OM Miami 2006 Mixed By DJ Fluid

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Label: OM Records (
Стиль / Genre: House

Релиз: VA-OM Miami 2006 Mixed by DJ Fluid-(OM204)-2006-USF (Release Date: Mar-07-2006)
Качество: VBR ~205 kbps
Диск ripped в 1 MP3 / CUE.

Альбом разбит на 2 части (70000000 Bytes и 56065451 Bytes).


Контрольные суммы MD5:
aa7620ca8a61f86f76585697e1efc1a8 *VA-OM_Miami_2006_Mixed_by_DJ_Fluid-(OM204)-2006-USF.part1.rar
9e65921612807c5f38a9e00c9150919c *VA-OM_Miami_2006_Mixed_by_DJ_Fluid-(OM204)-2006-USF.part2.rar

Весь релиз - 120 MB (126065315 Bytes, MD5: 0cabaa4d26ed09cd7f011d8e37af8ada)

01. Chuck Love - Livin' at Night
02. Andy Caldwell - Don't You Love Me
03. Groove Junkies - Just Groovin' (Main Room Madness Mix)
04. Uneaq - Pico de Gallo
05. Afro-Mystik - Miracles (Kiko Navarro Afroterraneo Mix)
06. Colette - Didn't Mean To Turn You On (Justin Martin Mix)
07. Uneaq - Only U (Johnny Fiasco Dub)
08. Iz & Diz - Magnificent (Fred Everything Mix)
09. Fred Everything - Studio C
10. Chuck Love - Something Right (JT Donaldson Dub)
11. Rithma - I Wish I Could Be Beautiful
12. PC Synergy - Puttin' It Out There
13. Samantha James - Rise (ROCAsound Mix)
Great post as always! thumb.gif

thanks demiguise,u're the best! wink.gif
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thnx man
Okay. Nice work. OM is a very bright label, I've got the OM 10th triple compilation, and I was fascinating of the smooth vibes of the tunes. Full Thanx from France !!! And good work, follow on this way !!!!! thumb.gif
thanks Demiguise for this good music thumb.gif
Dziekuje, Danke, Спасибо, Thanks
What is it like?
Another thanx! smile.gif

Very good house. A bit more club than last 'House of OM'.
@Demiguise +1111

Thx Man.. Thx.. thumb.gif

and Om Record offical site :

Om Miami Mar 27, 2006 ( 27 Mar... smile.gif))))

please demiguise, you have a new cue-file for me ?

mine is damaged

thanks in advance
Dziekuje, Danke, Спасибо, Thanks
I don't understand you.
CUE from release is good: CUE Splitter was successfully cut release's MP3.

Only CUE:
I also do not understand it and do not know, why it did not function with the file sad.gif
now everything is OK smile.gif
thanks for your quick answer
Dziekuje, Danke, Спасибо, Thanks
OM: Miami 2007

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Label: OM Records (
Стиль / Genre: Club / House

Релиз / Release: VA-OM Miami 2007-2007-SAW (Release Date: 2007-03-01 / Store Date: 2007-03-06)
Качество / Quality: VBR ~182 kbps (1 MP3 / CUE)

Весь релиз (97.9 МB, 102661228 Bytes, MD5: 4C426633D4BCA3503C87BDB7CFE9B754)

01. Tarantulaz feat. Monique Bingham - They Forgot It (Al Velila's Tagomago Re-edit) 7:24
02. Troydon - Its Alright 4:48
03. Chuck Love - Still Funky 4:02
04. Greenskeepers - Polo Club (D's Book Learnin' Dub) 2:46
05. Bassnectar feat. KristinaMaria - Yo (Speaker Junk's Jackin Brazilian Rave Remix) 5:33
06. Zeph & Azeem - That Type Of Music (A.S.S. Clap Remix) 3:32
07. Chuck Love - Beautiful Thing (Trevor Loveys Tenderloin Tug & Rub) 4:15
08. DJ Fluid Presents Omega - Keep On (Nathan G's Luvbug Dub) 5:18
09. Samantha James - Rise (Johnny Fiasco's Chunkafunk Mix) 5:47
10. Onionz feat. El Feco - Woman Of The Sun (Hipp-e's Stripped Out Mix) 6:41
11. Chuck Love - Beat Down 3:24
12. Fred Everything - Don't Want Chu (Now) (JT Donaldson & Tim K Remix) 5:33
13. Rookiee - I'll Do You (Vernon & Dacosta Dub) 6:32
14. Ladybug Mecca - Dogg Starr (Fred Everything's Dog Thang) 5:03
15. Fred Everything - Come On Everybody 4:44
Oh man!!!!!
If U want somethin' from me, speak in english
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thank u demiguise! wink.gif
Ah yes congratulations!!!!! I Love OM!!!!!!I Love!!!!!!!!

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