ALOKE is a band of such visceral intensity that it is only natural that their debut album was recorded live, in front of an audience and straight to tape. Faults are laid bare, but they are eclipsed by the moments of raw power and genuine energy that recording studios so often fail to capture. The audible imperfections of the live atmosphere -- the false starts, the sounds of an excited crowd -- are the manifestations of the openness of the music. There is no holding back -- and there's no need to.

The songs of One Day We Will Kill You are propulsive and rhythmic -- moving between dense punk rock energy and melodic refrains. But even when the band quiets down, there seems to be some menacing threat lurking in the open spaces and around every corner -- a welcome and exciting sense of danger.

"Crisp, brooding post-hardcore, which nods to the likes of Quicksand and Fugazi" - Time Out New York

"...history shows that the counter culture that is being maintained in the background by bands like Aloke is bound to become the mainstream culture at some point." "It sounds as tight as any studio album that has ever been made" -

"The Fiercest, Hardest Working, Loudest Band in NYC Today" -

"They shovel out creepy, loud, grueling beauty" - The Village Voice
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Damn Straight,

we are going to New Haven CT this week to record our new material that we've been crafting the last few months. The talented Matt Labozza will be behind the board. We're very excited to share it with you and keep an eye out! New songs will soon be appearing...

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отличная группа !!! Советую всем любителям гранжа. Нашёл не всё. Кто-нибудь поделится рабочими ссылками?
Aloke - One Day We Will Kill You (2006, V2 Scene)

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1. Nameless
2. You Did It Again
3. Violet
4. California
5. Love Is Distance
6. Penny Whistle
7. Dirty
8. All That Ever Was
9. Brainstem
10. Solidify


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