01. Patrick Pulsinger - The Clap! (Feat Snax) 05:36
02. Shahrokh Soundofk - Chicago 06:18
03. Studio R Feat Capitol A - A&r (Llorca Remix) 06:09
04. Move D - Your Rolling Hills 04:19
05. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Circus Bells (Technucada Mix) 07:30
06. DJ Enne - Lazise (Main Mix) 06:44
07. Phreek Plus One - Laser Rock 07:01
08. Zwicker - I Get My Kicks At Nighttime (Lexx Dub) 05:37
09. Zwicker - Kumquat 06:05
10. Patrick Pulsinger - Try To Do! (Feat G-Rizo) 06:43
11. Wagon Cookin - Start To Play 07:33
12. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - The Deep End 09:16



очень хорошо! СПАСИБО!
очень кстати, респект thumb.gif
вот здесь есть compost Sub-culture blog
Всех с 1 МАЯ!!! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

Вот кому интересно узнать за этот лейбл (совместный проект):

Co-production of Compost and the Kruder & Dorfmeister label G-Stone. Marsmobil's second album has the lascivious power of Air, the family feeling of the 70s band America and some of Talk Talk's fragility. Produced by Peter Kruder (Peace Orchestra, Voom Voom), Christian Prommer (Fauna Flash, Trüby Trio, Voom Voom) and Marsmobil mastermind Roberto Di Gioia. Roberto Di Gioia was born in Milan in 1965. He began playing piano at age 4. His favourite music is the Beatles. In 1975 he began his studies at the musical high school in Eichstaett and after graduating in 1984 moved to Munich. There he began his career as a prize-winning professional musician. He became famous as the brilliant keyboarder in Klaus Doldinger?s "Passport" and has performed on almost every album and permanently toured since 1990. He has also worked with numerous American Jazz stars like Art Farmer, Johnny Griffin, Joe Lovano, James Moody, Tom Harrell, Clark Terry, Gary Peacock, Dave Holland and Woody Shaw, as well as German greats like Albert Mangelsdorff, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Udo Lindenberg, Till Brönner, Klaus Weiss and Helge Schneider. At the end of the 1990s Di Gioia desired a personal extension of his musical creativity: "Marsmobil" was born and manifested itself for the first time in 1999 as vinyl on Payola Records. Inspired by the trashy analog sound aesthetics of the 60s and 70s, Marsmobil merges retro and future, space-pop and Burt Bacharach-like orchestrations to "The most wonderful and organic music of the new musical millennium". (Sueddeutsche Zeitung). It's no surprise that Di Gioia has been involved in some definitive productions in recent years like The Notwist ("Neon Golden") Console ("Reset The Preset") and Till Broenner ("Blue Eyed Soul"). In June 2003 he was asked by saxophonist Tim Ries to be part of a recording session for the album "Music of the Rolling Stones" with Charlie Watts, Bill Frisell and Darryl Jones. Marsmobil's debut album "Strange World" (ACT Records) featured such illustrious guests such as Klaus Doldinger, Till Broenner, Nils Landgren, Johannes Enders, Dan Berglund and Wigald Boning. "Minx" features the vocal talents of singer Martine Rojine. Martine definitely has an aura and projects security and an unbelievable presence on stage which she never uses as a plagiarism or makes her appear as "Just another front girl". She is more like a critical but life-loving neo-mod with unbelievable charisma, charm and life in her voice that carries you away.

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а где можно картинку к этому релизу найти, подскажите пожалуйста

Phreek Plus One --- Compost Black Label--22

01 bikini (7:41)
02 astro boogie (6:14)
03 new york dolls (7:56)

VA - Compost Black Label Series Vol.2

картинка, оставленная пользователем

artist : VA
title : Compost_Black_Label_Series_Vol.2
type : Compilation
year : 2007
genre : Electronic
label : Compost
cat : COMP 254-2
bitrate : VBR
size : 108 MB

01.Patrick Pulsinger - The Clap! (Feat Snax)
02.Shahrokh Soundofk - Chicago
03.Studio R Feat Capitol A - A&r (Llorca Remix)
04.Move D - Your Rolling Hills
05.TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - Circus Bells (Technucada Mix)
06.DJ Enne - Lazise (Main Mix)
07.Phreek Plus One - Laser Rock
08.Zwicker - I Get My Kicks At Nighttime (Lexx Dub)
09.Zwicker - Kumquat
10.Patrick Pulsinger - Try To Do! (Feat G-Rizo)
11.Wagon Cookin - Start To Play
12.TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos - The Deep End



Amazing deep tech house by Compost Black Rec !!

Manuel Tur and dplay --- Clock shift EP

01 clock shift (6:4
02 move (6:13)
03 conchord (7:34)


PASS bdtom
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а епишки от black label есть у кого нибудь?
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Compost Records

Profile: Run by Michael Reinboth

Labelcode: LC 2518 / LC 02518
Sublabels: Angora Steel, Compose Records, Jazzanova Compost Records (JCR)
Contact Info: Haager Str. 10
81671 München

Phone: +49/89/65 11 48 00 or +49/89/65 11 48 01
Fax: +49/89/65 11 48 02
URLs: http://www.compost-records.com

About Compost Records

Compost Records was founded by Michael Reinboth in 1994.
Nowadays with 250 catalogue releases Compost is one of the most forward-thinking and strongest indie labels in Germany. With an worldwide exploitation network, Compost gained a top international reputation and quickly much respect for the label policy, music, artwork and of course the artists (which we would like to thank here, it wouldn't be possible without all of you!).

Among the artists on Compost Records are Trüby Trio, Rainer Trüby, Beanfield, Koop, Karma, Soil & Pimp, Fauna Flash, Alif Tree, Alex Attias Presents Mustang, Ben Mono, Marsmobil, Felix Laband, Muallem, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Syrup, Minus 8, Nova Dream Sequence (King Britt), Eddy Meets Yannah, Wei-Chi, Intuit, Moonstarr, Joseph Malik, Rima, Florian Keller, Soulpatrol, Rima, A Forest Mighty Black , Les Gammas, Shahrokh SoundOfK, Julius Kammerl and many others.

Compost runs several highly acclaimed compilation series like Future Sounds of Jazz Vol. 1-10, Glücklich Vol. 1-5, Soulsearching, Party-Keller Vol. 1-2, Ennio Morricone Remix Project, and Elaste Vol. 1.

Furthermore Compost runs two sublabels: Compost Black Label for house, techy, quirky or deep clubmusic, and drumpoet.comUNITY, latest in cooperation with Zurich based Alex Dallas, Tobi Forster and Ron Shiller aka Soultourist, Quarion and Kawabata.

Compost was nominated for several awards, for example for "Best German Dance Label" in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Beanfield, Trüby Trio, Jazzanova Beanfield (on JCR), DJ Linus (on Compose) among others entered number 1 at German Club Charts (DCC).

Compost's quality in music, design and individual sound touching so much genres, so it's not easy to describe, best maybe as a full spectrum label with patience for soulful, high standard electronic and acoustic music. To keep it simple: we love good music.

Beside the huge artist roster, Compost released many top class remixes by the likes of: Carl Craig, AME, Moodyman, S.W.A.G., I-Cube, Jazzanova, Quantic, Tiefschwarz, International Pony, Needs, Kabuki, Peshay, Krust, Straight Ahead, Chicken Lips, The Glimmers, Moonstarr, Dr. Rockit, Dixon, Chateau Flight, Masters At Work, YamWho?, Senor Coconut, Wighnomy Brothers, Patrick Pulsinger, Dan Curtin, Nick Holder, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Nicola Conte, Tony Nwachukwu, 4Hero, Afronaught, John Tejada and many many more.


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Various - Compost Community

Label: Compost Records
Catalog#: COMPOST 089-2
Format: CD
Rip Quality: mp3, cbr 320 kbit , 44100Hz Stereo
Country: Germany
Released: Feb 2001
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Future Jazz


1 Fauna Flash Mother Nature (6:44)
2 Beanfield The Season (7:18)
3 Voom:Voom Poppen (8:12)
4 Native Force Music Box (5:50)
5 Trüby Trio A Go Go (3:31)
6 A Forest Mighty Black Sunday City Sequence (6:03)
7 Minus 8 Badman & Throbin (3:58)
8 Procreation Citizen (6:04)
9 Wordless People Positivy (7:53)
10 Kyoto Jazz Massive Eclipse (7:40)
11 Syrup Chocolate (6:34)
12 Les Gammas All Of Me (3:24)

part 1

part 2

p.: funkysouls.com

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Various - Freshly Composted

Label: Compost Records
Catalog#: COMPOST 200-2
Format: CD, Compilation
Rip Quality: mp3, cbr 320 kbit , 44100Hz Joint Stereo
Country: Germany
Released: 11 Nov 2005
Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Techno, Deep House, Future Jazz, Hip Hop


1. Ben Mono feat. Bajka - Protection (Sirius Mo Remix) (4:24)
2. General Electrics feat. Lateef - Facing That Void (Beanfield Remix) (6:59)
3. Alex Attias Presents Mustang feat Bembe Segue - 10,000 Leagues Deeper (Laurent 'laboratoire' Garnier Remix) (7:22)
4. Beanfield feat. Ernesto - Close To You (Maurice Fulton Remix) (6:54)
5. Muallem feat. Audrey - Sweat (4:54)
6. Product.01 - Heart Ov Glass (Justus Kohncke Cd-Edit Remix) (4:01)
7. Truby Trio - New Music (Whignomy Bros Remix) (5:29)
8. Ben Mono feat. Capitol A - Transmission (3:52)
9. Eddy Meets Yannah - Shamed (Domu Remix) (6:39)
10. Intuit feat. Cйcile Verny - Peace Of Mind (Raw Deal Remix) (5:12)
11. Alif Tree - I Feel Blue (4:49)
12. Wei-Chi - Faces and Places (Henrik Schwarz remix) (8:06)
13. Jean-Paul Bondy feat. Carl A. finlow - Cold Reformer (4:21)
14. Felix Laband - Whistling in Tongues (vinyl edit) (4:22)

part 1

part 2

p.: funkysouls.com

картинка, оставленная пользователем

Various - Freshly Composted Vol. 2

Label: Compost Records
Catalog#: COMPOST 250-2
Format: CD, Compilation
Rip Quality: mp3, cbr 192 kbit , 44100Hz Stereo
Country: Germany
Released: 2007
Genre: Electronic, Funk / Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz
Style: Techno, Deep House, Future Jazz, Hip Hop


1. Beanfield - Tides (C's Movement 1 - Carl Craig remix) (9:55)
2. The Muallem feat The Droids - Shanti Dance (6:16)
3. Felix Laband - Whistling In Tongues (Todd Terje remix) (8:24)
4. Marsmobil - Mangia Amore (3:38)
5. Alif Tree - Forgotten Places (Moodymann mix) (5:34)
6. Shahrokh Soundofk - Owlflight (7:38)
7. Jean-Paul Bondy feat. The Blood of Abraham - Something Is Not Right (Robag Wruhmes Fikkeldibobb Remake) (5:26)
8. The Nova Dream Sequence - Dream 14 (8:02)
9. Karma feat Michelle Amador - Are We? (Tony Nwachukwu remix) (5:53)
10. Ben Mono - Jesus Was A B-Boy (4:51)
11. Harvey Lindo feat Count Bass D - Rugged Individuals (3:20)
12. Soil & Pimp - Waltz For Goddess (4:26)
13. Koop - I See A Different You (3:21)

part 1

part 2

p.: funkysouls.com

Это все что мне удалось найти из компиляшек. Также советую зайти на сайт лейбла - в свободном доступе лежит куча клипов(качество от среднего до паршивенького, но все же smile.gif) и пробежаться поиском по форуму на предмет групп выпускающихся на compost records. На вскидку:

Karma - Latenight Daydreaming
Felix Laband - Dark Days Exit
Ben Mono

.... вот. А лейбл хороший и очень!
Возможность физического и умственного коллапса вполне реальна. Дьявола не жаль. Запомни это. Купи билет и в путь.
Yon Tihi
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you want to put things in order.
truby trio Truby Trio
Thanks for upload


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Joash - Salome lol.gif
Anyones got it? First track of "Future Sound Of Jazz vol.11"
01.Joash Salome *
02.Koop Drum Rhythm A (Christian Prommer's Drumlesseon Mix)
03.Solomun & Stimmig Eiszauber
04.Yannah Valdevit Superlight *
05.James Din A4 Mit 66 Jahren
06.Zeynep Erbay Flowers
07.The Invisible Session Till The End (Panoptikum Remix) *
08.No Theory Strictly Instrumental *
09.Wojtek Urbanski Violet Violin *
10.Dennis Ferrer Son Of Raw
11.Blackjoy Moustache (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
12.400 Blows Movin' (Special Extended Club Remix)

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