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2005 - Rmx Or Die 10''

2006 - Grist

2006 - Live And Regret 12''

2008 - Altered Beast - One Sided 10''

2008 - Board Up The House Remixes (Vol.3) 12''

2008 - Truth and Justice (podcast for electronicexplorations.org)

drumcorps - no escape (unreleased)
nine inch nails - the mark has been made (nothing)
rotten sound - the effects (spinefarm)
converge - year of the swine / conduit (equal vision)
broken note - war in the making (ruff)
animosity - terrorstorm (blackmarket)
animosity & drumcorps - mobs over, rob me (manalive)
genghis tron - the feast (drumcorps remix) (unreleased test)
genghis tron - relief (drumcorps remix) (relapse)
this will destroy you - a three-legged workhorse (magic bullet)
nine inch nails - 2 ghosts 1 (the null corporation)


2010 - Headstrong and Heartfoolish

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Headstrong and Heartfoolish is the first official single to be released from Drumcorps' forthcoming second album, Light the Lights. The twelve song album took over three years to make and compelled Aaron Spectre to leave his adopted home in Berlin and return to his roots in the USA. Observant fans have noticed this tune making its debut at recent shows.


2012 - The Path

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lyrics, guitar, and music by aaron spectre. vocals by leo miller. drums by iggor cavalera.
this song is a true paradigm-shifter... it took ages to work out, and to do it right we had a little help from our friends.

the path finally gets at the soul and fire we'd been shooting for these years, in the most cohesive and organic way possible - for you can sample, cut, paste, and re-mash forever, but nothing quite works like building a tune from the ground up. so we did just that - went back to basics, and built this tune from scratch - all original everything, no sampling. guitar, bass, vocals, drums, programming, everything recorded from the beginning. after the structure was solid, leo miller from animosity rode the chinatown bus up to boston from nyc, we fed him stir-fry and lyrics and he made some absolutely brutal soulful sounds which rumbled the very walls of allston rock city. excellent. took that tune and sent it off.. and iggor cavalera from sepultura & mixhell fame gave us some absolutely pounding drums straight from sao paolo. excellent. iggor is pretty much the reason i learned to play double kick drums... how insane is this!?!? stoked. let's go. thanks for listening.


2012 - Heartstrong

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01. Geist
02. No Escape
03. There Are Two Moons
04. Heartstrong and Lifelong



2005 - Amen Punk 12''

2005 - Evil Most Foul 12''

2006 - Math Head - The Most Lethal Dance (Bonafidekilla Aaron Spectre Mix) 12''

2007 - Lost Tracks

2007 - Mochipet - Girls Love Breakcore (Botan Ricecore Aaron Spectre Mix)

2007 - Say More Fire 12''

2007 - VA - Little Darla Has A Treat For You V.25 Endless Summer (Aarktica Arms Aaron Spectre Remix)

2007 - Modwheelmood - Things Will Change (Going Nowhere Aaron Spectre Remix)

2008 - DJ Donna Summer - Rock Rock Rock Remixes (Rock Rock Rock Aaron Spectre Remix)

http://drumcorpsmassive.com | soundcloud | facebook | twitter
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MASSACORE - Drumcorps, ROTATOR and GORE TECH LIVE in Lebanon 2012

Новый LP Falling Forward от Drumcorps анонсирован на эту осень на ad noiseam.
falling forward доступен в apple music
винил отложен до декабря(
Drumcorps - Falling Forward [2015]
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1. Blacklist Whitelist
2. Got the Row
3. Cradle to Grave
4 Open Arms
5. Crosses
6. Tap Tap Tap
7. Choose Again
8. With Sticks and Stones
9. We Turned at a Dozen Paces, for Love is a Duel
10. Built for War
11. The Path
12. Headstrong & Heartfoolish
13. Holy Morning
14. My Heart Flies to Where You Are

320 kbps:

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это кстати VBR (точнее, ABR)

вот вам FLAC и 320 CBR с него:

Drumcorps - Falling Forward (2015)

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01. Blacklist Whitelist
02. Got the Row
03. Cradle to Grave
04. Open Arms
05. Crosses
06. Tap Tap Tap
07. Choose Again
08. With Sticks and Stones
09. We Turned at a Dozen Paces, for Love Is a Duel
10. Built for War
11. The Path
12. Headstrong & Heartfoolish
13. Holy Morning
14. My Heart Flies to Where You Are

Download: FLAC / 320
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Rip Date....: 2015-10-31
Store Date..: 2015-10-30
Artist......: Drumcorps
Album.......: Falling Forward
Label.......: Ad Noiseam
Genre.......: Electronic
Cat. number.: adn188
Website.....: http://www.adnoiseam.net/
Source...: WEB
Encoder..: LAME v3.98.4 with preset V0
Quality..: 273kbps / Joint Stereo
Tracks...: 14
Size.....: 86.29 Mb


1. Blacklist Whitelist 1:07
2. Got The Row 0:57
3. Cradle to Grave 3:08
4. Open Arms 3:55
5. Crosses 1:50
6. Tap Tap Tap 1:59
7. Choose Again 4:03
8. With Sticks and Stones 1:23
9. We Turned at a Dozen Places, for Love is a Duel 1:36
10. Built for War 2:05
11. The Path 3:40
12. Headstrong & Heartfoolish 6:26
13. Holy Morning 4:25
14. My Heart Flies to Where you Are 4:24

min total 40:58
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молодца, просто шаг вперед
хорошо пойдёт под хардкорный трен
человек должен судить о себе не по социальному статусу, а по количеству "кала"
после первых двух треков уж думал расстраиваться, ибо устал уже от очень уж ломанного бита - наслушался, 3 трек немного разогрел dnb мотивами, а дальше начинается просто шикарное действо и до конца альбома! Отлично Аарон в очередной раз порадовал, за что ему спасибо и респект thumb.gif
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Ну прям вообще...
Как раз недавно начал переслушивать старые записи Main$stream и Bong-Ra, а тут такой подгон

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