Beauty and the Beat - 1959

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Review by John Bush
Upon its first release Beauty and the Beat! was billed as a live recording from a Miami convention of disc jockeys. Though Peggy Lee and George Shearing did in fact perform there (and attempts were made to record them for later release), the songs heard on the subsequent LP were recorded in the studio and overdubbed with rather obvious canned applause, announcements, and even post-production echo. Lee and Shearing, who had never recorded before, conceived a set of completely new arrangements that played to their strengths: stately blues and effervescent swing. The best of the former comes on a pair of locale-referencing quasi-blues, "I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City" and "You Came a Long Way From St. Louis," both of which Lee and Shearing are able to transform into languorous, respectable torch songs. The usually downcast "Blue Prelude" is actually taken at a laissez faire tempo that Lee treats well, and the original set ends with "Get Out of Town" and "Satin Doll," a pair of bemused, affectionate performances that perfectly suit the pair. Lee and Shearing's only collaboration on record — though both would occasionally perform together thereafter — is a supremely chilled session of late-night blues from two masters of the form.


1 Do I Love You? Porter 3:03
2 I Lost My Sugar in Salt Lake City Lange, Rene 2:27
3 If Dreams Come True Goodman, Mills, Sampson 2:20
4 All Too Soon Ellington, Sigman 2:35
5 Mambo in Miami Peraza 1:42
6 Isn't It Romantic? Hart, Rodgers 2:54
7 Blue Prelude Bishop, Jenkins 2:06
8 You Came a Long Way from St. Louis Brooks, Russell 2:50
9 Always True to You in My Fashion Porter 1:58
10 There'll Be Another Spring Lee, Wheeler 2:23
11 Get Out of Town Porter 1:58
12 Satin Doll Ellington, Mercer, Strayhorn 2:47
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It's A Big Wide Wonderful World 1:37
Whisper Not 2:17
My Silent Love 2:33
The Lady Is A Tramp 2:31
Days of Wine and Roses 3:08
As Long As I Live 2:00
I Won't Dance 2:03
Cloudy Morning 2:40
I Could Write A Book 2:08
I Never Had A Chance 2:39
Close Your Eyes 2:18
Where Can I Go Without You 2:46

I'll Get By 2:15
Please Don't Rush Me 2:32
I'm A Fool To Want You 3:16
I Didn't Find Love 2:05
Little Boat 2:07

Personnel on 2, 3, 10 and 13 thru 16 --
Benny Cater, arranger -- Jack Sheldon, trumpet -- Harry Klee, flute, alto flute (#3-13-14) -- Justin Gordon, tenor saxophone, flute (#2, 10, 15, 16) -- Lou Levy, piano -- Herb Ellis, Al Hendrickson, guitars -- Max Bennett, bass -- Mel Lewis, drums -- Chino Pozo, percussion

Personnel on all other selections --

Jack Sheldon, trumpet -- Justin Gordon, tenor saxophone, flute -- Bob Corwin, piano -- John Pisano, guitar -- Max Bennett, bass, arranger -- Stan Levey, drums -- Francisco Aguabella, Latin percussion

Recorded March 29th and 30th 1962 and February 2nd 5th and 7th 1963

Total Time 41:49 | ripped @ 320 kbps (86.4 MB)


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PEGGY LEE -- If You Go
Orchestra arranged & conducted by QUINCY JONES

"Magnificent misty-eyed performances of beautiful love songs..."

As Time Goes By 2:53
If You Go 2:43
Oh Love Hast Thou Forsaken Me 2:37
Say It Isn't So 2:58
I Wish I Didn't Love You So 2:48
Maybe It's Because I Love You Too Much 2:04
I'm Gonna Laugh You Out of My Life 2:48
I Get Along Without You Very Well 2:48
(I Love Your) Gypsy Heart 2:30
When I Was A Child 3:16
Here's That Rainy Day 2:49
Smile 2:22

plus 2 bonus tracks from original sessions collated from CD compilations

Deep Purple 2:55
Farewell To Arms 3:05

Total Time 38:43 (LP 32:37) | ripped from CD @ 320 kbps (89.1 MB)

Personnel guest stars -- Benny Carter (alto sax) Shelly Manne (drums) Chino Pozo (bongos/congas) -- recorded 1961


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with The Quincy Jones Orchestra

Kansas City 2:29
Basin Street Blues 3:04
Los Angeles Blues 2:38
I Left My Sugar (In Salt Lake City) 2:53
Grain Belt Blues 1:52
New York City Blues 3:21
Goin' To Chicago Blues 2:37
San Francisco Blues 2:37
Fisherman's Wharf 3:11
Boston Beans 2:05
Train Blues 2:42
St Louis Blues 2:15

Hey Look Me Over 1:55
The Shining Sea 2:45

Arranged by Quincy Jones
except "San Francisco Blues" arranged by Benny Carter
and "The Shining Sea" arranged by Johnny Mandel

Recorded April and May 1961 (Track 14, May 1966)
detailed (and how!) personnel included in scans in ZIP

Total Time 36:24 | ripped @ 320 kbps (75.7 MB)


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with orchestra conducted by Frank Sinatra
and arrangements by Nelson Riddle

The Man I Love
Please Be Kind
Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe
Just One Way To Say "I Love You"
That's All
Something Wonderful
He's My Guy
Then I'll Be Tired of You
My Heart Stood Still
If I Should Lose You
There Is No Greater Love
The Folks Who Live On The Hill

Peggy Lee sings, Frank Sinatra conducts...
the arrangements are by Nelson Riddle (1957)

*** Stereo version from a 1990-issue Japan CD, unavailable elsewhere on CD
Monaural version from a 1997-issue UK CD, unavailable elsewhere on CD ***

Total Time (Stereo) 40:17 (Monaural) 40:22 | ripped @ 320 kbps (84.1 MB / 80.6 MB)



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It's A Wonderful World 2:11
Things Are Swingin' 2:09
Alright Okay You Win 2:52
Ridin' High 2:07
It's Been A Long Long Time 2:17
Lullaby In Rhythm 2:14
Alone Together 2:04
I'm Beginning To See The Light 1:45
It's A Good Good Night 1:54
You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me 2:39
You're Mine You 1:47
Life Is For Livin' 3:10

You Don't Know 2:25
Fever 3:19

PEGGY LEE with Jack Marshall's music (orchestra conducted by Jack Marshall)

Conrad Gozzo, Don Fagerquist, Mannie Klein, trumpets -- Bob Enevoldsen, valve trombone -- Milt Bernhardt, trombone -- Justin Gordon, George Smith, reeds -- Joe Harnell, piano -- Howard Roberts, guitar -- Joe Mondragon, bass -- Shelly Manne, drums

On Tracks 1, 7 and 8 Uan Rasey and Pete Candoli replace Conrad Gozzo and Don Fagerquist on trumpets. Barney Kessell replaces Howard Roberts on guitar.

Recorded May 19th 25th 27th and 30th 1958
Bonus tracks appear in original Mono Single Versions
"Life Is For Livin'" appears in an alternate take which differs from original Monaural issue of LP

Total Time 33:25 | ripped @ 320 kbps (69.8 MB)


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The Complete Recordings 1941-1947


1 Elmer's Tune
2 I See A Million People (But All I Can See Is You)
3 That's The Way It Goes
4 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
5 My Old Flame
6 How Deep Is The Ocean
7 Shady Lady Bird
8 Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)
9 Somebody Else Is Taking My Place
10 Somebody Nobody Loves
11 How Long Has This Been Going On?
12 That Did It Marie
13 Winter Weather -- duet with Art London (pka Art Lund)
14 Ev'rything I Love
15 Not Mine
16 Not A Care In The World
17 My Old Flame (Take 1)
18 How Deep Is The Ocean (Take 1)
19 Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love) (Take 2)


1 Blues In The Night
2 Where or When
3 On The Sunny Side of The Street
4 Lamp of Memory The (Incertidumbre)
5 If You Build A Better Mousetrap -- duet with Art London (pka Art Lund)
6 When The Roses Bloom Again
7 My Little Cousin
8 Way You Look Tonight The
9 I Threw A Kiss In The Ocean
10 We'll Meet Again
11 Full Moon (Noche De Luna)
12 There Won't Be A Shortage of Love
13 You're Easy To Dance With
14 All I Need Is You
15 Why Don't You Do Right
16 Let's Say A Prayer
17 Freedom Train The
18 Keep Me In Mind
19 For Every Man There's A Woman

Disc 1 Tracks 17, 18 and 19 and Disc 2 Tracks 6, 12, 13, 16 and 18 indicated as previously unreleased alternate takes
Disc 2 Tracks 4 and 5 indicated as previously unissued

ripped @ 320 kbps | 76.7/81.3/75.0 MB
Total Time Disc 1 57:36 | Disc 2 60:34


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If I could pull the nerves from my skin
I would..

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I Like A Sleighride (Jingle Bells)
The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You)
Don't Forget To Feed The Reindeer
The Star Carol
The Christmas List
Christmas Carousel
Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
The Christmas Waltz
The Christmas Riddle
The Tree
Deck The Halls
White Christmas

all tracks except "The Christmas List" and "The Tree" --
orchestra arranged and conducted by Billy May
for "The Christmas List" and "The Tree" --
accompaniment directed by Jack Marshall (Jimmy Joyce, vocal director)
recorded between October 1959 and November 1960

bonus tracks --

Winter Wonderland
Little Drummer Boy
Happy Holiday
-- orchestra arranged and conducted by Sid Feller
-- recorded July 9th 1965

The Christmas Spell
-- orchestra arranged and conducted by Dave Barbour
recorded June 1949

Toys For Tots
-- public service spot for Marine Reserve campaign [n.d.]


Total Time 41:14 | ripped from CD @ 320 kbps
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Peggy Lee Sings Leiber & Stoller

1. Kansas City
2. Some Cats Know
3. Don Juan
4. I Ain't Here
5. I'm A Woman
6. Ready To Begin Again (Manya's Song)
7. Professor Hauptmann's Performing Dogs
8. A Little White Ship
9. Tango
10. I've Got Them Feelin' Too Good Today Blues
11. The Case of M.J.
12. I Remember
13. Say It
14. Longings For A Simpler Time
15. Is That All There Is?


Total Time 55:05 | ripped from CD @ 320 kbps

arranged and conducted by Johnny Mandel except --
"Some Cats Know" strings arranged and conducted by Meco Monardo
"Ready To Begin Again" arranged and conducted by Perry Botkin Jr
"Don Juan" and "I Ain't Here" are head arrangements

"Kansas City" arranged and conducted by Quincy Jones
-- from the album Blues Cross Country [1962]

"I'm A Woman" arranged by Mike Stoller and Benny Carter
-- originally issued as Capitol single [1962]

"Is That All There Is?" arranged and conducted by Randy Newman
-- originally issued as Capitol single [1969]


In 1975, the incomparable Peggy Lee recorded an album for A&M called MIRRORS,
written and produced by the legendary Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. MIRRORS —
a follow-up to the phenomenal success of "Is That All There Is?" — sought to
place Lee in the role of an American Edith Piaf, with songs that were more
reflective and mature than the pop hits that had thrust both Lee and
Leiber & Stoller into the limelight.

While both the writer/producers and the performer considered MIRRORS to be
some of their finest work, the recording has nonetheless been long unavailable
in any format. Moreover, Leiber & Stoller were never satisfied that the
original mixes did full justice to the songs, or to Lee.

Now, thirty years later, the renowned duo has gone back to the original
multitrack tapes and remixed the entire album in the digital domain,
realizing the sound they had always intended. Complete with newly remastered
versions of all the Leiber & Stoller hits that Peggy Lee recorded in the
Capitol era, two previously unreleased outtakes from the MIRRORS sessions,
and extensive liner notes from remix producer Peter Stoller, MIRRORS has been
transformed into the centerpiece of this comprehensive, and essential, compilation.

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The Unreleased Show -- Closing Night
February 8th 1961, New York City

Day In - Day Out
Call Me Darling
Medley -- One Kiss / My Romance / The Most Beautiful Man In The World
Medley -- But Beautiful / The Second Time Around
I'm Gonna Go Fishin'
I Love Being Here With You
By Myself
I've Never Left Your Arms
Ray Charles Tribute Medley --
Hallelujah I Love Him So / I Got A Man / Just For A Thrill / Yes Indeed
Medley -- I Don't Know Enough About You / Manana /
Why Don't You Do Right / Lover / It's A Good Day

PEGGY LEE -- vocals and leader
Dennis Budimir (guitar) Max Bennett (bass) Stan Levey (drums) Chino Pozo (congas and bongos) Bob Donovan (flute) Abe Rosen (harp) Joe Harnell, Danny Stiles, Phil Sukel, Willie Thomas, Mickey Gravine, Ray DeSio (trumpets/saxophones/trombones)


Total Time 56:35 | ripped from CD @ 320 kbps
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could you please to upload album PEGGY LEE -- PEGGY AT BASIN STREET EAST?

I'm also searching for the track Black Coffee, it does not include in any CD's but may be you have it.
I see you are a big fan of Peggy Lee, as I am.

thanks you i n advance!

ex3mme -- I can fulfill your requests, it will take till the week-end but I'll get it done.
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Ребятки, перезалейте Beauty and the Beat - 1959!!!
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Basin Street East proudly presents Miss Peggy Lee
recorded at the fabulous New York club (1961)

Day In - Day Out
Moments Like This
The Second Time Around
Medley -- One Kiss / My Romance / Vagabond King Waltz
I Got A Man
Peggy Lee bow music
Call Me Darling
I Love Being Here With You
But Beautiful
Them There Eyes
A Tribute To Ray Charles -- Just For A Thrill
A Tribute To Ray Charles -- Yes Indeed
Peggy Lee bow music

Danny Stiles, Phil Sunkel, Willie Thomas (trumpets)
Mickey Gravine, Ray DeSio (trombones) Bob Donovan (flute)
Abe Rosen (harp) Joe Harnell (piano/musical director)
Dennis Budimir (guitar) Max Bennett (bass) Stan Levey (drums)
Chino Pozo (congas/bongos)

recorded live at Basin Street East in an after-hours
performance with an invited audience on February 9th
and at a New York studio on March 8, 1961


Total Time 34:38 | ripped from 1995 edition CD @ 320 kbps

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Black Coffee with Peggy Lee (1953/1956)

Black Coffee
I've Got You Under My Skin
Easy Living
My Heart Belongs To Daddy
It Ain't Necessarily So
Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You
A Woman Alone With The Blues
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
When The World Was Young (Ah The Apple Trees)
Love Me or Leave Me
You're My Thrill
There's A Small Hotel

Tracks 1 thru 4 and 7 thru 10 -- Peggy Lee (vocals) with
Pete Candoli (trumpet) Jimmy Rowles (piano)
Max Wayne (bass) Ed Shaughnessy (drums)
recorded April and May 1953 in New York City

Tracks 5, 6, 11 and 12 -- Peggy Lee (vocals) with
Stell Castellucci (harp) Lou Levy (piano)
Bill Pitman (guitar) Buddy Clark (bass)
Larry Bunker (drums/vibraphone/percussion)
recorded April 1956 in Los Angeles


Total Time 34:53 | ripped from Verve Master Edition CD @ 320 kbps

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PEGGY LEE with GEORGE SHEARING -- Beauty And The Beat! (1959)

Do I Love You?
I Lost My Sugar In Salt Lake City
If Dreams Come True
All Too Soon
Mambo In Miami
Isn't It Romantic?
Blue Prelude
You Came A Long Way From St Louis
Always True To You In My Fashion
There'll Be Another Spring
Get Out of Town
Satin Doll
Don't Ever Leave Me
Nobody's Heart

Peggy Lee (vocals) George Shearing (piano)
James Bond (bass) Roy Haynes (drums) Toots Thielemans (guitar)
Warren Chaisson (vibes) Armando Peraza (conga)
-- recorded April 28th, 1959


Total Time 38:54 | ripped from 1992 edition CD @ 320 kbps
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