All Get Out - All Get Out EP (2008)

Artist: All Get Out
Album: All Get Out EP
Label: Favorite Gentlemen
Str Date: 11/25/2008

1. Coach Connor
2. Come My Way
3. Water and God
4. Like a Child
5. The E.C.
6. Wasting All My Breath
7. Three More, I Guess

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All Get Out, a South Carolina four-piece, have found a home in Favorite Gentlemen Recordings, a label run by members of Manchester Orchestra. This release, self-titled, is five tracks from the band's 2007 The Spitting EP, remixed by Matt Malpass, and two new jams. But as this album keeps playing and the new songs become more integrated into vibes of the old songs, the distinction is lost. New and old create a whole, and for anyone who's hearing All Get Out for the first time, it's seven tracks of totally earnest and sometimes reckless indie rock.


я бы сказала, что они инди. очень хороши
Burn Hot The Records (Single) (2010)
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The Season (2011)
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CBR 320 || 81 mb

01. My Friends
02. Church Doors And Skeptics
03. Lucky Bastard
04. Subject To Change
05. Son Of Mine
06. Me And My Lovers
07. Girl, Gun
08. The Season
09. Let Me Go
10. Come And Gone

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ARTiST: All Get Out
ALBUM: The Season
GENRE: Indie
LABEL: Favorite Gentlemen
YEAR: 2011
RiP.DATE: 2012-02-27
STORE.DATE: 2011-09-20
GRABBER: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4
SiZE: 75.39 megs
BiTRATE: 262 kbps avg

Track List:

01. My Friends 03:13
02. Church Doors And Skeptics 02:56
03. Lucky Bastard 03:29
04. Subject To Change 02:44
05. Son Of Mine 03:36
06. Me And My Lovers 03:49
07. Girl, Gun 03:09
08. The Season 03:35
09. Let Me Go 06:17
10. Come And Gone 05:50

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Four years ago All Get Out started their rise onto the Southeast music scene with a hearty touring schedule and a fresh Spitting EP. They caught our eye before was ever a thought, and are a large part of why we created our website in the summer of 2008. Over the years we’ve documented their highs and lows through tour journals, general updates, show previews, and a large amount of live footage.

When it came to debuting our new series of acoustic sessions, All Get Out is the band we wanted to do it. What better time than their much sold out tour with Balance and Composure, Sainthood Reps, and La Dispute? With band and friends gathered silently in an off street upstairs dilapidated art space, Nathan Hussey introduced us to a new song called “Ground Me.”

Filmed and edited by ThatRainwater (Samantha and Josh)
Produced by SceneSC

Special thanks to Kristin Morris for providing the space in which Upstairs Acoustics is filmed.

“Upstairs Acoustics” is a live session series produced by SceneSC. Each session is filmed in a ballroom upstairs beside New Brookland Tavern in Columbia, SC and coupled with a free MP3 download of the song.

Полная статья и скачать песню - здесь!

Где взять All Get Out Ep не нашёл, только прослушать тут или тут (но я плохо ищу).

Зато есть ссылка на самый первый релиз:
The Spitting EP
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All Get Out’s first release, The Spitting EP, forever immortalizes the band’s enthusiasm for spitting – literally – the band spits on each other at shows, at practices, and at their home in Charleston, SC. While the title speaks of the band’s fervor for youthfulness, the five tracks on the EP reveal their maturity lyrically and musically.
1. Water and God
2. Like a Child
3. The EC
4. Come My Way
5. Three More, I Guess
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Если ты думаешь что разговариваешь с дураком ,возможно, он думает то же самое
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сняли "гангстерский" клип на новую песню "Get My Cut"


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ARTIST.. All Get Out
TITLE... Nobody Likes A Quitter
GENRE... Alternative
LENGTH.. 00:36:23 min
SIZE.... 84M
QUALITY. 320kbps
DATE.... 10-27-2016


01. Room To Talk 04:07
02. Home 02:43
03. Chasing Skirt 02:53
04. Whatever 04:02
05. Empty Nest 03:20
06. Get My Cut 03:53
07. Now You Got It 03:27
08. Sideways 04:09
09. ATX 04:21
10. Wait List 03:28
00:36:23 min
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хорошо бы ещё 2011 перезалить sad.gif
Give Me Rest...

All Get Out - The Season (2011)
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320 kbps

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