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01. Perfect Protection
02. A Marker
03. Calling Cure
04. Always Measure Wait
05. Pale
06. Patterns Surgical
07. St.
08. Administer a Prosthetic Dream

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01. I
02. You Came To Me Like A Cancer Lain Dormant Until It Blossmed Like A Rose
03. /
04. Paradise
05. An Even Sun
06. Mosaics
07. A Christ Pendant Comfort Her Neck
08. Pair & Pear
09. German For Attention
10. Land

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01. Closer
02. Young
03. Turn
04. Sun Bear
05. Sunray
06. Lil' Joy
07. With Age
08. Rivers
09. A Turreted Berg

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01. Recede
02. 1991
03. Successive Pleasure
04. King Sound
05. Our Decade
06. Named
07. Severance
08. Careless

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My Disco is a math rock band from Melbourne, Australia, renowned for their angular, agitated guitar sounds and intricate time signatures.

Their first public performances began in 2003 between long-term collaborators, Rohan S. Rebeiro, Liam J. Andrews, and Ben W. Andrews. Since then the band have performed shows in over seven countries, including the less common touring destination of South-east Asia and a 7 week tour of North America in 2005, not to mention the countless tours across the Australian East-coast.

To date the band has released two releases on its own label Crashing Jets / Numerical Thief, along with a limited edition split 7-inch with Off Minor on the latter's Golden Brown Recordings - who also put out a limited CD release that combined MY DISCO's first two commercial releases. Neil Thomason of the now-defunct Melbourne band Ricaine engineered both releases.

Their debut album Cancer was released in September 2006 in Australia, on Numerical Thief.

The band's name is the name of a Big Black song, that can be found on the 1987 Headache EP.

My Disco - Cancer [2006]
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1. Perfect Protection
2. A Marker
3. Calling Cure
4. Measure Wait
5. Pale
6. Patterns Surgical
7. St.
8. Administer A Prosthetic Dream

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My Disco - Collapse Of An Erratic Lung (CDM) [2005]
01. I'm Having The Time Of Your Life
02. Travelling In Circuit
03. Inhaler

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spb fs
does someone has a rapidshare link? I really liked that clann zu stuff

к сожалению совершенно не впечатлило...
качал от сих Clann Zu

My Disco - Cancer

Thanks kelvin1962
My Disco - Collapse Of An Erratic Lung/Language Of Numbers (2005)
1. In The Benelux
2. See Life
3. Installation Of Camaraderie
4. In Figures Of Speech
5. A Moment Of Revelation
6. I'm Having The Time Of Your Life
7. Travelling On Circuit
8. Inhaler
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My Disco - Live at the Espy June 6th 2005
1. St. (intro)
2. Travelling On Circuit
3. In The Benelux
4. Always Measure Want
5. Installation Of Camraderie
6. A Moment Of Revelation
7. Inhaler
8. Troubled Receiver

Off Minor/My Disco Split (2005)

Off Minor
1. Some Clown
My Disco
2. Troubled Receiver
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переzалейте пожалуйста то, что выкладывал chewwater в предыдущем посте rolleyes.gif
Перезалейте пожалуйста (My Disco - Cancer) на iFolder.
My Disco - Collapse Of An Erratic Lung/Language Of Numbers, any chance for normal rapidshare?
Off Minor/My Disco Split (2005)

Can somebody upload this ?
залейте на ипапку хоть что-нибудь пожалуйста.
ау ребят модно на ifolder?
действительно)залейте пожалуйста на ifolder:)

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