Child Bite is an American post-punk/art rock band formed in 2005 in Detroit, Michigan. The band was established by Shawn Knight, the guitarist/vocalist and sole original member through multiple personnel changes in the band.
Child Bite's sound consists of atonal guitar melodies, distorted bass and organ, frequent rhythmic shifts, and frenzied, howling vocals. Earlier recorded material often included additional instruments such as saxophone and violin. Their lyrical content is abstract and metaphorical, often dealing with topics such as fear, paranoia, and despair.

Child Bite - американская пост-панк/арт рок группа основанная в 2005 году в Детройте, штат Мичиган. Группа основана постоянным и бессменным участником Шоном Найтом, который является вокалистом/гитаристом, также играет на синтезаторе. Звучание группы создают атональные гитарные мелодии, шумный бас и орган, ломаные ритмы, и визжащий, бешеный вокал. Ранний материал часто включает в себя добавление таких инструментов, как саксофон и скрипка.

Discography / Дискография

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2006 - Wild Feast

01 - Bone / Sleep
02 - From The Eighteen Hundreds
03 - Double Wildcat
04 - Swamp Art
05 - Broach For Two
06 - Macho Meal
07 - Gash Eyes
08 - The Scoops Are Coming
09 - Jungle Math
10 - Good Arm Giver
11 - Wink Wave (With A)

Quality: 192 kbps
Size: 31.3 mb
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2008 - Fantastic Gusts of Blood

01 - Venom Bowl, Kids Guts
02 - Never-Ending Mountain Slammer
03 - Banana Gordon
04 - White Bull From the Sea
05 - Back to the Deep Egg or His Fleas Became All the People
06 - The Rainbow Churn
07 - Jewels Rules
08 - Barracouta Mouth
09 - In the Bat House
10 - 100 Eyes

Quality: ~250 kbps
Size: 56 mb
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2010 - The Living Breathing Organ Summer

01 - Manacles
02 - Odd Inn
03 - Age Of Vacuum Trotters
04 - Paws Perilous
05 - Limpin' 'Round & Pussy Footin'
06 - Organ Summer
07 - Barks To Addle
08 - Black Pyramid Mausoleum
09 - Mates In Torso
10 - Born With Both Parts
11 - Savory Grandeur
12 - Grotesque Holiday
13 - Flags Of Vermillion

Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 88.3 mb
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2007 - Gold Thriller

01 - I Like Friends
02 - Don't Do What Your Body Tells You To Do
03 - Gudavia
04 - Ape Along
05 - Midnight At
06 - The Muscle Chalet
07 - Body Buddies

Quality: ~200 kbps
Size: 28.3 mb
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2008 - Exquisite Luxury

01 - Wink Wave (With A) by Vice Cooler (remix)
02 - Bone/Sleep by Scott Allen (remix)
03 - Swamp Art by Vice Cooler (remix)
04 - From the Eighteen Hundreds by Scott Allen (remix)
05 - Gash Eyes by Vice Cooler (remix)
06 - Broach For Two by Scott Allen (remix)
07 - Double Wildcat by Scott Allen (remix)

Quality: ~230 kbps
Size: 33.3 mb
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2012 - Monomania

01 - Wrong Flesh
02 - The Nab Munch is On
03 - Smear Where the Face Was
04 - Vapor in the Orphan Loop
05 - Begin The Hiss
06 - Scum Gene (Trash Vibrato)

Quality: 160 kbps
Size: 33.3 mb
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2007 - Physical Education (w/ Stationary Odyssey)

01 - Stationary Odyssey - Your Sex Is Pet
02 - Child Bite - Beaf Up
03 - Stationary Odyssey - Education Breakdown
04 - Child Bite - Do the Physical

Quality: 256 kbps
Size: 24.4 mb
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2009 - Split 7" w/ Big Bear

01 - Child Bite - Gloom Boots
02 - Big Bear - Song 23

Quality: 192 kbps
Size: 10.9 mb
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2009 - Split 7" w/ DD/MM/YYYY

01 - Child Bite - Gender Points
02 - DD/MM/YYYY - Jackpot
03 - DD/MM/YYYY - Super VGF

Quality: 128 kbps
Size: 7.20 mb
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2009 - Split 7" w/ This Moment In Black History

01 - Child Bite - Mammal Manners
02 - This Moment In Black History - It's Everything We Do

Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 13.2 mb
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2011 - Split EP w/ Dope Body

01 - Child Bite - Prowl
02 - Child Bite - Modern Torment
03 - Dope Body - Dillonaero
04 - Dope Body - Sludge
05 - Dope Body - Vision

Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 31.3 mb
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2012 - Split 7" w/ Hellmouth, Old Gods & Golden Torso
В розыске!

Imho - ffo Minus the Bear, The Blood Brothers and Trophy Scars.
Лично мне чем то напомнили Minus the Bear, The Blood Brothers и Trophy Scars

Участники группы:
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Current members:
Shawn Knight – Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Electronics
Sean Clancy – Bass
Brandon Sczomak – Guitar
Ben Moore – Drums

Past members:
Zach Norton – Guitar
Danny Sperry - Drums
Christian Doble - Saxophone, Backing Vocals

ARTIST.....: Child Bite
TITLE......: Gold Thriller (EP)
LABEL......: Joyful Noise
RIP DATE...: Aug-02-2007
STORE DATE.: Aug-21-2007
GENRE......: Indie
QUALITY....: VBR / 44.1Hz / Joint-Stereo
SIZE.......: 28,3 MB
19:00 min

Release Notes:

This is disco for the undead: solid, consistently danceable rock
with a brazenly psychotic, progressive edge. Child Bite's blend of
sophisticated dance-punk has enough time changes and feedback
layering to please hipsters and experimental rockers alike,
recalling bands like Brainiac, early Deerhoof, and Pere Ubu. The
deceptively danceable music of this band only masks true
experimental flair. As you would be able to tell from the sleeve
of Mr. Bungle tattoos on Shawn Knight's arm, they've flirted with
the darkest of experimental and progressive sounds, only to emerge
with a very twisted take on (post?) dance-punk.

The no-fluff New York style punk sensibility is combined with
flourishes faintly reminiscent of acid-teas-era experimentation,
and freaky, tweaked-out vocals. Alternating between 8-bit Nintendo
sounds and expansively spacy and epic movements, the music of
Child Bite will constantly challenge whichever musical genre you
choose to describe them. Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine
drunk, there is a sense of euphoria, urgency, and baseless
paranoia blended with an overall sense of velocity, a hidden logic
and inertia that is both satisfying and mildly frightening. This
is the insidious dark side of hip rock music.

freezed for a while
im leet cause im hot, you aint cause you not

I like, I like friends... biggrin.gif
Веселые фрики, прут.
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Child Bite - Fantastic Gusts Of Blood - (2008)
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1.Venom Bowl, Kids Guts
2.Never-Ending Mountain Slammer
3.Banana Gorgon
4.White Bull From The Sea
5.Back To The Deep Egg Or- His Fleas Became All The People
6.The Rainbow Churn
7.Jewels Rules
8.Barracouta Mouth
9.In The Bat House
10.100 Eyes / iFolder

Безбашенная пластинка.ребята отжигают,что надо.Мне понравилось.

А вот небезинтересная рецензия из ЖЖ.
Хаос, беспредел, агрессия, сумасшествие, сложно подобрать слова для этого безумного альбома. В группе состоит постоянно пять человек, а в записях и живых выступлениях, помимо основного состава участвует ещё до пятнадцати человек. Набор инструментов, которые можно услышать кроме привычных гитар и барабанов включает в себя: синтезаторы, орган, банджо, виолончели, духовые инструменты и перкуссионные приспособления. Всё это сдабривается сумасшедшим, нервным голосом, который вот-вот сорвётся на неразборчивый крик и танцором на сцене.Альбом на любителя и может не понравится перед скачиванием -  обязательно«попробовать» пару треков на майспейсе.

Лучше наверное и не скажешь.
а залейте пожалуйста ещё раз, все ссылки умерли. прям вот все.

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Child Bite - The Living Breathing Organ Summer [2010 / 320 / 89 Mb]

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Like a perfectly balanced amphetamine drunk, The Living Breathing Organ Summer exudes euphoria, urgency, baseless paranoia and a mild sense of vertigo. With their most recent effort, Child Bite seems to have thrown caution to the wind - mashing their punk vigor with avant-garde ideals into a no-fluff sound that is both consistently danceable and brazenly psychotic.

Grab your copies of Oh the Places You’ll Go, Where the Sidewalk Ends, Dark Crystal and The Odyssey and blend them up with the first season of Real Sex, Naked Truth and a few Irvine Welsh novels. This should give you a decent sampling of the manner of storytelling lead vocalist Shawn Knight orates; in parts ululating howl and parts stern (almost terrifying) warble. The musical pulpit from which Knight preaches his homilies of the strange is comprised of the bone shattering rhythm section of Danny Sperry on drums and Sean Clancy on bass guitar. Sperry infuses the random with the precise without ever straying from his thesis statement of Urgency is the Impetus for Groove, while Clancy hurls his fingers of agile concrete at the strings of his purple jazz bass as if carving Michelangelo’s David were an event in a strong man contest.

Drawing influence from the likes of The Jesus Lizard, Devo, and Dead Kennedys with applications of soul, synth, and funk laden quirks –– Child Bite are an eccentric orchestra of punk adrenaline, avant-garde mortar, and lucid epicurean nightmares. Do not fret or succumb to the feelings of pretense or fright you might be experiencing. This band is a family, a statement, a hobby, an ethos, an outlet, and a bear hug. Put your anxious and self-indulgent lobes to good use.


01. Manacles
02. Odd Inn
03. Age Of Vacuum Trotters
04. Paws Perilous
05. Limpin' 'Round & Pussy Footin'
06. Organ Summer
07. Barks To Addle
08. Black Pyramid Mausoleum
09. Mates In Torso
10. Born With Both Parts
11. Savory Grandeur
12. Grotesque Holiday
13. Flags Of Vermillion




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Нигде не могу их найти, а группа очень интересная!

Википедия говорит, что у них имеются следующие релизы:

The Living Breathing Organ Summer LP (2010, JNR/FAR)
Fantastic Gusts of Blood LP (2008, SSM)
Wild Feast LP (2006, SSM)

Monomania EP (2012, JNR)
Split EP w/ Dope Body (2011, FAR)
Exquisite Luxury EP (2008, SSM)
Gold Thriller EP (2007, JNR/SSM)
Physical Education Split EP w/ Stationary Odyssey (2007, JNR)

Split 7" w/ Hellmouth, Old Gods & Golden Torso (2012, Bellyache)
Split 7" w/ DD/MM/YYYY (2009, Wham City/Dyspepsidisc)
Split 7" w/ Big Bear (2009, JNR)
Split 7" w/ This Moment In Black History (2009, FAR)

Делитесь у кого есть rolleyes.gif
Итак, недавно я нашёл в сети все релизы, кроме последнего сплита. Оформил шапку (спасибо модератору) и теперь вы можете скачать всё с русфолдера)

У кого вдруг окажется Split 7" w/ Hellmouth, Old Gods & Golden Torso - выкладывайте)
Несколько, относительно новых релизов

2013 - Wision Crimes [EP]
320 kbps

2013 - Split with We Are Ex
~270 kbps

Епишка с каверами на Anal Cunt. На вокале некто Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down) dunno.gif такие дела.
2014 - Morbid Hits [Anal Cunt covers]
160 kbps
Полная дискография одним архивом на mediafire

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