качественно. но увы от соплежуйства стараюсь держаться подальше.

все же скачаю и положу в дальний угол "до востребования".
Orla Wren / Aaron Martin / Isnaj Dui - The Blizzard That Birthed Her 2013 320
info Album
"The Blizzard That Birthed Her is the continuing echo of this year’s Home Normal success, Book Of The Folded Forest. Birthed as two original Orla Wren tracks ‘Five Acre Ladder’ and ‘Mountains And Wishbones’ which were recorded in the same session, Tui then worked the cello, bass and vocals of Aaron Martin into two alternative versions of each track, making up the 4 tracks on the 10” vinyl for Facture. He then offered the same to Isnaj Dui who contributed some flute for him to then create the two versions with her as guest. To complete the companion 8 track letter pressed CD version the two "reprise" versions were created by Tui utilizing parts from the other tracks."

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Arovane & Hior Chronik ‎– 2016.In​-​between Remixes

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01. After Tomorrow (AMX) (Remix – Arovane) (04:28)
02. Past Creates The Future (bvdub's Houses Hold The Past To Peace) (Cello – Aaron Martin, Remix – bvdub) (09:24)
03. Wunderland (Herr Irisarri Remix) (05:02)
04. Past Creates The Future (Porya Hatami Remix) (06:56)
05. Scale (Markus Guentner Remix) (08:00)
06. A Day, November 2013 (The Sight Below Remix) [Digital Bonus] (19:06)

320 121.03 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
Aaron Martin - A Room Now Empty (2018) 320
tos87 >>> "бедный неудачник"

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Artist: Aaron Martin
Album: Touch Dissolves
Genre: Ambient
Year: 2018
Tracks: 7
Playtime: 00:35:20
Size: 80,88 MB
Codec: MPEG 1 Layer III / 320 kbps

01. A Child's Arms Are Moonlight (08:04)
02. The Space Above Overflowing (06:10)
03. Water Reads What Fingers Have Written (03:35)
04. Falling from the Feet of Sunlit Bodies (05:17)
05. To Stems Unclasped the Petals Cling (02:57)
06. Guarded Eyes Make Curtains Blossom (03:41)
07. A Hand That Reaches, A Branch That Sings (05:33)

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