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Всем привет, опять вылетело из головы название групы. Типа БистиБойз, такой рэпкор бодрый. Помню клип, где три парня сидят за столом против трех девушек и по очереди 1-на-1 вызывают их на поединки, там кто кого перепьет, рубка в стритбол и гонки помоему! rolleyes.gif
поделитесь если у кого есть вот такой альбом Rateofdepress - Bleach The Sky (2003) UK ??? https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/bleach-th...e-sky/269305871
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HyPnOCiDe…after numerous gigs, a number of line-up changes, a spot on three Stussfest’s, and three Stussfest CD’s, a name change, a live recording and a Battle of the Bands contest, the 5 boys from outer Melbourne suburb, Werribee, are storming up crowds with their sound.
Here are the HyPnOCiDe boys...

adzyLeigh (DruMz)
DaVo (GuitAr)
LeedO (VoCalS)
MiKkA (BaSS)
tItRoK (EfX)

With such a defined sound and a great live act, the boys are crazily writing new material, and preparing to record a CD. The sound can only be described as unique, taking styles from various genres and combining them into one sound which is HyPnOCiDe...

Another bio : Hypnocide - A sick heavy groove/rap metal band from Weribee/hoppers crossing area. They have an awesome stage show.

Song titles : Altered State, Question, Undone, Divorce & Inspiration, Survivor Armee, Smackdown, Hollywood Connection, Icecream Headache.
Links :

That's all i could find, anyone got anything else? unsure.gif
i asked members a long time ago, no answer..


does someone have info about their cds?
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They have album "Shine" by 2003 year
Распродаю остатки коллекции рэпкора/нью метала - таблица
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Цитата: scouser_93
6 песен с ЮТУБА
Someone has tracklists or other info about these releases??

BMK - Akui
Bluedawn - Your Pain Is Your Life
Bruised - ??? (Don't know the title; was released sometime in 1998/1999/2000)
Crayon Accident (Again no title; they had two CDs)
Jack In The Pulpit - Firecracker Innocent
Jack In The Pulpit - Fallout
Jive Pony - Pin The Tail On The Pony
Lifted - Music For Minors
Liqua-Nyne - Rage... Passion... Fear
Logicseed - Thugcore
Logicseed - Y2Kids
Mainstay - Demo
Mainstay - Under This Influence
Muffler Chump - Johnny
Muffler Chump - Wut U Need
Nekrofonix (No title...)
NioFrunk - Denial
Nipps Brown - For What It's Worth
Odious (I think they had an self titled ep, but not sure)
Oklahoma Ghetto Machine (no title, again)
OnSlot - OnSlot
Osyris - Kids Of America
PapJuice - Grotto Entrance
Pig = Donut
Pooch (EP from circa 2000)
Psyben Trip (no title)
Prod - Against My Will
Pupil (no title)
Sha-loW - A Kick In The Nuts
Slander - Slander
Slander - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Slumlord (no title)
Sofa Kingdum (no title)
Stout - Bottoms Up
Stout - The World According To Stout
Tempered - For Her Pleasure
The 4th Side (no title)
Thro - Unanswered
Trowowt - Demo
Thug Corps - Fuck The Music Business
Toast N Jam (no title)
Underworld Roots - Superdriver

+ Hand Of Karma (no title; they also made a dvd)

Thanks in advance for any help biggrin.gif
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Another band I'm looking for is YELLOW NO. 5
Their singer was later in Five Years Gone with SKUNgK's drummer and bassist
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Someone has music/info from Dielab?
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