Label founded by Taylor Deupree, based in Brooklyn, New York USA.

Minamo - Shining
Label: 12k
Catalog#: 12k1031
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: Mar 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Minimal
Credits: Acoustic Guitar - Yuichiro Iwashita
Electronics, Computer - Tetsuro Yasunaga
Guitar, Computer - Keiichi Sugimoto
Keyboards - Namiko Sasamoto
1 Crumbling (12:57)
2 Raum (4:31)
3 Serene (4:37)
4 Tone (8:26)
5 Stay Still (8:38)
6 We Were (8:08)
12k is proud to announce the latest release from Japan’s Minamo. Shining is the quartet’s 5th full-length release to date and continues in a common tradition of being sourced and edited from live performance recordings, a practice central to the band’s interest in improvisational forms and organic track growth.

While guitar is still the prominent instrument, Shining takes a slightly different path from the drone-oriented releases of the past. Still pursuing vague and evasive atmospheres Minamo now inject much more prominent rhythm and turbulence, as on “Crumbling’s” software driven looping or “Stay Still’s” 16th note picked guitar repetition that is quietly offset by sparse piano. This is part of what makes Shining a work of subtle pairings and contrasts. Digital hums and crackles merge with the glacial pace of peaceful, melodic string resonance, blurred echoes of familiar sounds fall away into pools of feedback. This is highly free-formed work yet at the same time there is an obvious communication between musicians (and instruments) that makes Minamo’s music a language unique to a 4-piece band as they continue to explore the unstable boundaries of free improv, post-rock, and live electronic ambience.

Sawako - Hum
Label: 12k
Catalog#: 12k1035
Format: CD
Country: US
Released: Nov 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Ambient
Credits: Guitar - Aoki Hayato
1 Pink Liquid Cotton Candy (5:55)
Featuring - Taylor Deupree
2 Patchworked Blanket (2:55)
Vocals - George (11)
3 Rush (4:17)
4 Incense Of Voice (4:56)
5 Way Home From School (3:46)
6 White Sky Winter Chicada (8:05)
Featuring - Kenneth Kirschner
7 Cloud No Crowd (13:02)
NYC/Tokyo sound artist Sawako has recently made a name for herself with her own unique combination of field recordings and DSP combined with noticeably feminine touch. It is this strong use of both mediums that makes her hard to classify or neatly tucked away into a specific genre. Her latest release, Hum, is an elegant and detailed work in which she consciously brushes against the fringes of pop music by extracting and processing the sounds of everyday life and working them into melodies and arrangements. Coded sound blends lightly with piano, voice, roomtones, field recordings and the additional instruments from a number of supporting musicians including Aoki Hayato (guitar + pianica), and 12k’s Kenneth Kirschner (room tones), and Taylor Deupree (kyma).

Hum is very much an album about life that takes influences from Sawako’s home in Japan and her recent years as a student of sound and media technology in New York City. There is at one time both a sense of girlish innocence and curiosity and the result marks a unique point in 12k’s recent output.

While Hum is primarily a soft, ambient album, Sawako is obviously hinting at much more beneath the surface. It’s as if she is not just searching for music in non-musical places but playing hide-and-seek with the most beautiful and sublime sounds around her and forming them by hand into a dreamy work of art.
Fourcolor - Air Curtain
Label: 12k
Catalog#: 12k1029
Country: US
Released: Sep 2004
Genre: Electronic
Style: Abstract, Experimental, Ambient
1 Curves Of Air (7:27)
2 Empty Sky 1 (5:05)
3 ae (6:34)
4 2 Strings (6:57)
5 Cloud Whereabouts (7:05)
6 As Rain (6:35)
7 Empty Sky 2 (8:23)

Air Curtain is the latest release from keiichi sugimoto's (minamo, fonica) solo project Fourcolor. Following his release Water Mirror (Apestaartje, 2004) in which Sugimoto created gradually evolving works using guitar drones and resonances, Air Curtain was composed to be a more diverse album and an exploration of different processes. Still utilizing the signature drones and ambient washes of guitar notes and resonances, Air Curtain finds movement in implied rhythmic edits, synthetic percussive accents and more structured playing techniques. The results are engaging, picturesque works that swell and flow with an air of warmth and transluscence, layered with subtle shifts and sparks that demand attentive listening and further establish Sugimoto's place as one of the genre's strongest emerging talents.

attention!!! this is very cool label and its run by Taylor Deupree
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Minamo - Shining

PLZ re-upload track #3 !!
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did you maybe have Pjusk - Sart from 12k label?
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Pjusk - Sart

Released: Apr 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Minimal, Ambient

Credits: Arranged By, Mastered By - Peter Andreas Nordenstam
Flute - Erik Manshaus Guitar - Tor Anders Voldsund
Producer - Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik , Rune Sagevik
Vocals - Elisabeth Lahr
Written-By, Performer - Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik , Rune Andre Sagevik

Total play time: 55:20


1 Tander (7:57)
2 Kontur (2:19)
3 Dur (4:16)
4 Flyktig (5:10)
5 Myk (4:07)
6 Rim (1:32)
7 Vag (3:34)
8 Rav (5:08)
9 Hul (4:56)
10 Anelse (4:42)
11 Rom (4:54)
12 Dempet (3:18)
13 Stadig (3:20)


highly recommendation to all

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Taylor Deupree - 1AM

Label: 12k
Catalog#: 12k2004
Format: CD, EP
Country: US
Released: Nov 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Experimental


Taylor Deupree "Occur" (2001)
[12k; 12k1013]
Experimental, Minimal

картинка, оставленная пользователем

01 Untitled (4:25)
02 Untitled (2:16)
03 Untitled (4:04)
04 Untitled (7:29)
05 Untitled (6:06)
06 Untitled (4:19)
07 Untitled (1:38)
08 Untitled (5:34)
09 Untitled (9:08)

Агсл щаа
lookin for Moskitoo - Drape
Moskitoo - Drape

Label: 12k
Catalog#: 12k1041
Format: CD, Album
Country: US
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic, Pop
Style: J-pop, Experimental, Ambient


1 Paddle (4:18)
2 Skie (2:48)
3 De Siii? (2:21)
4 Manima No Lemon (6:35)
5 Tarantella (2:50)
6 Terrier (4:09)
7 Shaggy (1:40)
8 Tip Toe Blues (3:22)
9 Wham & Whammy (4:08)
10 Watashi No Neml Tabi (4:29)

thanx U man, very beau and subtile muzic thumb.gif

mabye someone upload this
Ghislain Poirier - Il N'y A Pas De Sud...
Tetsu Inoue + Taylor Deupree - Active / Freeze
Label: 12k
Catalog#: 12k1009
Format: lp
Country: US
Released: Jul 2000
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental
1 Modern / Error (4:16)
2 New / Path (1:40)
3 Remote / Beauty (4:10)
4 Active / Freeze (4:10)
5 Time.1 / Time.5 (3:18)
6 Begin / Restore (4:09)
7 Interior / Tone (2:29)
8 Oto / Obje (2:45)
9 Spectra / Mood (3:07)
10 Shape / Ffwd (2:44)
11 Data / I (2:07)
12 Lin / Fll (4:14)
13 Layer / Cut (4:16)
14 Render / Point (2:47)

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Line is a division of 12k documenting compositional and installation work by international sound artists exploring the aesthetics of contemporary digital minimalism.
Miki Yui - Lupe Luep Peul Epul
Label: Line
Catalog#: Line_003
Format: LP
Country: US
Released: Mar 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Experimental
1 Ki (2:38)
2 Mpsi (3:50)
3 Torli (2:46)
4 Bebe (1:03)
5 Aawa (1:09)
6 Yu (1:02)
7 Miivmi (1:03)
8 Suigin (1:18)
9 Koko (1:06)
10 Mucaci (0:55)
11 Schlaf (2:12)
12 Obonbon (1:31)
13 Strm (4:23)
14 Viim (0:06)
15 Hibana (1:18)
16 Ooa (4:57)
17 Kaeru (3:55)
18 Zoan (1:36)
19 Iusu (2:56)
"The latest release from sound/installation artist Miki Yui. Miki was born in Tokyo, Japan and currently resides in Cologne, Germany, presenting her work in galleries, on CD, and as soundtracks to theatre/dance performance and film productions. Lupe Luep Peul Epul is an extension of her well received 1999 release small sounds (BMB Lab, Cologne) taking sounds recorded in various spaces, often sampler processed natural/acoustically based, and woven them into intricate multi-layered compositions. These acoustic fragments are meant to fill in the sonic environmental gaps and create a new space that implies a layer of memories. Miki's sounds mirror memory loops -- bits and pieces of past sights, visions, feelings, echoed in warm sine tones, clicks, grit, and vibrating timbres -- recalled and then merged into the environment to return as new memories that let the listener sink into the moment of listening, creating a loop. This work is a loop for listening to our environment. It is designed to be played back in loop/random mode and at a quiet, transparent level." Forced Exposure
Motion - Dust
Label: 12k
Catalog#: 12k1019
Format: LP
Country: US
Released: Jul 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal
1 T-Mis.F (4:19)
2 Carousel (3:10)
3 Lo.Jack (3:19)
4 Postmark Edit (3:22)
5 Lnr6 (5:29)
6 London Thing (2:30)
7 Coaster (3:11)
8 Plan.B (4:29)
9 Lighter (2:46)
10 Actual Size (3:15)
11 Rose Coloured (4:20)
"Motion (the UK's Chris Coode) makes stunningly subtle works out of sensuous vestiges of melody and digital space. Like an awakening insect, "T.Mis F" opens Dust, Motion's debut 12k cd with sparse fragments of warm tones, lo-fi creaks and bass frequencies. Equally as organic, "Plan B" conjures up images of a lifeform emerging from a murky pool of liquid. Slowed-down chords and tonal scrapes play over a soft, hushed noise. A quiet cd, Dust engages and focuses the listener, and rewards with repeated listening.
Dust marks Coode's 2nd full length release. Previously Motion produced the Pictures cd/lp in 2001 and a joint 12" with San Francisco artists Matmos on the UK label Fat Cat's Split Series in 2000. Upcoming MP3 work is scheduled to be released later this year on the Italian web based label Tu M'" 12K

Miki Yui - Silence Resounding
Label: Line/12k
Catalog#: Line_015
Format: LP
Country: US
Released: Jul 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Ambient
1 Ancienne (2:09)
2 Smoke (4:10)
3 Out In The Dark (6:00)
4 Small Fish (1:17)
5 Atomu (3:24)
6 Garden (5:23)
7 Golden Dropp (3:54)
8 At A Harbour (1:59)
9 D.rain (4:17)
10 Atomo.sphere (2:47)
11 Tele (2:30)

Alva Noto - For
Label: Line/12K
Catalog#: Line_026
Format: LP
Country: US
Released: Jun 2006
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, Minimal, Ambient
Credits: Photography - Carsten Nicolai
Notes: This alva noto CD brings together disparate recordings created thoughout the last four years, unified under a theme of dedication. All nine studies share the history of being made specifically for someone or for a project that for one reason or another remained open ended
1 Counter (2:01)
2 Transit (12:40)
3 Station Remo (9:20)
4 Gulf Night (6:36)
5 Flashforward (7:43)
6 Jr (4:30)
7 Odradek (9:37)
8 Wall Anfang (6:25)
9 Alva Noto.z1 (6:20)
Sensitive Music of fragile beauty from sublabel of 12K - Happy. This label is devoted 2 unconventional japaneese pop music with experimental flavour. Chek it - its bout angels smile.gif

Piana - Ephemeral
Label: Happy/12K
Format: LP
Released:14 Sep 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Downtempo, Synth-pop
Credits: Cello - Seigen Tokuzawa (tracks: 2, 5, 8)
Notes: All tracks written, arranged, mixed and produced by Piana.
Except track 8 (cello arranged by Seigen Tokuzawa).
Piano, organ and guitar by Piana.
1 Something Is Lost (6:47)
Guitar - Yuichiro Iwashita
2 Early In Summer (5:55)
Violin - Gen Saito
3 Beside Me (5:16)
Guitar - Yuichiro Iwashita
Violin - Sayaka Kuwabara
4 Color Of Breeze (1:08)
5 Little Girl Poems (6:17)
6 Muse (2:29)
7 Mother's Love (5:12)
8 Moon And Cello (4:53)
9 Beginning (2:24)

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