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MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/agreatbigpileofleaves
Genres: Indie / Rock / Experimental
Leak: No
Type: Normal rip
Quality: 320 kbit

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01. sleepsleepsleep
02. Bring Back Recess
03. The Size of Dinosaurs
04. Spanish for Smile
05. Drought of Snow


The Fiery Works EP

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1.User's Guide to a Coloring Book
2.Mystery of the Brain
3.Conscious and the Fiery Works
4.Hey Tangerine!
5.This is a Country Song...




The Fiery Works II EP

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2.Bring Back Recess
3.The Size of Dinosaurs
4.Spanish for Smile
5.Drought of Snow




оба EP можно бесплатно скачать на сайте этой группы www.agreatbigpileofleaves.com
A Great Big Pile of Leaves is a Brooklyn, NY based band involving Pete Weiland, Tyler Soucy and Tucker Yaro. The group has self-recorded and released 2 EP’s titled The Fiery Works, and The Fiery Works II, both available for free at www.AGreatBigPileofLeaves.com.

Очень достойная группа. Любителям мидвест (Sunny Day, Cap'n Jazz и пр.) советую!
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A Great Big Pile of Leaves - Have You Seen my Prefrontal Cortex? [2010 / 320 / 105 Mb]

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Много цитат
Why We Like: They're giving away their music for free, so there's no reason not to check this duo out. If you're looking for music to wind down to after a long day, these guys deliver. Their indie pop/rock sound is also upbeat enough to help you start your day off with some positive energy, so these guys also receive points for versatility. Do yourself a favor and download A Great Big Pile of Leaves' music for the sweet price of zilch - it's well worth the price.
RIYL: Minus the Bear, The Appleseed Cast, As Tall as Lions, American Football, This Town Needs Guns

"The band hits their stride once Weiland's high-pitched voice breaks in; he has a better grasp of his own vocal ability on this EP compared to The Fiery Works, and his range is especially impressive as he sings background for himself on "Drought of Snow" (more on this track in a bit). The sound of the EP is relaxed alternative/melodic rock that isn't boring. Comparisons have been made between A Great Big Pile of Leaves and acts such as Minus the Bear and The Appleseed Cast. I'll admit I'm not familiar with those artists, so I checked out some of their songs on myspace to hear for myself. The comparisons seem fair, but I should point out A Great Big Pile of Leaves also have a pop flair that makes them easily accessible."

-Adrian Villagomez, AbsolutePunk.net

"Take a moment out of your day. Turn off your cell phone; cancel your appointments and dive into A Great Big Pile of Leaves’ The Fiery Works II. Take your iPod for a walk and plug into this serene and moving record. It will only take about 15 minutes of your time to get through it, but allow yourself to be taken by it. There are bright tones and colors contained on The Fiery Works II evocative of what you could expect to see in a sprawling natural environment – which is a theme of the record, and even the title of the band. It’s an interesting motif when you consider that Tyler Soucy and Pete Weiland reside in Brooklyn, New York, but somehow it works and is pulled off with remarkable poise."

-David Taintor, TheDailyChorus.com

"The Fiery Works II is more ‘dancey’ and if you’re standing up you can’t resist dancing to the jazz drums and the rock guitar riffs. Me, I’m sitting down and my feet and head cannot keep still. This Brooklyn duo has this power over your body which makes you move some part of your body if not all of it. The production on these tracks is incredible, making you think twice about it being recorded in one of their bedrooms and living room. No I didn’t just make that up, it’s true. Unbelievable? I know. I’m trying to find anything I can criticise on, but if I have to be honest here I can’t find anything. Giving this a perfect 10 is a first for me, but why shouldn’t I give this a 10 if I can’t find anything bad?"


"A Great Big Pile of Leaves sound like they were influenced by the best parts of Keane, Radiohead, and The Kooks and then mashed it all up to create various melodic configurations in their songs for their self-recorded six song EP The Fiery Works."


"I can’t wait until this band gets big. Not necessarily because I love the music—though, at times I really do—but because I can’t wait to hear the inevitable “A Great Big Pile of Shit” jokes. Thanks to the quality of this duo’s downloadable debut, I will sadly be refraining from such humor."

-Mark Rowan, The Recorder

"These Brooklyn natives have their game on lock. Their sound is full of guitar noodling, highly reminiscent of bands like Minus the Bear and As Tall as Lions. Considering the band is comprised of only two members, they’ve done a great job creating a full and rich sound. They also have a strong ‘80s influence from bands like Echo and the Bunnymen or the Smiths. At any rate, A Great Big Pile of Leaves has an upbeat and energetic sound that will undoubtedly make you move your feet. Don’t waste anymore time. Head to their Web site and get a hold of both EPs in The Fiery Works collection."

-Roshan Bhatt, The Daily Cougar (University of Houston)

"Oh I love these guys so much. Ok first of all Tyler Soucy is one of the best drummers I've ever heard up close, and he pretty much makes every song he plays sound tight as a (ahem) drum. Not to mention Pete Weiland's creative and unique guitar work. But really the whole thing about this little outfit that gets me is Pete's voice. There is something so crushy and cool about it. He's so dynamic that he doesn't even need any tricks, but still he layers octaves and distant-sounding harmonies to make perfect even better and to make a girl like me swoon."

-Ashley Proffitt, Stomp and Stammer magazine


01. Alligator Bop
02. We Don't Need Our Heads
03. Vampires in Love
04. Great Fun
05. Bring Back Breakfast
06. Race Car Driving
07. Meet Me at the Mall, Bring Your Swim Trunks
08. I Will Gobble You Up!
09. Learn to Share
10. Bicycles in Sleep Cycles
11. A Few Screws Loose

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Хороший ненавязчивый альбомчик, не было желания выключить на половине thumb.gif
Res Ipsa Loquitur

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A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Boom! EP (2011)

01. This Is A Country Song
02. Drought of Snow
03. Alligator Bop
04. Learning Curves


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Artist: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves
Album: Making Moves
Released: 2012
Style: Indie Rock
Format: MP3 320Kbps
Size: 23 Mb

01 – Pet Mouse
02 – Writing Utensils
03 – Ambiversion

Download from narod

...Well, I'm a lucky man with fire in my hands
You're Always On My Mind (2013)
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AAC (.m4a) ~ 281 kbps || 73 mb

01. Snack Attack
02. Flying Fish
03. Pet Mouse
04. Slumber Party
05. Back To School
06. Egocentrism
07. Ambiversion
08. Fun In the Sun
09. Locus of Control
10. Pizzanomics
11. Learning Curves (iTunes Bonus Track)

[rusfolder.com] || [zippyshare.com]

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Artist: A Great Big Pile Of Leaves
Album: You're Always On My Mind
Bitrate: 259kbps avg
Quality: EAC Secure Mode / LAME 3.98.4 / -V0 / 44.100Khz
Label: Top Shelf Records
Genre: Indie
Size: 63.90 megs
PlayTime: 0h 32min 41sec total
Rip Date: 2013-07-20
Store Date: 2013-07-02

Track List:
01. Snack Attack 3:19
02. Flying Fish 3:33
03. Pet Mouse 2:43
04. Slumber Party 2:57
05. Back To School 3:34
06. Egocentrism 1:56
07. Ambiversion 3:37
08. Fun In The Sun 3:06
09. Locus Of Control 4:37
10. Pizzanomics 3:19

Release Notes:
Although You’re Always On My Mind marks the second full-length release for A
Great Big Pile Of Leaves, it’s the band’s first album with an outside producer
(Ed Ackerson) and the musical advances shine through. The Brooklyn-based band’s
newest effort covers all the topics of conversation humans seem to be afraid of
addressing in our daily lives – melancholy, nostalgia, loneliness,
dissatisfaction. It’s not all doom and gloom, but the honesty of the lyrics and
the dissonance of many of the melodies cracks this sphere of existence wide
open. You’re Always On My Mind feels like the first time you surpass the “small
talk” level with someone and realize that they’re holding plenty of mixed
feelings about this whole life thing within themselves, too.

ifolder / turbobit
офигенный альбом!
обновите, пожалуйста ,ссылку на альбом Have You Seen my Prefrontal Cortex?
перезалейте люди)

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"Там больше гномов, там меньше гномов. Там ровно столько же гномов"
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