спс..оч нрав группа..=))

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А может кто нибудь на япапку залить Smile Empty Soul - Smile Empty Soul, в VBR.
Ещё разочег
А может кто нибудь на япапку залить Smile Empty Soul - Smile Empty Soul, в VBR.

перезалейте первый альбом плизsmile.gif
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могу в 192 качестве на Ифу кинуть
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дайте линки или залейте нормально на альбомы 2005 и 2006 года пожалуйсто..а то те которые были страницы 2 или 3 назад у меня его-то не фурычат..
помогите пожалуйста... unsure.gif
ICQ 341 - 095 - 927
skype. bat20099
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1. Bottom Of A Bottle
2. Silhouettes
3. Nowhere Kids
4. This Is War
5. Therapy
6. For You
7. Your Way
8. The Other Side
9. Every Sunday
10. With This Knife
11. Radio In A Hole
12. All My Problems
13. I Want My Life
14. Eraser

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1.Bright Side
2.To the Ground
3.California's Lonely
4.Self Inflicted
6.Don't Need You
7.Fight of a Suburban Couple
8.Refill Me
9.God's Army
10.Not Alright
13.Proud to Be
14.Never Again
15.End of the World

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1. Out To Sea
2. The Hit
3. Loser
4. Jesus Is The Manager Of Wal-Mart
5. The Freaks Are Coming
6. Morning Light
7. Adjustments
8. Here'S To Another
9. Disease
10. Live Forever
11. Better Of Alone
12. Vultures

No Pass


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Currently Looking For:
Supe - 2009 ep
Fade - Japanese Band www.myspace.com/fadedivision1

Pm if you have these thank you
Just Gotta Say Fucking Amazing Band One of the Best Ever!!

rapidshare plz
true Screamo / Emo stalking? what's next? power Metal posse's? you just go drink the Sperm of the Goat!
Thanks for the link. I am missing the Anxiety album. its in the links right?

I love this band! They are awesome!!
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Band - Hecklers Veto
Album - Smile Empty Soul
1999, Dyspathy Records

1. Perfect Scene
2. Facepaint
3. Too Far Gone
4. Tears
5. Shaking the Glass
6. Untitled


-Meaningless, Heckler's Veto Demo

-Rain, Heckler's Veto Dem


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Wow! i never knew this existed. Thanx!
I don't speak russian.
they were 16 or 17 at time

а ваще круто) мне реально понравилось, неожидал)

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