Prince Po - The Slickness
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Label: Lex Records
Catalog#: LEX 025 CD
Format: CD
Country: UK
Released: 05 Jul 2004

1. hello
2. too much
3. love thang
4. hold dat
5. it's goin down
6. social distortion
7. the slickness
8. grown ass man
9. bump bump
10. meet me at the bar
11. fall back
12. be easy
13. hold dat [club remix]

Ссылка: po- the
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ооо давно хотел заценить Prince Po!
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послушаю. спасибо

вау, какие люди smile.gif

если (вдруг) понравится-обязательно отпишись wink.gif
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junkymike понравилось! супер!
он участник группы Organized Konfusion
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меня тошнит от вашего рэпа
мысли набычены
ну не че так некотырые трэки радуют biggrin.gif
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Tomc3 & Prince Po - Saga Of The Simian Samurai ( 2007 )

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01. The Saga Begins
02. Saga Of The Simian Samurai
03.Roota To The Toota
04. Lessons In Drama
05. Candy
06. Now and Then
07. Apocalyptic Medicine Ft Motion Man & Kool Keith
08. Choose
09. Speak
10. Bad Brainz
11. Land Of Perfect
12. I'm Hatin
13. Can't Stop Won't Stop Ft A.G.
14. Rockland Ft Del The Funky Homosapien
Tomc3 & Prince Po - Saga Of The Simian Samurai ( 2007 ) на zshare залей пожалуйста wink.gif
Oh, and on the off chance there are any astronomy aficionados amongst you, the North Star is that one.
The Slickness очень понравился!
можно самурая залить на айфолдер или на мегу хотябы? с рапиды удручающая скорость ((
вот может кому-нибудь надо

Tomc3 & Prince Po - Saga Of The Simian Samurai ( 2007 )


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01 03:29 Love Tha Love (Original)
02 03:29 Love Tha Love (Club)
03 03:29 Love Tha Love (Instrumental)
04 03:45 Medicine Men
05 04:04 However U Want It (Original)
06 04:05 However U Want It (Club)
07 04:04 However U Want It (Instrumental)
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Prince Po


Better known as one-half of the '90s rap duo Organized Konfusion (the other half being Pharoahe Monch), Prince Po (or Prince Poetry) was born and raised in Queens. In 1991 Organized Konfusion's stellar self-titled debut album came out, and immediately made an impression on the hip-hop scene, but after six more years and two more albums, Monch and Prince Po decided to take a break (though rumors of reuniting were omnipresent), and each MC went on to pursue a solo career (the former went on to make a name for himself with his celebrated 1999 record, Internal Affairs). In 2002 Po met producer Danger Mouse while he was working on Jemini's Ghetto Pop Life, and they all got along so well that Po did a guest spot on the track "Copy Cats" and arranged for Danger Mouse to produce part of his upcoming solo album, Slickness. Released in 2004 on the British label Lex, Slickness helped to reestablish Prince Po as a premier MC, and in the summer of 2006 the follow-up, Prettyblack, came out.

Prince Po - Lexmix003 (2004)
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Artist: Prince Po
Album: Lexmix003
Released: 2004
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label: Lexrecords
Size: 37 mb
Disk length: 15m 28s (5 Tracks)
Bitrate: 320Kbps

CD Rip

1. Hold Dat (feat. Jemini & Rell) 4:08
2. So Rebellious 2:51
3. Social Distortion (feat. MF Doom) 3:00
4. Better Things 2:17
5. Get On Down 3:07

Скачать (Зеркало 1)
Скачать (Зеркало 2)
Скачать (Зеркало 3)

pass - hillside
Я - Hillside
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Пароль на мои архивы - hillside
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Prince Po - Pretty Black (2006) (vbr v2)

Pretty Black
Mecheti Lightspeed
Ask Me (feat. 2Mex)
Right 2 Know (feat. Chas West)
Holla (L. Boogies Theme) (feat. Presto (GBG) & CJ)
Feel It 4 U
Purple Kush Ritual (feat. Chyna Black)
Creep On It
U Right Hear (J. Dilla Tribute) (feat. Concise Kilgore)
The City Sleeps
Bonus Track

pass - onelove

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