totally lost for words. It would be almost offensive however to merely label IBM 1401, A User's Manual as cinematic, rather Johannsson has pushed the bar higher and taken the infant post-classical genre to the next logical place, creating an album which doesn't just suggest visuals, rather with it's oblique use of sampled voices and atmospheric sounds the visuals are there all the time and are simply left for us to interpret. A challenging, engaging and utterly breathtaking experience, Johann Johannsson has proved he is out there on his own. Essential.

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вот за это огромное спасибо! может кто под шумок зальет englaborn?
great thanks to you, doru649. does anybody have englaborn? can you upload it, please?
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Отличная музыка, спасибо!

I mean, great music, thank you!
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Has anyone a link to his 2004 album "Virdulegu Forsetar"? Rated by Pitchfork as 8.8!

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Pitchfork bots are tone-deaf androids. Englaborn and IBM 1401 are by far Johannsson best works. Dis is OK when one considers it is a soundtrack, and his last single is excellent, but just 2 songs... Virdulegu is quite possibly his worst effort, unless you are a brass freak.
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Does anybody have englaborn?
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Johann Johannsson - Englaborn [2002] , avg. bitrate : 137 kbps

IBM 1401, A User's Manual [2006]

Dis [2004]

Virðulegu Forsetar [2004]

Englaborn [2002]

Pass: ultimovicio

i don't know the quality

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