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Aaron Martin
Preservation 2006

01. Karl Rove
02. Canopy
03. Kentucky
04. Water Damage
05. Bare Hands
06. Pinball
07. The Ducks Are Just Sleeping
08. A Robin
09. The Bike Police
10. Darwin
11. Le Bateau-Mouche

Beginning his musical life at age 11 switching between guitar and drums, Aaron soon discovered a typical American high school music diet aping Nirvana records wasn’t his thing. The turning point came buying a CD of a cello quartet performing Metallica songs. Hooked on its sound, he started learning to play cello at the relatively late age of 17. His minimal, austere playing style remains a hallmark of his sound, having added a spectrum of instrumentation and a looper pedal to take his pieces into a more kaleidoscopic realm.

On Almond, you’ll hear guitar, lap steel, banjo, piano, ukelele, flute, toys and many more instruments and sound sources alongside the cello. Everything on Almond is played by Aaron, except for one solitary sample. His experimental-collage style builds loops into beguiling song forms of folkish charm and emotional resonance – similar to the uncanny pop sensibility fostered by acts such as Neutral Milk Hotel, The Books and Olivia Tremor Control. In their mesmerising way, they ring in the brain like a partially faded memory that stays with you, gradually revealing itself in full. Almond swells with joy, melancholy and whimsy in a kind of warm chemistry that’s hard to pin down.

The 24-year old Aaron records where he resides, in an apartment on top of a retirement facility for Vietnam war veterans. He continues to teach cello and expand on the chemistry he’s developed in the peculiar and surprising beauty of Almond.

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спасибо, очень понравилось)))

Aaron Martin On Ifolder
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Aaron Martin and Part Timer--Seed Collection-(Mobeer)-2CDR-2009-UKi
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a r t i s t : Aaron Martin And Part Timer
t i t l e : Seed Collection
d a t e : 2009
l a b e l : Mobeer
c a t : mobeer::006
s o u r c e : CDDA
g e n r e : Instrumental/Experimental
r l s. d a t e : Feb/2009
t r a c k s : 12
b i t r a t e : VBRkbps
s i z e : 41,1 MB

WILL NOT LAST THE WEEK Mobeer return with an absolute corker.
Featuring one cd featuring new material from Australian
cellist, sound sculptor and sometime Machinefabriek
collaborator Aaron Martin, and one cd of re-interpretations
from all-round wunderkid John McCaffrey, better known under
his more recent Part Timer moniker. Needless to say the music
seems tailor-made for this super distinctive label, although
Martins pieces must surely rank as the most grown up and
jawdropping on the label yet. Deploying sparse yet incredibly
rich acoustic arrangements dominated by Cello, guitar, banjo,
found sounds and laptop, its on the more sparse numbers, such
as the simply breathtaking Nureyev, that you really get a
sense of just how accomplished and inspired a musician Martin
is, effortlessly engaging classical discipline with a rich
understanding of contemporary measures without ever sounding
contrived. Its just the sort of beautiful, often ageless
music that its just impossible to argue with. Mr Mccaffrey,
meanwhile, spreads his considerable talent across the second
6-track cd, carefully re-working the source material into a
shimmering arrangement of crackle, hiss and even the odd vocal
edit that lends the originals a sense of wonder and
otherworldliness thats so typical of his output ever since
his remarkable debut EP as one half of the Clickits a good few
years back. Overall, what you get here is 43 minutes of
genuinely wondrous music, lovingly crafted and packaged by
people who genuinely care about making you happy. An
absolutely essential purchase.


01-Aaron Martin - Seed Collection 03:53
02-Aaron Martin - Scrub Pine 03:19
03-Aaron Martin - Darkness Settles Over Jonestown 01:59
04-Aaron Martin - Nureyev 04:32
05-Aaron Martin - Orchard 04:01
06-Aaron Martin - Sand Garden 03:14


01-Part Timer - Nureyev (Soft Shoe) 03:31
02-Part Timer - Seed Collection (Seed Recollection) 05:24
03-Part Timer - Darkness Settles Over Jones (Voice Of Jim) 02:54
04-Part Timer - Orchard (Scrumped) 03:07
05-Part Timer - Scrub Pine (Scrubbed) 03:40
06-Part Timer - Sand Garden (Witch) 03:14


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Part Timer : " the link below is to 3 tracks that were not included on the release....they are a little more upbeat than you might be used to from me but I think they fit the folktronica tag nicely. The original tracks are by Aaron Martin and different versions (more mellow) are on the release "

adds to Aaron Martin/Part Timer Seed Collection
Aaron Martin - Part Timer-Grass Rewound-3inch CDR-2009-BCC
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01.Terrace (Grand View) 03:29
02.Climbing Into Water (Drowned) 04:26
03.Gravel Scar (Dried Blood) 03:59
04.Shot Tower (Hot Lead) 02:42
05.Breath Of Embers (Asthmatic) 05:07
06.Grass Wounds (Epilogue) 02:10
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Artist...: Aaron Martin
Album....: Night Erased Them All
Label....: Sonic Meditations
Size.....: 33,3 MB
Source...: CDDA
Playtime.: 29:50 min
Genre....: Ambient
Release..: Jul-29-2010
Encoder..: LAME V3.97 -V2 --Vbr-New
Quality..: avgkbps 44.1Hz Joint-Stereo

Track List:
01 14:58 Limb Study
02 14:52 Kept Ashes

Release Notes:
Aaron Martin is a very talented multi-instrumentalist
from Topeka, Kansas who has releases on Experimedia and
Preservation. Martin has played Kansas City regularly
and has become an influential artist around the midwest
and Kansas City. "Night Erased Them All" is Martin's
soundtrack to late-night driving, a well thought-out
soundtrack to the highways and back roads of Kansas as
would be enjoyed by Martin himself. Music touches on his
usual cello moods and transcends through choral vocal
drones shifting into washed out dronescapes that carry
the listener through vast highways of musical knowledge.

aaron martin / various — stitched in fire

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Limited pro dubbed and imprinted chrome cassettes in deluxe hand stamped cotton lined kraft jewelry boxes with vellum belly bands and inserts. Includes download code coupon.

Thirteen interpretations of pieces from Aaron Martin's 2010 album Worried About The Fire on Experimedia by a cast of talented friends. Mastered by Ian Hawgood.

Danny Norbury - Wires of Glass
Nicola Ratti - Reed Tunnel
Scissors and Sellotape - Blue Light (Fluoro Mix)
Tokyo Bloodworm - Making Rope Out of Eyelashes
Jasper TX - Water Tongue
Luperci - Marked in Dust
Saddleback - New Brighton (Bright On)
Michael Tanner - Ice Melts onto Fingers (Kerrie Robinson on Drums)
The Puddle Parade - Water Tongued
offthesky - Open Knife
Maurice De Jong - Sixth
Ian Hawgood - Beaver Falls (Faulty Resolutions)
Machinefabriek - Necks of Wire (Wired Necks)

Released by: false
Release/catalogue number: false001
Release date: Oct 21, 2011

You hear a voice. You can be fairly certain about this. At times it is deep and sonorous, at others delicate and playful. But whose voice is it? The voice of the original composer? Or of the second composer who reinterprets and re-imagines the music of the first? Or maybe that of the mastering engineer, the label boss, the packaging designer, the reviewer…? Or maybe the voice is yours? Who are ‘you’, anyway? The ‘listener’ – by this do you mean the listener imagined by the original composer when he first composed the music? The listener who listens to the music with the aim of writing a review? Or maybe a kind of disembodied ear, free from distractions and external influences, a one who simply listens?

These questions can be asked of any listening experience, but they seem all the more pertinent when the music being listened to is an album of remixes or reinterpretations. You try hard to separate out the contributions of the original composer from those of the ones who are reinterpreting, and to separate both from your own impressions or interpretations. Ultimately it is a pointless task. There are so many different moments of listening contracted into one: the moment in which the composer first hit upon a given melodic phrase; the moment when the phrase generated other ideas in the mind of the re-interpreter; the moment when the mastering engineer heard the reinterpretation and pushed it a little further towards warmth or brightness; the moment when the phrase reached you and made you think of an empty sky or a familiar face; and so on. These moments are like mirrors in a kaleidoscope, except that in this case it is sound rather than light that is reflected off each surface to produce a symmetrical image that appears for an instant, then shifts as the barrel continues its constant rotation.

“Stitched In Fire” is a cassette and download release of thirteen tracks from Aaron Martin’s highly-regarded 2010 album “Worried About The Fire”, each one re-imagined by a different artist. Immediately apparent is the diversity of approaches applied by the re-interpreters, the broad range of differences they manage to draw out. Some, such as Danny Norbury and Saddleback, favour an acoustic approach similar to that with which Martin initially garnered attention; others such as Scissors and Sellotape and Jasper TX take the electronic elements introduced in “Worried” and extend them even further. To make the kaleidoscope even more complex, it must be recalled that “Worried” was itself in fact a deconstruction of previously recorded snippets, sketches and samples from live performances and collaborations. In such a situation it becomes impossible to isolate individual voices, to distinguish ‘original’ from ‘interpretation’; in the end the only thing to do is to stop trying and just enjoy listening to some wonderfully diverse and colourful music.


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From The Mouth Of The Sun - Woven Tide [2012]

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label: Experimedia
bitrate: 320
size: 120mb


The Crossing 1:09
Pools Of Rust 6:25
Color Loss 6:04
My Skin Drinks Light That Has Passed Through Leaves 4:08
Sitting In A Roofless Room 3:41
Like Shadows In An Empty Cathedral 7:41
A Season In Waters 11:40
Snow Burial (While Blue Skies Gather) 3:14





Цитата: (dgg)
From The Mouth Of The Sun - Woven Tide [2012]

офигительный неоклассический дроунбиент доложу я вам
ок, поверим, но проверим)

" ...забейте что-либо своими руками - и вам полегчает"
(с) Кровосток
Цитата: (dgg)
Цитата: (dgg)
From The Mouth Of The Sun - Woven Tide [2012]

офигительный неоклассический дроунбиент доложу я вам

подписываюсь под каждым вашим словом, сэр!
дада офигенно
Да неплохо .

Друзья , если есть у кого Peter Wright - Ghost Haven- поделитесь плз )

качественно. но увы от соплежуйства стараюсь держаться подальше.

все же скачаю и положу в дальний угол "до востребования".
Orla Wren / Aaron Martin / Isnaj Dui - The Blizzard That Birthed Her 2013 320
info Album
"The Blizzard That Birthed Her is the continuing echo of this year’s Home Normal success, Book Of The Folded Forest. Birthed as two original Orla Wren tracks ‘Five Acre Ladder’ and ‘Mountains And Wishbones’ which were recorded in the same session, Tui then worked the cello, bass and vocals of Aaron Martin into two alternative versions of each track, making up the 4 tracks on the 10” vinyl for Facture. He then offered the same to Isnaj Dui who contributed some flute for him to then create the two versions with her as guest. To complete the companion 8 track letter pressed CD version the two "reprise" versions were created by Tui utilizing parts from the other tracks."

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Arovane & Hior Chronik ‎– 2016.In​-​between Remixes

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01. After Tomorrow (AMX) (Remix – Arovane) (04:28)
02. Past Creates The Future (bvdub's Houses Hold The Past To Peace) (Cello – Aaron Martin, Remix – bvdub) (09:24)
03. Wunderland (Herr Irisarri Remix) (05:02)
04. Past Creates The Future (Porya Hatami Remix) (06:56)
05. Scale (Markus Guentner Remix) (08:00)
06. A Day, November 2013 (The Sight Below Remix) [Digital Bonus] (19:06)

320 121.03 Мб
The Grasshopper lies heavy
Aaron Martin - A Room Now Empty (2018) 320
tos87 >>> "бедный неудачник"

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Artist: Aaron Martin
Album: Touch Dissolves
Genre: Ambient
Year: 2018
Tracks: 7
Playtime: 00:35:20
Size: 80,88 MB
Codec: MPEG 1 Layer III / 320 kbps

01. A Child's Arms Are Moonlight (08:04)
02. The Space Above Overflowing (06:10)
03. Water Reads What Fingers Have Written (03:35)
04. Falling from the Feet of Sunlit Bodies (05:17)
05. To Stems Unclasped the Petals Cling (02:57)
06. Guarded Eyes Make Curtains Blossom (03:41)
07. A Hand That Reaches, A Branch That Sings (05:33)

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