Adiam Dymott


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Artist : Adiam Dymott
Album : Adiam Dymott
Bitrate : 205 kbps avg
Source : CD
Label : Razzia
Year : 2009
Genre : Pop
Rip date : 2009-03-17
Store date : 2009-03-18
Encoder : LAME
Size : 51.41 megs

Track List

1. John Denver 2:40
2. Pizza 3:34
3. Mrs. Dymott 4:16
4. Cars 3:56
5. Today Was Just A Downer 1:14
6. Miss You 2:53
7. MP3 3:25
8. Too Far Gone 2:14
9. Black Cloud 4:14
10. Holiday Inn 4:01

Release Notes
Adiam Dymott never really struggled to become an artist. She never felt
the desperation that makes people sell their souls for 15 minutes of
fame. Although music has been an important part of her life since day
one she felt it was enough to listen to other peoples records. Perhaps
there was a thought in the back of her head that one day she would enter
the stage, but she was in no hurry.

Her dad used to listen to soul from the 60s and when she started buying
records herself she found the music she liked in the hip hop-section.
The Notorious B.I.G and Wu-Tang Clan were a couple of favorites. At the
same time she describes herself as being an MTV-child, listening to
Nirvana and Garbage.

A-d-i-a-m, the name of an African queen, that my mama she gave to me
(Mrs Dymott)

Her parents came from Asmara, the capitol of Eritrea, but met in Italy
after they had both, unaware of each other, left the home country. The
couple moved to Sweden and Uppsala where Adiam was born in 1982.
Eighteen years later she came to Stockholm where she took her first
steps as a vocalist, thanks to a job as a receptionist at a studio.
Whenever the songwriters/producers needed a singer they would ask her to
enter the studio.

One thing (demo recordings) lead to another (Razzia Records) and now the
time has come for Adiam to release her first album. The songs are filled
with all the things that inspired her throughout the years. Soulful pop
melodies meet rocknroll with the right to party and heavy hip-hop
beats created by Thomas Rusiak. Other musicians that can be heard on the
album include Christian Gabel (Thstrm, Bob Hund), Mattias Brjed
(Soundtrack Of Our Lives), Harri Mnti (ex-Kent) and Fredrik Okazaki (I
Are Droid). Adiam, who points out that her debut is just as much Thomas
Rusiaks, delivers the songs with an authority that is rare to find in a
debutant. It does not take more than a few seconds with her voice in the
speakers to realize that this charismatic 26-year-old singer is exactly
where she should be.

When I step up on the stage Ill be rockin rollin
Not only did he produce the album. Thomas Rusiak is also the guitar
player in the all star band that joins Adiam on stage. Other members
include Harri, Mattias and Fredrik. I wasnt nervous at all about our
first show and I think a lot had to do with the fact that all of them
are so experienced, she says.

She feels the same kind of safety with Thomas in the studio and speaks
with big enthusiasm about his ability to create big beats. To describe
what the album sounds like is harder. Its really difficult to put it
into words. But perhaps I could call it rock with big beats and soft
melodies? Or a concentrated blast? No, I really dont know. Weve
created our own little world, me and Thomas.




Я большой любитель фуникулёров. Зачастую их почему-то путают с горнолыжными подъёмниками. Поездка на фуникулёре не сильно бьёт по карману, принося при этом огромное удовольствие.
Очень понравилась дэвушка! хорошая музыка! Такой Ленни Кравиц в юбке. С первого трека зацепило и не отпускает.


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Такой Ленни Кравиц в юбке.

Их сходство ограничивается цветом кожи.
cool girl!
Super Stuff!!! thumb.gif
очень крутой альбом thumb.gif
я в музыке нашёл много параллелей.
thanks, been looking all over for it.

adiam dymott is great. thomas rusiak has contributed much to her sound, and also back her up on many songs.
может кто перезалить?
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Adiam - Black Wedding (2016)
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Label: Vertigo Berlin
Genre: R&B-inflected Soul & Atmospheric electronic Pop
Quality: MP3 320 / FLAC
Total Time: 00:49:36
Total Size: 113 MB / 330 MB


01. Black Wedding
02. Quiet Desperation
03. Dead Girl Walking
04. Dark Lake
05. Follow Me
06. Runaway
07. Bigger
08. Sleep
09. Fearless
10. Immaculate
11. Wild Honey
12. Desert Island
Adiam - Black Wedding (2016) 320.rar

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Adiam - Dead Girl Walking

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