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BIG REQ: Dub Dynasty - Unrelenting Force
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Moonshine Steppas Discover the Unified Power of Cian Finn, Radikal Guru, Alpha Steppa & Dub Dynasty Part 1

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1. Radikal Guru and Cian Finn - Ireland                    4:23
2. Radikal Guru and Cian Finn - Ireland Dub     4:22 
3. Dub Dynasty and Cian Finn - Ireland              4:20 
4. Dub Dynasty and Cian Finn - Ireland Dub      5:42 
5. Alpha Steppa and Cian Finn - Ireland              4:24 
6. Alpha Steppa and Cian Finn - Ireland Dub                  4:28 
7. Radikal Guru and Cian Finn - Ireland (Bukkha Remix) 4:57

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stefaens, track 3 is missing, Dub Dynasty Feat. Ciann Finn - Ireland. Can you please upload it?

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Big respect to all who have made me aware of all this great music. As grateful as I am, I've missed most of the links as the Zippyshares are dead. Any chance of a re-up for these? Thanks for all your help!

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Dub Dynasty - Unrelenting Force, anyone please.. sad.gif
Dub Dynasty - Unrelenting Force

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Artists: Dub Dynasty
Label: Steppas Records
Cat No.: ASCD001
Release Date: 11th March 2013
Quality: 320kbps / Joint-Stereo


01. Dub Dynasty – Unrelenting Force (ft. N’goni) 04:25
02. Dub Dynasty – Warrior Song (ft. Smiley Song) 03:39
03. Dub Dynasty – Dub Island (ft. Cian Finn) 04:04
04. Dub Dynasty – Goodness (ft. N’goni) 04:12
05. Dub Dynasty – Dub Dynasty (ft. Smiley Song) 03:39
06. Dub Dynasty – Long Time (ft. Linval Thompson) 04.25
07. Dub Dynasty – 9 Years (ft. Cian Finn) 04:25
08. Dub Dynasty – Koonta (ft. Rude Paper) 04:16
09. Dub Dynasty – The Earth To It’s Original Form (ft. Dub Judah) 03:40
10. Dub Dynasty – Chicken and The Cow and The Buffalo (ft. N’Goni) 03:33
11. Dub Dynasty – Monsoon Come (ft. Ras Tinny) [CD BONUS TRACK] 04:23
12. Dub Dynasty – Monsoon Dub (ft. Ras Tinny) [CD BONUS TRACK] 04:48
13. Dub Dynasty – Unrelenting Dub (ft. N’goni) [CD BONUS TRACK] 04:26
14. Dub Dynasty – Goodness Dub (ft. N’goni) [CD BONUS TRACK] 04:28
15. Dub Dynasty – 9 Years Dub (ft. Cian Finn) [CD BONUS TRACK] 04:26
16. Dub Dynasty – Koonta Dub (ft. Rude Paper) [CD BONUS TRACK] 04:48
17. Dub Dynasty – The Dub To It’s Original Form (ft. Dub Judah) [CD BONUS TRACK] 03:39
18. Dub Dynasty - Chicken And The Cow And The Dub [CD BONUS TRACK] 03:39


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Massive FREE tune from Steppas Records:
Alpha Steppa - Two Sacred Swords Ft. Lutan Fyah (Adam Prescott Remix)

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Big up yourself ra_ven! Many thanks!
ANY chance for re up of older/ newer releases plz
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Alpha Steppa & Lutan Fyah - Two Sacred Swords [Steppas, AS0713, 2013]
1 Two Sacred Swords
2 Dub Sacred Swords
2 Two Sacred Swords (DJ Madd Remix)

Big tune!
Trigram One - J-Path/ Alpha Steppa

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Trigram: ☰
Artist(s): J-Path w/ Alpha Steppa Remix
Title: Threshing Ground
Cat: Trigram01
Label: Trigram
Format: Digital / 320 kbps
Release Date: October 2013
Origin: South Korea / UK

01. J-Path - Threshing Ground
02. J-Path - Threshing Ground [A. Steppa Remix]
03. J-Path & Smiley Song - Truth & Dub


This is an unreleased dubplate mix from the video of when the great Gregory Isaacs met Alpha And Omega to sing the track Bush Ganja which was later released by A&O on 7” single and also remixed by Alpha Steppa and A&O again on Steppas Records AS0211 Crucial Steppa / Know And Understand 12”. The session was engineered by Jonah Dan. Respect & Greetings from Alpha & Omega and Steppas Records.

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