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Artist: State Radio
Album: Year Of the Crow
Label: Ruff Shod Records
Genre: Indie
Bitrate: 190 kbps avg / Lame v3.97-V2 --vbr-new
Playtime: 00:58:40 total
Release: 2007-09-15
Street: 2007-09-25

01. Guantanamo 03:03
02. Unfortunates 02:21
03. The Story of Benjamin Darling Part 1 03:57
04. CIA 03:38
05. Gang of Thieves 03:12
06. Fight No More 05:50
07. Barn Storming 03:35
08. Rash of Robberies 06:43
09. Omar Bay 04:14
10. As With Gladness 03:44
11. Wicker Plane 04:05
12. Sudan 03:52
13. Fall of the American Empire 10:26


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State Radio - Peace Between Nations Ep (2006) [HTTP]

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:arrow: Artista: State Radio
:arrow: Disco: Peace Between Nations Ep
:arrow: Género: reggae-rock punk
:arrow: Formato: Mp3
:arrow: Bitrate: 256 kbps
:arrow: Tamaño del archivo: 50 MB
:arrow: Uploader: Shue

:arrow: Lista de Temas:
1. First One Shot
2. Democracy In Kind
3. Keepsake
4. The Diner Song
5. Heady Riser
6. Mr. Larkin
7. Man in the Hall

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State Radio - Us Against The Crown (2006) [HTTP]

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:arrow: Artista: State Radio
:arrow: Disco: Us Against The Crown
:arrow: Género: reggae-rock punk
:arrow: Formato: Mp3
:arrow: Bitrate: 256 kbps
:arrow: Tamaño del archivo: 100 MB
:arrow: Uploader: Shue

:arrow: Lista de Temas:
1. People to People
2. Mr. Larkin
3. Camilo
4. Right Me Up
5. Black Cab Motorcade
6. Riddle in Londontown
7. Man in the Hall
8. Waitress
9. The Diner Song
10. Gunship Politico
11. Rushian
12. Calvado's Chopper

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State Radio - Year Of The Crow (2007) [HTTP]

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:arrow: Artista: State Radio
:arrow: Disco: Year Of The Crow
:arrow: Género: Indie / Reague / Punk
:arrow: Formato: Mp3
:arrow: Bitrate: 320 kbps (VRB)
:arrow: Tamaño del archivo: 82 MB
:arrow: Uploader: Shue

:arrow: Lista de Temas:
1. Guantanamo
2. Unfortunates
3. The Story of Benjamin Darling Part 1
4. CIA
5. Gang of Thieves
6. Fight No More
7. Barn Storming
8. Rash of Robberies
9. Omar Bay
10. As With Gladness
11. Wicker Plane
12. Sudan
13. Fall of the American Empire

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Интересная музыка.Вокал на Frusciante похож.Да и треки некоторые тоже.Например The Story Of Benjamin Darling.

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Nature's got me high and it's
I'm with this deep eternal
From death until rebirth

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State Radio "Rash Of Robberies" [music video]

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2006-Us Against The Crown
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Перезалейте кто-нибудь их альбом'07 и EP'06 на ifolder, пожалуйста. Мне с рапиды качать не дают.
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All Albums + EPs + Live Bootlegs can be found here
New album is comming!!!!!!!!

Let It Go (2009)
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VBR V0 kbps | 87 mb
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01. Mansin Humanity
02. Calling All Crows
03. Doctor Ron the Actor
04. Arsenic & Clover
05. Bohemian Grove
06. Knights of Bostonia
07. Let It Go
08. Evolution
09. Held Up by the Wires
10. Blood Escaping Man
11. Still & Silent
12. [Untitled]
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[ifolder.ru] | [multiupload.com]

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tnxs a lot men, "state of georgia"? do you have?
State Radio-Let It Go-2009-404
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------ ------ ------
ARTiST: State Radio
ALBUM: Let It Go
BiTRATE: 178kbps avg
QUALiTY: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.97 Final / -V2 --vbr-new / 44.100Khz
LABEL: Nettwerk
SiZE: 70.34 megs
PLAYTiME: 0h 53min 02sec total
RiP DATE: 2009-10-06
STORE DATE: 2009-09-29

Track List:
01. Mansin Humanity 5:07
02. Calling All Crows 3:38
03. Doctor Ron The Actor 4:02
04. Arsenic & Clover 3:06
05. Bohemian Grove 4:35
06. Knights Of Bostonia 4:26
07. Let It Go 3:12
08. Evolution 3:55
09. Held Up By The Wires 4:37
10. Blood Escaping Man 3:32
11. Still And Silent 6:36
12. Untitled 6:16

Release Notes:
Mixing reggae influences with political calls to action, State Radio offer up
another slice of northeastern jam-funk with the bands third album, Let It Go.
Released in 2007, Year of the Crow was a time-specific record, its songs
targeting everything from President Bushs torture allegations to war-torn
Sudan, but Let It Go is broader in scope, emphasizing general themes of
toleration and peace without pointing many fingers at singular groups. As usual,
the Cambridge natives embrace an amalgamation of genres -- most prominently
reggae, ska, and punk -- and lace the mixture with touches of roots rock and
Jamaican inflections. State Radio dont concern themselves with breaking new
musical ground, and even though the album sounds best at its absolute loudest
(Held Up by the Wires, Still & Silent), an emphasis remains on mellow jam
band material. As with most State Radio affairs, then, Let It Go creates the
biggest stir with its lyrics, whose sociopolitical content challenges listeners
to think as much as dance.
------ ------ ------
state of georgia? somebody? please ... =(

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01. State I and I (State Inspector) (04:18)
02. Black Cab Motorcade (03:50)
03. People to People (04:41)
04. Olli Olli (03:44)
05. Calvados Chopper (06:42)
06. Right Me Up (06:16)
07. Rushian (02:47)
08. Camilo (07:17)
09. Diner Song (04:09)
10. Give You All My Time to Save (03:28)


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