OST - Superbad

"Супер-перцы", 2007
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ARTIST: Lyle Workman
TITLE: Superbad
Original Release Date: August 7, 2007

01. SuperWhat?
02. Too Hot To Stop - The Bar-Kays
03. Seth Pulls Into Lot
04. Cops See Fogell's I.D./Seth Saves Evan
05. Do Me - Jean Knight
06. Flashback Party Weekend
07. P.S. I Love You - Curtis Mayfield
08. Evan Runs
09. Sleeping Bags
10. Like a Pimp
11. Here I Come - The Roots
12. Seth Runs On Track
13. Bustin' Out (On Funk) - Rick James
14. Evan's Basement Jam
15. Roda - Sergio Mendes
16. Goldslick/Seth Fantasy
17. Soul Finger - The Bar-Kays
18. Funk McLovin



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Album : Superbad (Bonus Music CD)
Genre : Soundtrack
Label : Lakeshore
Source : CDDA
Size : 42,9 MB
Quality : VBRkbps: 44.1kHz: Joint


01 The Guess Who - These Eyes 03:46
02 Lyle Workman - Glimpse Of Those Warlocks 04:08
03 Ted Nugent - Stranglehold 08:22
04 The Remains - Why Do I Cry 02:50
05 Lyle Workman - Bar Fight 00:47
06 The Coup - Pork And Beef 04:01
07 Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes - Baby Please Dont Go 05:37
08 Lyle Workman - Cops Exit Liquor Store 01:54
Total Runtime: 31:25

Release Notes:
8 track bonus cd packaged with the deluxe edition superbad dvd.

Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.

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ARTiST.....: VA
ALBUM......: Superbad OST
LABEL......: Lakeshore Records
GENRE......: Soundtrack
TRACKS.....: 18
PLAYTiME...: 52:57
SiZE.......: 76,5 MB
ENCODER....: Lame 3.97 V2
BiTRATE....: VBRkbps
SCENE DATE.: 08/07/2007
STORE DATE.: 08/07/2007

01. Lyle Workman - SuperWhat? 04:06
02. The Bar-Kays - Too Hot To Stop 03:29
03. Lyle Workman - Seth Pulls Into Lot 02:39
04. Lyle Workman - Cop's See Fogull's Id/Seth Saves Evan 01:47
05. Jean Knight - Do Me 02:51
06. Lyle Workman - Flashback Party Weekend 03:31
07. Curtis Mayfield - P.S. I Love You 03:57
08. Lyle Workman - Evan Runs 01:48
09. Lyle Workman - Sleeping Bags 03:26
10. Lyle Workman - Like A Pimp 02:05
11. The Roots (Feat. Malik B & Dice Raw) - Here I Come04:12
12. Lyle Workman - Seth Runs On Track 01:10
13. Rick James - Bustin' Out 05:20
14. Lyle Workman - Evan's Basement Jam 03:33
15. Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 - Roda 02:25
16. Lyle Workman - Goldslick/Seth Fantasy 00:55
17. The Bar-Kays - Soul Finger 02:20
18. Lyle Workman - Funk McLovin (Bonus Track) 03:23

Release Notes:
At Superbad's infancy the combination of 60's-70's
Funk, R&B, and even Blaxploitation, had already been
established for the film's musical makeup as written
by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The producer and
director, Judd Apatow and Greg Motolla loved the
juxtaposition of these two white high school kids and
this funky music; it just worked on a myriad of
levels. The composer, Lyle Workman and music
supervisor, Jonathan Karp agreed that the original
music be as authentic as possible in order to sound as
soulful and greasy as the songs and score music that
had been temped in as inspiration. This path toward
authenticity dictated that the musicians were the
originators and innovators -- the most influential
names synonymous with Funk. With sights set on soul
royalty, the team set out going after the alumni of
James Brown's band. Bootsy Collins, Mr. Brown's
groundbreaking bassist before joining George Clinton
and Parliament Funkadelic, was the first on board.
Nabbed next was the funkiest of funky drummers, Clyde
Stubblefield and John "Jab'o" Starks, both heard on
Mr. Brown's most popular songs. Adding Phelps
"Catfish" Collins on guitar and keyboard genius Bernie
Worrell, the dream band had been assembled. Because
they had not seen each other in years, the spirit in
the studio was very much a family reunion and
something to behold. In the end, what was achieved
from this joyous congregation far exceeded the

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Superbad - Soundtrack (By Lyle Workman) (2007)

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картинка, оставленная пользователем

Superbad is a 2007 American comedy film directed by Greg Mottola and starring Jonah Hill and Michael Cera. The film was written by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who began working on the script when they were both thirteen years old; they completed a draft by the time they were fifteen. The film's main characters have the same given names as Rogen and Goldberg. The film was one of a string of hits by Judd Apatow.
It is two weeks before the end of high school. Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Jonah Hill) are long-time friends in their senior year of high school, about to leave for different colleges. Their mutual friend, Fogell (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), has plans to acquire a fake ID, so Seth agrees to buy alcohol for a party that his crush, Jules (Emma Stone), is hosting. Evan also offers to buy Goldslick vodka for his long-time crush Becca (Martha MacIsaac).

While purchasing the alcohol Fogell is assaulted by a hooded robber, and the police soon arrive. The two officers, Michaels (Seth Rogen) and Slater (Bill Hader), appear to be fooled by Fogell's fake ID (which has the single name "McLovin" as his identity) and offer Fogell a lift to the party. On the way, however, they make numerous stops and display many instances of inappropriate use of police powers, including stealing beers, drinking on the job, unnecessary use of police lights, and improper use of their firearms.

While the police officers are talking to Fogell at the liquor store, Evan and Seth make the assumption that Fogell has been arrested. Seth is suddenly hit by a car, but seems uninjured. To avoid being reported, the driver, Francis (Joe Lo Truglio), agrees to take them to a party, where they reason they can steal the alcohol they need. However, Francis is not welcome at the party and is subsequently assaulted by the host, Mark (Kevin Corrigan), and Seth and Evan are forced to leave, but not before smuggling out beer in laundry detergent bottles. During the escape Seth is again hit by a car, this time the police cruiser occupied by Slater, Michaels, and Fogell. Officer Slater prepares to arrest the teens but Evan runs off and the two officers chase him while the reunited Seth and Fogell make off with the rest of the alcohol. The trio eventually make it to the party.

At the party, a drunken Becca offers to perform oral sex on Evan in a secluded upstairs room, but Evan declines with the excuse that she is too drunk, and a heavily intoxicated Becca ends up vomiting. A drunken Seth tries to kiss Jules, who explains that she does not drink and does not want to do anything while he is intoxicated. Seth attempts to express his feelings for Jules, but passes out from the alcohol and accidentally head-butts her, giving her a black eye. Fogell successfully seduces Nicola (Aviva Farber) and gets her into bed, only to have officers Slater and Michaels break up the party after only a few seconds of sex. Officers Slater and Michaels reveal to Fogell that they were aware of his fake ID all along, and decided to ignore it since they saw a bit of themselves as teenagers in Fogell. Fogell in turn asks them a favor in return for their intrusion upon his love making: the officers pretend to haul him off to jail in front of the entire party to boost his popularity. In return, Fogell signs an affidavit to a concocted story to explain the condition of the wrecked police car which they proceed to have fun destroying. Meanwhile, Evan having passed out from intoxication is carried off by Seth to avoid arrest from the police officers who have spent the remainder of the night searching for them. At Evan's house Seth reveals his brotherly love for Evan, who then reveals the feelings are mutual.

The following morning, Evan and Seth run into Becca and Jules at the mall. After an awkward conversation about the mistakes of the previous night, Seth takes Jules to get cover up for her eye, while Evan and Becca go off to look for some comforters.

1. Super What? - Lyle Workman - 4:06
2. Too Hot To Stop - The Bar-Kays - 3:29
3. Seth Pulls Into Lot - Lyle Workman - 2:38
4. Cops See Fogel's ID/ Seth Saves Evan - Lyle Workman - 1:46
5. Do Me - Jean Knight - 2:51
6. Flashback Party Weekend - Lyle Workman - 3:30
7. P.S. I Love You - Curtis Mayfield - 3:56
8. Evan Runs - Lyle Workman - 1:47
9. Sleeping Bags - Lyle Workman - 3:26
10. Like A Pimp - Lyle Workman - 2:05
11. Here I Come - The Roots f/ Malik B. & Dice Raw - 4:12
12. Seth Runs On Track - Lyle Workman - 1:09
13. Bustin' Out (On Funk) - Rick James - 5:20
14. Evan's Basement Jam - Lyle Workman - 3:33
15. Roda - Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66 - 2:24
16. Goldslick/Seth Fantasy - Lyle Workman - 0:54
17. Soul Finger - The Bar-Kays - 2:19
18. Funk McLovin - Lyle Workman - 3:22

Format: Mp3 vbr~201 kbps
Size: 76.6 MB


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